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Q1SP: Deja Vu - Six Map Mini Episode
OK, Im throwin it to the wolves cause Ive had enough, and I wanna start a new project. Deja Vu v1.0 is released, and downloadable here:

Single Player only and requires Quoth mod. Its basically the result of a lot of head scratching that I have chucked together in the last six weeks or so. It has been described to me as being a bit doomish, it all in a base/tech sort of feel, the last level was a bit inspired by aliens/alien3 and used elements of kells fury wad.

Screenshots are here:

If anyone feels like being really nice and hosting it anywhere except for the shub-hub then that would be marvelous I guess.

Problems with the Darkplaces engine running it cause some of the entity spawning isnt aligned the same as I intended, (things like player falling through a train at the start of a map) it isnt entirely flawless, but I would hope it would provide at least an hour of entertainment for the average quaker.

OK, Im ready for all of your 'comments', or lack of them, or sarcasm, threats, whatever, hit me!
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Use aguirRe's tools (see ijed's post). Txqbsp automatically produces a .prt for transparent water. In Treeqbsp you have to enable it manually with -transwater (as well as -transsky for nonsolid sky brushes). 
I Don't Know 
what -transsky in TreeQBSP does actually, you definitely don't need that to get proper sky brushes for sunlight to work. 
Deja Vu Now Mirrored At PlanetPhillip! 


Does this guy have an ID at this forum? 
Quick Comment: 
Fairly fun and some interesting ideas. Rather simple in some places but in others there are some really cool design ideas - expand onto those and you'll be a winner. The gameplay was very easy in general and could do with some beefing up although the non-base monsters were good. The ending didn't work for me unfortunately. Keep it going this is a great start. 
This looks suspiciously like a return to reviewing, in some form - ? 
A Return To... 
Absolute laziness and providing the bare minimum of feedback to show I played the damn thing.

There has been some great Quake action recently, really liking it. Big up everyone! 
Shambler: I Like The Way 
you 'reviewed' all of the new SP stuff simultaneously, like you just binged out and now its over.

PS Thanks for the positive feedback.
I have a new map on the way, I might post some shots tomorrow, but it could be a couple of days before its ready for testing, cause its a massive wide open space with tall-tall buildings, so compile time will be H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E!
What would people think to testing a map that has been fast-vis-ed? 
I always ask people to beta test fast vised map.... so no worry... :P 
Well, i just played the map, and I found it interesting in term of design layout, and globally architecture. There some nice touch here and there.
I found the gameplay a little bit easy, but it was cool nevertheless..

Keep it up ! 
I just remembered I made demos until qrack (used it as it supports auto demo record even after reloading) crashed. I haven't played the rest yet but I really should. :)

I liked the ceilings!
I did not like the sounds neg!ke already mentioned. 
Does Quoth Run On Qrack? 
I didnt think it did. 
Re: Quoth Query 
Quoth on Qrack? Quite a Question. A Quick Qonclusion Qould Quiet Quizzing Quakers and Quell Quarrels. 
I Always Thought 
Q Rack is a weird name for an engine. It's like a rack of quake materials? 
I Think Its Pronounced 'crack' 
And does anybody believe they have managed to run -hipnotic -game quoth successfully? 
I've not tried running it, but if it doesn't work and you can describe the error, send some details to me(e-mail in profile). I can take a look and see if it's possible to fix for the next version of quoth. 
Came with deathmatchmaker right? Maybe, but it's been too long and my memory chips r fuzzy. 
It's an "enhanced" Joequake, got some nice and some bad thing. Not for a first choice for singleplayer but good enough for "just-so" playing. And it's autodemo feature is very nice. 
Doesn't your version of glQuake allow for running Quoth and a custom PAK from the commandline? If yes, could you please tell me how to run this PAK without renaming any files? K-Thx :) 
-quoth in the commandline or -id1 for other packs. Just put whichever it is and afterwards -game.

Read the docs! 
You may still have to rename the Quoth add-on pak files, but you can now put them in their own mod directory instead of messing up the quoth dir.

In the case of Deja Vu, rename the pak file to pak0, put it in a new dir called dejavu and add -quoth -game dejavu to the cmd line.

The engine will then first look in the game dir (here dejavu) for resources, then in quoth and finally in id1. This makes addition of new quoth add-ons very structured and follows the same behaviour as the older -hipnotic, -rogue and -nehahra options. 
Cheers, Aguirre! 
I thought I needed to write:

-hipnotic -game quoth

'cause the Quoth pack required the -hipnotic cause it usus the hud layout of Scourge of Armagon. Thats what it said in the readme. I figured it was only for the plasma cannon and the hammer, and the extra powerups?? 
why did you released it as a 6 maps pack, while you could make it a one or two levels of bigger size. I don't understand the maps with <30 monsters there.

overall pretty nice oldskool pack. but too easy for me 
but too easy for me

Heh, poor Ricky. There's no pleasing them, eh? 
at least some mappers coments is maps and not othres... 
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