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Q1SP - I Pity Thee Not
It's time for METAL!

I've wanted to make a classically runic metal map since I started mapping.
The first map of a planned runic metal episode, I Pity Thee Not has been delayed in an almost complete state by - among other things - work on Quoth. For literally years. Regardless of whether the rest of the episode ever sees the light of day, this map deserves its release at last.



download: ( 1.16 mb )


Happy New Year
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Wow. New runic/Quoth map from Kell himself! Thats exactly what I needed today, thanks for release! Good job, but I must frankly say I liked Kells previous releases more than this one. Its of course not the way new "I Pity Thee Not" would be any bad. Not at all. I am looking forward to play it through very much right after finishing this message. But previous Kells releases are simply unbeatable I guess, with its whole new Quoth scheme Kell had invented with Necros. (Quoth styled maps are still my favourite, perfectly expanding Lovecraftian vibe of original Quake)

The difficulty of "I Pity Thee Not" is quite tough on skill 1, I have died many times (which is not complaint).

PS: If you like runic/metal maps, feel free to try my older "Horror Trip" level from "In Ovo" miniepisode. 
Happy New Year Indeed 
Can't wait to get home to revel in more Kell goodness. 
Its quite obvious "I Pity Thee Not" was done before all the Quoth thing. Its more boxy than the latter of the Kells maps, but still looks good of course (it would fit to the third episode of original Quake with no problem, just classical runic map). What I do appreciate the most about "I Pity Thee Not" is non-linear gameplay, ideal difficulty not letting you beat the level at the first attempt, usage of Quoth monsters (knights) + spectacular architecture at the places (exit portal). Dislikes: huge buttons. Worth playing. 
Now That Is A Start Into 2008! 
I thoroughly enjoyed playing it, especially because of the _very good_ balance. I accidentaly deleted my first run demos :(
Played on skill 2, died one time (at the lava-button pool by a missile push into the lava from those quoth knights, heh). Found 2 secrets.

The lighting is not too great and the map itself a bit confusing, the rest is beautiful and well crafted. 
To Zwiffle: Hi, I have played your "Born Of Madness" from Lost Chapters today, having a good fun. Havent you created more of such Quoth stuff please? 
yeee very fun and cool level like it a lot! well balenced and realy nice construcion... i hope someday i map like you, you rockkkkzzzz

happy new year to you to Kell hope 2008 will be a better year for all of us!

thks your maps rockzzz

hard demo!

very very fun! found only 3 secrets... saw the 666 secret :\ but didn+t find way... i will replay it for sure again :) to find the rest! 
Awesome sauce! Thanks for the level. And thanks for making it playable in standard Quake! A little flickering of entities but I don't really care about that.

Nice brush work in many areas! 
Nicest "happy new year" you could have wished, Kell.
Thank you and HNY to you and all of you Func_msgboarders.

Let's hope .08 is filled with awesome maps as .07!

This map is a killer. But, where are the 2 exits supposed to lead? Joequake crashed upon entering the blue one. 
Thanks for the demo, Trinca!

It reminded me, I should have said: NONE OF THE RUNES IN THIS MAP ARE SHOOTABLE. Just so no-one wastes inordinate amounts of time shooting them all for secrets.
I've updated the readme to include this little FYI 
i didn�t shoot then all Kell ;) 
Well no, but you were trying your best :P 
Nice New Years Present 
Haven't seen too many metal/runic themes lately, so this was a nice change. Bit easy though, but thats okay. The 2 different exits that point to kellmet3 and kellmet4 hint that you have more coming up... right? 
oh my gosh
oh my gosh
oh my gosh
i think i need to download this! 
good old crushers a la heretic/doom are underused in quake. this map is a step in the right direction. 
hello how are you 
Very very nice map, I enjoyed it a lot, so I started the new year with a very good moment of fun: thanks a lot and Happy New Year.

Just a question: where the end teleporters are supposed to "teleport" us ? I tested both of them, but FitzQuake blocked at this point... (i.e you enter the teleporter and then.. prrrt, nothing except a black screen and a loading message... that load nothing: wtf ?) :/

Anyway, it was a pure cool moment of fun !

Keep it up ! 
Good start of the new year we got here :)
You can't go wrong downloading and playing a Kell map. I liked the architecture and scale. There were some nice details I really liked. The lights and the end screen for example. The secrets were good also. I found 5 of them. The map wasn't too hard. Just enough supplies to finish it without problems on hard skill. Some more ambushes and surprises to spice up the gameplay would be good though. The resized textures on some faces looked strange to me also. 
Nice little map. Took me around 10 minutes. I found one secret but that's the way it usually is for me. A bit too easy on normal.

Here's a demo of my first playthrough: 
Great! Another release!
Downloading... Anything by Kell must be good quality. 
Great! Another release!
Downloading... Anything by Kell must be good quality. 
Sorry, due to connection issue, accidentally posted two posts.
Please delete one of them, and this post after that. 
excellent little map, very well made. Nice combination of textures and neat little details. Gameplay is good, and yes it would make a very nice first map in an episode. 
haven't checked it out yet, but I hope that it pervades the general type of Kell evil, and I also hope the universe soon implodes.

insert further, more sober, comments at a later point. 
Great Fun! 
This map was really good fun - I loved the voreling skirmishes, l00ts of cunningly positioned of Ogres made for plenty quick dodging all the time! Brushwork was very cool looking also - just like a metal quake level, bits of it felt slightly mid-evil also, I particularly liked the two teleporters at the end - they look fucking cool. I guess I was expecting it to be a bit harder on Nightmare than it was... people say my maps are too hard tho so ? - Maybe I should start playtesting my levels on nightmare to get a better balance!

Anyway this is a Nightmare demo:

This was attempt four - one go i got killed by a feind, a couple of other times I fell in the lava by the SNG!

Thanks Kell - Great fun map! 
too bad i need quoth. dont want to install extra stuff. :( 
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