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Sega Quake
I was just wandering around Wikipedia, and stumbled on the Quake page, read on and it brought back to mind the Sega Saturn version of the Big Q. I remember playing it back in the days at a friends' place and thinking how I would have loved to play the 4 bonus levels that version had. Not being able to pester my friend enough to let me spend hours in front of his tv, I quickly forgot that.
Today, it just dawned on me, hey, wouldn't it be freakin' cool if any of the guys over@func felt like recreating and releasing them to the public? Would there be copyright issues? Anyone picking on this? I would do it myself, but we all know the sad story of the guy who was not able even to start a map editor, so...

What do you say?
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It does not really work. Models are not rendered & the sky is garbled and overlays parts of the screen. 
I Would Try To Redo Them 
Ok, very old thread, but why not.

Even if there are copyright issues, does anyone care nowadays?
Are at least a few people interested in playing them?
But for now i do not have the time to do it, would be something for next year (except i find those levels superior myself :P ).

What about the levels of N64 Quake 2?
Have those ever been ported to the pc?
Would love to play them in some decent engine with mouse and keyboard <3 
I've bought a Sega Saturn only to play the Quake version, but I couldn't find the game at a reasonable price back then... Plus that the controller of the Saturn is very bad, so I've sold the console.

I would really like to play those special Saturn levels, maybe a guru from here can write a convertor for the maps. 
And What About.... 
... finding a Saturn emulator that works over Windows ?
I know there exist these kind of stuff for Atari: , so maybe same exist for Saturn...

check this website maybe:
the Sega Saturn is very hard to emulate, I haven't managed to run Quake properly in an emulator. If someone does (first-hand), please share how exactly. 
Im Gonna Try..... 
dont hold your breath 
Well I Had Some Success 
Yabause seems to almost work. It loads the title, and plays some of the music, and allows you to create a savegame. But on pressing start to start a game, it crashes for me. On Windows 7. But it might be worth a try on a platform other than Windows. 
Unless yabause significantly improved (in the last ~2 years), forget about it.

SSF would be your best bet but if I recall correctly I never got it to work well enough. You can find compatibility lists on (Japan, US, PAL). 
Cassini 3.0 
I actually just ran it perfectly in Cassini 3.0 - it seems that Cassini 3.0 itself can run it, but I have to open the frontend.exe application manually rather than using the start menu shortcuts. Also sometimes when I click on the frontend.exe application nothing happens. But it did load. And it did run. :) 
Cassini 3.0 
When I click the start menu shortcut 'Cassini Frontend' nothing happens. The hourglass appears for a couple of seconds. When I click it a second time, it loads. Repeat. 
That Link Is Bogus ^^ 
Thanks! Fails miserably in Wine but I will try in Windows later. How is the performance? 
The Performance Was OK 
Not exceptional, but relatively fluid. Didn't have too much of a chance to experiment TBH, I was at work! I'm home now, think I'll have another play..... 
Well It's Not Very Stable 
Doesn't get past the Quake menu on this computer. Just loops some sound effects with a black / blue screen. And sometimes on loading I just get booted to the Saturn menu.

Im still experimenting.... 
Heres A Few Emulators For Various OS 
I got it working again, was playing e1m1 - the sound doesn't work on this computer - it does, but it's overlayed with static. 
I've no idea how this emulation malarky works so just ignore me if I'm talking bollocks, but is it possible to snatch the BSP files for the "new" levels right out of the emulator version of the game and run them with PC Quake? 
Nope, they used a different engine. 
Blimey. So different that it didn't even use BSP files? 
Very Different 
Yes, the Sega Quake engine is similar to Duke3D, all the maps were made again for that engine. 
What about rebuilding the levels from the ground up using one of those map builders for PC Quake and make actual PC versions of the four Saturn levels. One of you can probably do that. 
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