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Sega Quake
I was just wandering around Wikipedia, and stumbled on the Quake page, read on and it brought back to mind the Sega Saturn version of the Big Q. I remember playing it back in the days at a friends' place and thinking how I would have loved to play the 4 bonus levels that version had. Not being able to pester my friend enough to let me spend hours in front of his tv, I quickly forgot that.
Today, it just dawned on me, hey, wouldn't it be freakin' cool if any of the guys over@func felt like recreating and releasing them to the public? Would there be copyright issues? Anyone picking on this? I would do it myself, but we all know the sad story of the guy who was not able even to start a map editor, so...

What do you say?
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E1M1.bsp (the PC version) registers at 1365176 bytes; this one (assuming E1L1 is Slipgate Complex) is 1269 KB.

This is about a 10 percent size difference. What does the size difference come from?

a) Compression (see above)
b) Stuff they took out (see rename theory)

I see a single BIN file, which obviously means Binary - not necessarily executable.

usip.bin - only 3 KB so this isn't the engine.

There are also .dat files.

static.dat - 632 KB - Is this the game code?
skank.dat - 11.2 MB (!) This must be sounds or...
intro.dat - 164 KB - perhaps demos?
initload.dat - 81 KB - this sounds interesting.

I'm pretty sure those .dat files are interesting. Internet forums or newsgroups might know more... they are probably archives.

But considering we only want the levels, I think there's no need to look further.

Anyway - where is the rest of the stuff? There should be sound samples, models... only 67 MB? It must have been scaled down rigidly. 
The Filename Gives A Hint 
I left out some bigger files as my upload sucks. 
Oh, No I Was 
thinking/talking wrong. I was stumped for a moment that the whole ISO is only 67 MB, but of course that's all right.

Pak0.pak is 18 MB, Pak1.pak is 34, so 67 MB is about right for the whole package (iso images don't contain audio). My fault, ignore what I said.

Thanks for the stuff, but I'm getting interested and might just buy the whole thing. ^^ 
Thank You For Playing Powerslave! 
That's what I found in initload.dat. So I looked that up.

Turns out Powerslave (Exhumed) and Quake have a lot in common on the Sega Saturn.

based on Lobotomy Software's SlaveDriver Engine and feature a true 3D world, similar to Quake. It is worth noting that the same engine was used to power the Sega Saturn versions of Duke Nukem 3D and eventually Quake. 
It Gets Even Better

Interview with Lobotomy Software on porting Duke to Saturn, using their own obviously superior engine PLUS their own level editor, which was modified to import the Duke maps.

Considering Lobotomy later did Quake for Saturn, the following conclusions seem in order:

1. Saturn Quake runs on Lobotomy's engine, not Id's
2. The levels were compiled using Brew, Lobotomy's editor.

In which case having the compiled maps is of no use to us.

Seems like they used sprites for the hud weapon models.

That would be explained then. You're playing Exhumed/Duke3D with Quake levels, not Quake. 
The Thick Plottens!

another pretty interesting Lobotomy interview. 
Have A Beer 
Lobotomy Software. You made a kick-ass engine and a nice game.

And that was that. 
And The Final Scoop...

Interview with Ezra Dreisbach, Quake Saturn programmer

Ezra: For Quake, all the levels were rebuilt by hand using our in house tool "Brew".

That level (Ziggurat Vertigo) was way too open to run well on the Saturn. One of the main problems with both the Quake and the Duke ports was that, on the Saturn, you can't just draw a huge flat wall as one huge flat polygon. For one thing there's no perspective correction, and some other limitations prevent you from even trying to work around that problem by dynamically subdividing the walls. So a flat wall has to be drawn as a mesh of quads. This means that huge walls have to be a lot of polygons, so huge open areas just can't work. One of the Duke Nukem secret levels had to be replaced for the same reason.

The exclusive secret levels were designed by the whole quake team.

That sounds like a mountainous task, rebuilding all the levels. It also means there are not even map sources that any of us could use today. 
...You guys really did your homework! What an interesting read!

So, is there any way I'll eventually get to play those levels?

Shall I keep trying to get those pesky emulators to work? 
Good work, golden_boy! Would be great to add this information to Wikipedia if you feel like it.

the_silent: I would not hope for it. :P 
The Silent 
I guess trying to get one of the emulators to work is your only chance.

Try these bios roms:
Maybe there is some additional information how to set it up here:

In case you're successful, please post some more screenshots. 
Thx, Neg|ke... 
... I'll try for sure.

Even if Spirit says it's really not worth the effort, given the suckage of said levels.

But, to tell the truth, to me playing those levels is like finally having a way with that hugely arousing blonde that you saw in High School but just couldn't get next to 'cause she was, like 3 years older than you. Now she's 40. Those melons are sagging bad, but... What the hell! Can't be worse than a solitary night on your own, right? ;)

You get the idea.... 
By The Way... 
... any of you can speak any italian? 
1st Attempt... 
... Unplayable.

Managed to get it running, tho.... 
... any of you can speak any italian?

Luckily not, considering I'd probably hear about that hugely arousing blonde from high school in Italian then.

:-) 40? Gosh you're ... grown up. 3 years older than me would be 36, which still is really acceptable.

Adding to Wikipedia:

Too much other stuff to do atm, used up all time to make demos for Ijed. ^^ And there would be mapping to do. ^^ ^^

Plus being pissed about the fact that this shop hasn't been able to deliver the Krait I ordered two weeks ago. GRRRR. 
... no, I don't mean to tell anything more than what I said before in italian, why should I?

I only asked because "sega" in italian can have an... amusing meaning, especially coupled with names like Quake, or a number of other games' names...

And yes, I'm "grown up", in fact, I turn 38 this very day...

"Acceptable", what can I say, I would suggest you don't let hugely arousing blondes in their 40s scare ya, they can be quite amusing human beings, I assure you... ;))

Besides, they may have a trick or two you don't know up their sleeves... ;)))) 
Hehe, yes they may. But it's nice having something to look forward to :-)

happy birthday =) 
Happy Birthday Distrans 
I just turned 26 . . . still a we'en. 
Well, Thanks, Guys.. 
.. Both of you..

I suppose Ijed meant "Happy Bday, the Silent" or do I share my birthdate with one of the mighty authors of Travail?

Anyway, thanks a lot, I'll raise a toast to you all tonight! 
Sorry, you've got the same colour name :\ 
On the title screen showing the copyright to id, it also says copyright portions Sega. I assume that the portions are the exclusive levels, but I'm not sure. 
They completely remade the levels, with id's agreement I would guess. 
Anyone knows if this actually exists: (sega saturn quake beta)?

I played around with emulators again. SSF always hung. But I managed to get the FOSS Yabause to load it. You need a BIOS. Also use software rendering. 
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