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Q1SP: "Slime Refinery Complex"
It was initially started for Base Pack, but as everybody knows, things didn't happened as it should be... Anyway, no drama: only fun, enjoy or hate it, and feel free to comment...



NOTE: requires Quoth to play:
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Nice Map, JPL.... 
...there are,IMHO, quite a few things to be pointed out.
Architecture i quite nice and has a good sense of progression, with opening doors leading you back where you had been before, which is always nice, on the down side maybe it is a little too linear, a more complex choice of routes would have been welcome.

I don't like D3 texes in Q maps. Period. Just a matter of taste, really, but I think Rubicon or Wind tunnels texes, or maybe Q2 slime complex texes would have given a better touch t the overall feeling.

Fight is a little sparse, with intense fights interspersed with more reflexive moments, which, in my book is very nice.
In my opinion, the big let down of the map (I only played once on normal, 22 mins. 4/7 secrets) is the huge amount of ammo and weapons. On normal it's definitely too much. I've been quite surprised of inding the sng in the room right after the ng, and the rl, well, you could do without. Sure, the final fight is really bouncy this way, but then I would have left out the sng, you really don't need two weapons as powerful against grunts and flyers, basically.

Last, the secrets, two of the ones I found are almost the same, in the very same area and one of the other two, that gets unlocked from inside the other, is a bit useless, since you're likely to go get it after having killed everyone.

Did not find the way to the Big Blue Power, but, again, I did not need it anyway.

All in all, a fairly good map, with very nice architecture and good fights, that could have been better balanced. A much welcome surprise on a late Friday night of a very hard day.

That is about all for 1st impression, gonna play through again on harder skills and maybe write again.

For now, thanks a lot for having let me begin my weekend on a very pleasant note and keep up mapping, you're great!!! 
Is the way to go!!!
This map loses all its flaws on skill 3. Ammo Balance is much more realistic and everything falls into place!

6/7 (I know where the 7th is, but can't figure how to open it)
25.38 mins

Big bravo, JPL! 
Just... additional information: this map need Quoth to be played... I forget to mention it, could add the info in the thread title metlslime please ?
Thanks in advance ;) 
Nice Shots.. 
Whoa..those shot look extremely nice...going for some action right now! 
Pretty Good 
The fighting is a bit lumpy though; the bob hordes were a bit odd. I can understand it from this missing enemies though.

Also can't say I like the Doom3 textures too much - the resampling looks pretty rough.

Maybe an external TGA texture pack? 
is there a chance to get the tgas of the converted textures? The ones in game dont look so good.

Comments later, I'm a bit furstrated right now because its too dark and I died :( 
Nitin / Ijed 
You can find all the tga files in one of the Doom3 .pk3 file... I extracted all the stuff last year, but I'not allowed to distribute copyrighted stuff as is... It was already "close to the limit s" to convert the textures downto Quake and distribute it... Anyway, open the .pk3 file, and look for tga files... you should find the stuff...

In anyway, I'm glad that the first players enjoyed globally the map. Thanks ;) 
could I please get an email with a list of what to look for :)

I dont want to extract everything. 
OK, I'll send you what to look for in the co,ing days: I'm not at home actually, I'm using a friend's labtop, so I don't have access to all my Doom3 stuff... Maybe tonight, or by monday... 
Looks Fine... 
great you decided to release this map!
Ain't got quoth installed yet, but sureley will try it out.
Another load of good ol' Quake! 
Another Worthy Diversion... 
Great stuff, JPL. Linear, sure, but great nonetheless. The textures were good, although I would love a set of those 24-bit TGAs as well, and the gameplay was good and challenging. The ammo was bit sparse at first but I had plenty for the final encounter. I didn't like the swimming through the slime bits, however. Ultimately, though, it felt like a perfect Quake-Doom hybrid which is what, I hope, you were shooting for.

This is bloody hard on skill 2. Not Warpspasm hard, but hard nonetheless. It doesn't need ANY more of those sodding robot drones.

It's quite good and an interesting layout, but I didn't like the textures either. They're too OTT for Quake. 
OTT = ??? 
over the top 
Love it or hate it, yes, but I think D3 texes look just perfect here. I'm not sure hires originals will suit so well. Bit downgrading to the Quake palette generates a great posterization effect. A welcome modern touch for Q1 that doesn't look much like D3 anymore, in fact. I mean, SRC recalls Malice and Neil Manke's SOF and Starship levels... The old Fox banned and somewhat awkward Alien Quake TC might get a great lift with such textures! The level room interconnection design (of which the slime tunnels is my preferred part) and lighting ooze JPL's love for SciFi. Cool and well balanced. Regarding this, I think Quoth rocketeers and defenders are highly suitable in this environment. Kinda disgraceful in classic goth Quake surroundings and mostly avoided Quoth monster, the bob has finally been cast in starring role here! Bob's AI, sound fx and deadly lasers sweetly go on my nerves. I just love to frame them one by one in these cramped corridors (with plenty of boxes to hide behind). Both drone traps are this map gameplay highlights!

