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Q1SP: Deja Vu - Six Map Mini Episode
OK, Im throwin it to the wolves cause Ive had enough, and I wanna start a new project. Deja Vu v1.0 is released, and downloadable here:

Single Player only and requires Quoth mod. Its basically the result of a lot of head scratching that I have chucked together in the last six weeks or so. It has been described to me as being a bit doomish, it all in a base/tech sort of feel, the last level was a bit inspired by aliens/alien3 and used elements of kells fury wad.

Screenshots are here:

If anyone feels like being really nice and hosting it anywhere except for the shub-hub then that would be marvelous I guess.

Problems with the Darkplaces engine running it cause some of the entity spawning isnt aligned the same as I intended, (things like player falling through a train at the start of a map) it isnt entirely flawless, but I would hope it would provide at least an hour of entertainment for the average quaker.

OK, Im ready for all of your 'comments', or lack of them, or sarcasm, threats, whatever, hit me!
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all screens are 404, please fix or give proper url 
Fixed Links 
Never realised the links were gonna be case sensitive. 
...Guess I should have sent you some feedback sooner?
I'll post some comments on the final version, then... 
If theyres anything major I may well do a v1.1, but basically, I re-hashed the teleporter room for the start map, and realised that I would end up re-doing almost every level at that rate, so it was best to cut it off, and start something new. Compare the teleporter room on the start map on the beta you have and the one on this version, and you'll see what I mean. 
OK, Im ready for all of your 'comments', or lack of them, or sarcasm, threats, whatever, hit me!

have some confidence in your work. not ORL-level hubris of course, but we're not here just to rag on you and act superior to "noobs", even though this community does come across that way sometimes. 
Same As The Silent Said In Post #4 
got the beta on monday, it�s thursday, and as I write I was getting ready for some testing. Maybe you guys should say how urgent it is in the future...

(same happened with Mikko�s "Distractions"; tested around on the 2nd version for a good part of an evening, sent off the comments, an hour later I see he released it).

Anyway, good to see some new Quoth content :) 
"(same happened with Mikko�s "Distractions"; tested around on the 2nd version for a good part of an evening, sent off the comments, an hour later I see he released it)."

Yes, but I wasn't rushing it or anything. There was plenty of time between receiving the second report and releasing the map - plenty of time to read the report, consider the points you made and then release the final version. 
The Nightmare setting was a joke - I died maybe twice during the entire thing. The whole thing took me maybe 25 minutes. But it was fun nevertheless (I really don't even like hard levels/games).

(I usually don't even play on Nightmare but this time I just happened to find the secret route and thought "oh, what the hell"...)

I missed the Lighting gun so there were plenty of cells around without me being able to pick them up.

Architecture seemed pretty basic - not bad but nothing managed to drew my attention either. Outdoor areas were the best, especially in the last level. Some elevators behaved so that it was quite difficult to exit them. 
Why are almost all the maps boxed? Dv5 has 63 lightmaps as a result, a few more and it would've been AllocBlock quality time ... 
ok RickyT23 have been missing speedmapping events ;) those maps look like speedmaps :) some had nice details like last level enjoy it a lot! gameplay was easy even on hard but fun neverless!!!

hope to see more from you! was a fun pack to play and i will replay it for sure ;) 
September 07!

what a month!
gotta test this pack tonight :) 
An OK Pack 
The things I liked most were the train, the catarpillar 'crane', and the outside area in dv5. Dv3 was my favorite map from the pack.

The maps were fairly small for the most part and not very hard on skill 2, probably because there were so many yellow armors lying around. Found at least one secret in each.

They show progression in quality indeed, however all but the start map are boxed, which is a very bad form for a release. Visually, they are OK, but all have a number of plain areas with room for improvement.

Often monsters looked in the wrong direction or spawned too far away from the player which made it easy to pick them off - it would have been better to trigger them upon teleportation so they woke up and moved towards the player immediately. Trigger_secrets can have a message field as well; having them fire an extra message trigger is confusing - as well as using the secret sound for regular centerprints. Most of the buttons used a wrong texture (or were at least missing their +a_ version). In the first map, the sound value assigned to the Quad secret door is invalid. Dv5 end gibbing was badly timed. What's with the crazy caps in all text messages??
Tip: Make the chairs, or their legs, func_walls or lift them one unit up from the floor to avoid unnecessary face splitting.

Looking forward to your next release. Just wait for and consider the betatesters' comments next time (after all, you posted your request 3 or 4 times)... 
Aah, Yes, The +a_ Buttons 
I read about that on a website yesterday. I didnt even know thats how it worked!

Also, boxed levels. Does that mean that I just drew a massive rectangular brush around each level, then hollowed it so that the f@kn map would compile?

