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New Q1SP: The Katagean Redoubt
Decked out in E1M4-esque textures, 136 monsters, 8 secrets and possessing full coop support. Enjoy!



[added screenshots -- metlslime]
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Very Good. 
Proper Quake. Some real good designs and some real good combats. 
Oh Yes 
This map rocks! Name is The Katagean Redoubt.

Darn, Beat Me To It! 
A very nice map with some unusual, yet cool stylistic architecture.
Gameplay was fun on normal, sufficient ammo, sometimes even properly dosed items (mostly health), found 5/8 secrets.
I wonder, though, why none of the great beta testers reported about the four item_rocket falling out and the numerous unaligned rivet textures on angled brushes... >;( 
Because We're Not Aspies 
Are we talking about the same IRC channel? 
Added The Name Of The Map :) 
Nice Indeed 
Nice architecture, that looks really Quakey :D Good monsters placement, maybe too much ammos (but I have exactely the default... so...) and lighning effect are cool as well, while there are some completely pitch black area... Anyway, it was a cool moment of fun.
Keep it up ! 
Weapons Please 
Where is the double barrelled shotgun, if I may ask? Don't say "in a secret".

When opening the door on top of the "tower" with the hellknights and ogres, the map crashes Tyrquake with this error:

Error coming up...
surface->extents[0] == 0
surface->extents[1] == 16
miplevel == 3
Error: D_SCAlloc: bad cache size 0
Zommggggg real real fun map!!! enjoy it a lot!!!

Love the architecture, layout and monsters placemente!!!

Perfect Hard Still

Not impossible at first run and real real fun... even scare me the last 3 shamby.

thank you very much and there it goes my first demo! 
Right in the middle of the main atrium.

Tyrquake? Wha? 
Found it by noclipping around. It would have been nice to have it a little earlier, with those death knights.

What a refreshing map. Really nice gameplay all the way through and the changes in architecture kept it interesting until the finish, really nicely done.

Two things bothered me - the Shambler placement was sometimes a bit off, compared to how all other monsters seemed flawlessly placed to take advantage of the environment and the player. The map was mainly tested for normal?

Armour seemed very light - 4/8 secrets, two of those being armour, and just before a nasty / big fight each one; without them I'dve been in deep shit.

Otherwise a great map - both the things I mentioned being very minor problems indeed, only visible at all because of the otherwise excellent level of qaulity.

I did get trapped behind the lift that goes down to the first circular portal, unable to escape.

First part of an episode? 
Very Good... 
I enjoyed this one immensely. The architecture and gameplay were classically executed throughout. I never came close to dying even when diving after two Shamblers with nothing but a grenade launcher left. Of course I did find the big secret at the end to help me through the final combat ;-)

Welcome back, indeed! 
Nice Map 
stylistic traditional quake. The lighting was maybe a bit unhighlighting. The theme was at least solid, maybe complaining about sticking too much to the same textures would be missing a point.
Was a bit hard gameplay wise, mainly the shamblers. Played on normal.

Many times the monsters were placed nicely so you had to move to avoid getting hit. Also the level winded around itself pretty well. And there were different sections like the lava towers.

I still don't like death knights, they have too many hitpoints and are so damn slow that it's almost always just a boring super shotgun exercise. 
shot2 looks cool.

Have you made any maps before this? That's pretty impressive looking for a first map if not. 
Forgot To Say 
The darkness secret was great as well. 
OK, OK - Err.... 
This level is very good. Really good - like Terra. I love the brushwork!! Sooo simple but very effective! (the opposite of my current venture - sooo complicated but ineffective) The lighting seemed a bit dark in places, but it was pretty atmospheric.

Made me wanna stop making my sucky Doom3/Dkt level and do a Mid-evil one!!!

Ho hum.

One thing though. I was making you a skill 2 demo, and just after the zombies I find myself cornered by a feind with only a GL. I have like 100 health at this point and loads of yellow armour, but the fourth grenade killed us both. No shells + no nails + corner + feind = NOT FAIR!!!

Was enjoying it though!!!

Ill do a NH l8R!!!!


PS - Simulacrum - Wanna collaborate and do an ID-style episode? (I read your readme - ha ha car park ;P )

PPS - serious about the episode though. 
I did a rather crappy q1sp back in '01, and a section of the second map of OUM. This is my first 'proper' map though.

Ricky: I recommend barely using the shotgun before you get the super shotty. There's plenty of nails up to that point, leaving you quite a few shells to attack the fiends with. As for the episode...I'll think about it:) 
Ah Yep 
got that one, I quite like it.

Looking forward to this. 
A fiend should die after the third grenade :) 
I'll Post The Demo 
The fiend did gib on the fourth grenade. I thought I would survive the last grenade too, I had 40 health.

Just to clarify, I still thing the map was pretty well balanced, it felt pretty well balanced and I was having lots of fun :D but as you will see by the time I got the GL I had no nails and no shells (so I was very happy to see the GL)

I personally didnt think that I had wasted a lot of shots. 
Had a LOT of fun.

First run on skill 1 was smooth and enjoyable, shamblers didn't bothered me as some said, and the hellknght's packs where a pleasure to kill: a couple of grenades in the middle and then shotgun till their dead.

Second run on skill 2 was hard, but I died only once.
And here is my demo for darkplaces in skill 3

unfinished! :)-

I'm very happy that this map has a special twist for coop play. I love maps with good coop support, usually are the one that I treasure in my hard drive.

Architecture simple, dark, green! beautiful

I hope to play some more maps form you, an episode in collaboration with RickyT23, maybe? 
Very Nice 
Really enjoyig level! Very balanced and smells proper oldskool. Need more of such goodness :)

Here's my first run demo. I died trying to solve the button puzzle there in the end, too bad I didn't use the teleporter to the secret room, otherwise i'd survive :)

First run demo: 
This was great. I haven't enjoyed a q1sp this completely for a while.

30 minutes, 7/8 secrets ( which were good )

More feedback later maybe. 
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