I whish sometimes skill 0 to be easier, to really enjoy a map design on first run. But not here. One could say my interest is much more design/progression than fight/survival driven. True. But SRC's easy is indeed easy. The battle challenge never ruins the enjoyable trip. (I confess having a beer or two when going for hard and nightmare feast usually...)

Many Quake level designers in the past have successfully pushed Q1 beyond its original visual bonds. I think JPL is one of them. And don't call me a fan, please!

My single whine: the final teleporter. Outside of the rather nice sound fx, nothing happens! I was expecting a tube teleport raising, a lightning blitz from above. Say, some visual reward/cherry on the cake... 
@Trinca: I saw the message, and it is effectively weird... BTW, shame on you!: you beta tested the map and didn't find it before the release :P Anyway, anybody knows what is this Host_Error message that an inelligible something is not possible (sorry I didn't capture the full message)? Maybe it comes from JoeQuake ? Weird...

@than: Thanks a lot for the acronym explanation ;)

@JohnXmas: Thanks a lot for all these good comments, I do not deserve it you know, cause some people seemed to think I'm a "nasty" guy. Anyway, I'm really happy to read such comments: it conforts me that I've made the good choice by releasing this map without waiting for Base Pack....

@Shambler: OTT, can I consider this as a compliment on my Doom3 texture conversion even if you don't like it ? :P

@generic_maps / the silent: Thanks for the feedback, it is always interesting to read what other people think of my small "work"... BTW, if you need a clue to the secrets, don't hesitate to email me

Well, I hope you will not be deceived by the next coming maps... I finished the 2nd episode of "Five Rivers Land" project, and I still have to make some small tests before launching beta tests... It is even more linear than SRC, but there are some "good" reasons.. you'll see that in time :)

Again, thanks a lot for all the feedback. 
ops i forget to talk about map ;) i enjoi it a lot and as you guys can see in my demo is pretty easy to finish map ;)

i think the doom3 are not the best to fit in a Quake map but JPL did a great job becouse the lights are very good and map a very nice Quake feeling, i enjoi the map becouse of the many good action on it! the most negative aspect in map was that bob area near start where were about 6 or more bob�s :\ that was real boring dispist of that i enjoi the map a lot ;) 
Zombie Bobs 
It's an old QC bug that's in most mods, including Quoth. It happens when you enter one of the secret areas, a shambler and two bobs are killed when they spawn in (you can hear this as a sudden weird noise). In this case the shambler gets telefragged, but the two bobs start up even if they're already dead.

As you can see, they don't behave normally either; this is because there are repeated checks in the bob animation code for the monster being alive, so animation doesn't work properly when it flies around being dead.

To work around the QC bug, you'd have to make sure the shambler and the two bobs don't spawn in so close to each other. Ask JPL to fix it or patch the entity section in the bsp. 
Trinca's bug demo has probably been recorded in JoeQuake, therefore there are some Nehahra info in it that e.g. Fitz can't read (hence the Host_Error). Playback the demo with Joe or any of my engines or convert it to std Q1 demo format using my ConvDem utility.

The demo shows two zombie bobs that remain after all monsters seem killed (128/128) and that can't be killed. My post above explains the two unkillable bobs. 
So it is not coming from the map itself... good news indeed ;)

And thanks for the feedback Trinca !

Thanks also to metlslime for the additional Quoth info in the thread announcement.. 
I sent you an email this morning, and it seemed to be rejected...
I re-sent it, and it seemed to pass: Did you received it ? 
Yes I got the 2nd attempt, I've replied now. 
I didn't mind the Doom 3 textures, they even looked quite nice in parts combined with the architecture. Reminded me of Invein (nehara add-on) or that aliens TC. The gameplay, however, was let down by the ridiculous over-use of the annoying robot flyers. Its a shame because the other Quoth monsters fitted in really nicely. Also, I too encountered the robot zombies as mentioned above, and that was really the icing on the cake (or not). 
Thinking About It, 
I played it in Quoth 2 beta, and not the original
Quoth so the feel of Bob is quite a bit different
in the two versions.

So, meh bad. 
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