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Quaddicted Quakemas Quiz. With Prizes!
Get in the festive Spirit (!) with the Quaddicted Quakemas Quiz:

Answer 8 stimulating Quakestions, get your name dropped into the tinsel-draped DeathKnight helmet, and maybe you will be one of the three lucky random recipients of:

Quake CD
Quake Mission Packs 1 AND 2 CDs
An authentic rusty Quake "Q" emblem forged from pure Orothinium in Chthon's lava pit itself!

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I really like Question 7 for some reason :) 
Huzzah For Spirit! 
Thanks for the post, sir.

It's not an AND for the missionpacks though. (At least it was not intended to sound like it. If it does, well then you are right.)? 
If one of every original (id1) monsters were put into a single room, how many (functional) eyes would there be? 
Spirit, I can't edit that, but hopefully Metl will.

Vigil: Ballsac. 
Great Job Spirit 
The questions are very good. I don't know some of the answers right out of my head but I know where too look for them. And that's what your plan was I guess :)
Very nice!

Vigil: LOL :) 
my memory sucks :(

very cool contest though :) 
Shambler: You Can't??? 
You're a moderator, you should be able to click the "edit" link next to the title and modify the thread text. 
Metl: I Can!!! 
I'm a moderator. Just not a very clevar one ;).

Now do Fiend's front claws count as legs or not - it's not clear if they walk on them but their posture indicates they need to do so for balance....hmmmm.... 
If the monsters are sat in the room then what are they sat on? How many legs does a Vore chair have? 

Shambler, open WC, hollow cube, place info player start, place fiend, fiend targets path corner 1, run qbsp, start map (~notarget), fiend walks on... 
doesn't have eyes, so it's hard for him to map, let alone look at what a Fiend does 
The Screenshot... 
Identifying the map from the screenshot should be an easy task?? I have no bloody idea what could it be or how should i find it... :(
Let me know, it is a trivial question, only i can't find the answer? Thx! 
So many q1sps I haven't played this year! 
The Screenshot 
It's not easy trivia but if you follow(ed) this year's "talked-about" releases it should not be too hard.

Maybe Shambler does have eyes but his fur grew too long and blurs his vision? 
they have no eyes. If they had eyes, they'd kill themsealves when they looked in the mirror for being so ugly, due to the horrid white furless skin all over their bodies. 
Do It For Santa: 
Do It For Santa (with Working Image!) 
My emails are getting rejected although I use the specified address and subject, what's wrong? 
Could Be A Trick Question 
One of every original (id1) monster are sitting in a room together. How many (functional) legs are there?

If it includes either Id creatures that were not used in any of the shipped levels, or if it counts the Ogre marksman separately. Ha! 
Does Shub 
have legs? 
Shub Has ... 
... a single leg IMHO... otherwize he he would fly ;) 
aguirRe: That sounds mighty weird. Do you get a rejection notice from the mail deamon? I think my host's spam filter uses grey listing which might cause problems if your email server does not like it (rejecting a mail first and asking the sender's server to resend). I will disable all spam filters I have access to later today and sent you a notice.

HeadThump: Nah, that would be mean.
inertia: Of course Shubby has legs, how else could she move so damn fast. end.bsp is always a crazy race between us two usually ending up with her getting the head stuck in the quad secret. Safe driving, eh.
JPL: Not all "body extensions" are functional legs. Otherwise, I mean... uhm... wouldn't we all be three-legged? :P

And now enough of the hints. 
Daemon Says 
Recipient address rejected: Mail appeared to be SPAM or forged. Ask YOUR Mail/DNS-Administrator to correct HELO and DNS MX settings or to get removed from DNSBLs; in


Recipient address rejected: temporarily blocked because of previous errors - retrying too fast. penalty: 30 seconds x 0 retries 
And What About Chton? 
Legless? One leg? Lavaproof Centipede? 
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