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Q1SP - I Pity Thee Not
It's time for METAL!

I've wanted to make a classically runic metal map since I started mapping.
The first map of a planned runic metal episode, I Pity Thee Not has been delayed in an almost complete state by - among other things - work on Quoth. For literally years. Regardless of whether the rest of the episode ever sees the light of day, this map deserves its release at last.



download: ( 1.16 mb )


Happy New Year
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Nice One 
The open layout (does it have DM settings?) was great. Gameplay too - more subtle use of Quoth bestiary for a change. The red metal texture fit well. I didn't like the texture choice for the flame holders though. 
Shield, that's the only one I can't work out how to get. Someone tell me. 
Do you mean 666? If so, it's in my demo.... 
I think it's in the first demo posted by Trinca. 
although i definitely HATE vorelings :-> i really enjoyed the map and the gameplay on it.
Well placed monsters and good architecture.
Could only find one secret in two goes and didnt understand the end: choose your exit ???
But overall a very nice map, will play it again! 
the sillent: this isn't a first run demo, right?

Spoiler below!

Shambler: if you mean the cross of deflection you can get it by shooting 4 blood grille on the ceiling at the lift where the fiend spawns 
Just a Nightmare run....
BTW... Could anyone please give me a hint to last missing secret? 
The Silent 
the hint is in my previous post ;)

I have also made a NH run and I think you have better chances to survive this map than in many maps from the original game. 
Good Map 
Nice detailing; at first I thought it was a bit overdone, but that's the metal style.

Monsters could have been a bit tougher placed - I was a bit dissapointed in the solo Shambler at the end, for example. Would have liked to have seen some Death Lords as well to give the knight component a bit more kick. 
Played on nightmare as usual, was quite a bit of fun. I liked the straightforward yet still interesting gameplay you managed to engender, Kell. I didn't find all those secrets, although I certainly could see them! I tried to make it to the one near the SNG but I just didn't have enough health to endure such burning damage rates ;)

I hope you fix up the rest of this pack and release it. CZG did something like that with Terra and it turned out wonderfully. 
Good map!
Can't make it to the end, keep on dying.
Really feels like an old classic quake map! 
Ankhie, Baby... 
"I have also made a NH run and I think you have better chances to survive this map than in many maps from the original game."

Do you mean I suck THAT much?

Oh, god... The warrior inside me is ashamed.
I'm on my way to commit seppuku(Quake style, that is, type"KILL" at the console).

And, Btw... 
...If I'm not mistaken, I got the one you talk about in post #40...

Must be another one, I hink... well, I'll go check it... 
The Silent 
Sorry! I have used the wrong words. It wasn't meant that way. Your demo was ok. It was my english that sucked.

I hope now it is better:

I have also made a NH run and I think that one has better chances to survive it in this map than in many maps from the original game.  
No Problem, But... 
... I still don't understand what you mean.... 
...I thought it was a *teeny tad* easy on Nightmare! I mean I rocketted through the level on skill 3 in about 13 mins without finding any of the secrets... was great fun though!! Also the map looked really sexy!

No Problem 
Finished On Hard 
Nice, well built and not that hard metal map. Felt good to play some fresh Runic.

I got all 6 secrets without cheats or clues (aside from the one in the readme.) This is a very nice secret hunter's map due to the variety of clues and techniques needed to find them. To me good secrets are ones with clues and ones that any normal player can find.

Now wouldn't it be nice if both exit cled somewhere. 
It Would Be Nicer... 
...if one exit randomly gibbed you.

Or perhaps not. 
it's good to see another release from Kell. A very nice classic quake map. It makes me want to make a small map in the style of one of the original episodes (tho it's rather rare these days, isn't it?).

/me is waiting for another one 
Me Too PuLSaR 
What you think about that?
Would your map be Base, Metal, Midevil or Eldar?
(Mine wud B Base, 4 sure :-) 
i'm not sure so far. i like runic, but i've already made that one, medieval maybe. but ep4 also maybe 
hi, how about playing quake 1 over internet? I use non-gl joequake engine+hamachi (v1.0.1.5) program to connect directly with other players. lets play! my icq 259 689 233, email 
Thanks Kell 
Solid map, good monster placement and good balance. I like the blend of grotto floor texture and runic.

Got no secrets on the first play through, although I found one or two shootable thingies. I'll keep looking.

Gameplay was fun, nice how the map wrapped around itself, and good use of Quoth monsters, especially vorelings.

As Ijed already stated, the detailing is almost a bit overdone, personally I'd use less wall decorations and more extreme shadows (e1m6 is a good example.)

The crushers were a bit too blatantly nicked from e3m3 :-) with the lava and bridges...

A map with NO keys ^^

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