I started on a new map yesterday, so far just a building on the surface of a planet with rocks all around, uneven ground to walk on, but its got lots of curves on the building. The only program that would compile it was TxQbsp, all the others I have wouldnt. Is this because, I carve my rock brushes into eachother?

Anyhoo, I did read some good reports from beta-testers, and thought about doing masses to try and get it purfik, but I just ended up doing some of the major things then deciding it was best to start something new!

Check out these comparisons of the same room in the beta v0.9 and then this v1.0:

I just wanted to start something new!

If i think about it for not very long, I can already think of a few things I could do to improve the maps, like spawn those two fiends closer to the player on dv5, or make it so you cant jump through the window at the top of the first platform on dv3, allowing you to miss half of the map, or putting some bobs in the large atrium in dv2, but I figured it plays well enough for me, so start something new, or I'll be at it for weeks.

Or maybe patience is a virtue I dont have lots of?! (hehe)

func_plats p@ss me off, is there a way of using two buttons to toggle them up and down? i.e. press one button then theres a delay of 2 and the platform goes up, stays up, then if you press it again theres a delay of 2 then the platform comes down, stays down, with two identical buttons, one at the top of the plat and another at the bottom; or can anyone suggest a system that would have as good of an effect?

Also did anyone find the nail-trinity-damage thing in dv3? Thats my fave secret in the whole thing! 
I can handle people taking the mickey out of the way I write things, like saying jolly good for example, but to be honest to submit something to this forum when I've never done so before is quite nerve wracking. I play guitar and sing in a band too, in my backwards little town over here, and that IS nerve wracking! Espacially to a small audience who are just stood watching and not dancing.

I had a look at your website BTW yesterday, and your maps are FKn awesome! The map you have on the cover, like a 1930s style industrial warehouse type thingy, with pumping machinary or whatever it is sticking up through the floor (using the Quake4 engine i believe it said) just looks ace, like what Id imagine Half-Life 3 to look like I guess.

My point is I know I need help (in more than one way) and I do appreciate constructive criticism, but I have a small fear I guess that people will just say 'its crap'... 
Don't Worry, They Are Not Crap 
Yes, "boxed" means enclosing the map in a large room for vis to work. It's like putting your broken car on a truck just to be able to drive. I assume you know how 'pointfile' works? Tracking down the leaks can be a real hassle, but it's essential for clean mapping. Besides, boxing only increases compile time, file size and engine limits unnecessarily. Sometimes (e.g. when it comes to misaligned brushes) you can help yourself by placing a brush on the back side of a wall or structure spanning over its entire length to seal a more or less invisible leak.

If by carve my rock brushes into eachother you mean using Worldcraft's carve too, then yes, it's a prime source of trouble and be avoided. If you mean that you move the rock brushes into each other (so they intersect), it's ok.

Use func_doors with the 'toggle' flag for lifts that stay in position until being triggered again.

Or maybe patience is a virtue I dont have lots of?! You better do something about it then, as mapping usually takes A LOT of it. ;) 
...for the info on platforms. I could never figure out how it was done. But all of a sudden it seems clear to me.

As for 'rock brushes', do you mean that if you have two brushes that overlap eachother i.e. one part of each brush is inside of the other and you havent carved one of them into the other, that works OK? 
Is It Possible 
for me to get the zipped source map files for this pak? 
aguirRe has a masochistic joy for fixing up maps ;)

Also, I haven't played V1.0 just yet, I'll run through it sometime over the weekend to see the changes.

Congrats on the release. 
You Are Welcome To 
Although I think perhaps my technique for doing rough outdoor terrain is questionable! Be prepared for a bit of a shock. Or to laugh. Still, you live, you learn. Still wanna see it? 
Overlapping Brushes 
work. There might be a warning message occasionally, but in most cases it doesn't cause any problems. 
Source Maps 
Yes, please. 
September 07! what a month!

climate change/weather probably... no beach for me this year either. Raincoat.

do you mean that if you have two brushes that overlap eachother i.e. one part of each brush is inside of the other and you havent carved one of them into the other, that works OK?

The original id maps are full of that. They practically used it as a feature! Hey, I can have two floors for the price of one? Two ceilings too?

That's how much they used it. There is a water brush in e1m2 that goes practically through the whole level. So anywhere you see water in that level, it's most likely the SAME brush!

Busy With Other Things At The Moment 
but I wanted to say these are some pretty decent little levels. More later. 
Classic Quake style. Good brushwork and lightning, as well as entity placement. Perhaps a bit easy even on hard, but there are certainly some tough challenges at the end.

The final map was, as everyone else said, the best in the pack, which clearly shows your mapping skills have improved over the course of the episode.

If this weren't in Quoth format, I would consider adding these maps to the RQuake and FvF server. They have potential.

Keep up the good work, hope to see more soon. 
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