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First Ever Doom3 Speedmap Pack!
2 neat little single player maps by me and Zwiffle



I hope the tradition continues.
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Congrats On Your Boxmaps! 
I've got no excuse (except 100% Doom3 inexperience) - I've got all the software and hardware required...

I'll have a look at these later...

Where's this bloody thing I'm being held-out-on at?

Whatizit - IIRC, or #TF, or, er... whatisit?

I don't understand - rookie only ever been on Func_, doesn't even know where it is you guys keep talking about....

Unless this pak was concieved and discussed via email.

Or unless Speeds and Zwiffle actauly know eachother in person...... - in which case I'm barking up the wrong tree (again)

Anyway, Doom3 mapping has always seemed like an interesting prospect to me, but I've never tried it. Maybe trying to make a speedmap would be a good way to start (after some preliminary doodling) - the only thing is (and what put me off a bit) Doom 3 mapping must be pretty time-consuming, no?

All the same - I'll have a look at these later ;P 
Congrats On Another Ignorant Comment Scamp 
Speedmapping doom3 could be nice. Have to try it someday. 
cool, but i hate doom3 :\ borrringgggggggggggg

:) anyway dont waste time on doom3 go map Q1

p.s-> me love you guys! 
Played These 
they're okay for what they are. Speeds was the most action packed, almost died a few times. Two of the cacodemons got stuck on those pipes outside and couldn't move. I felt sorry for them :(

I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more doom 3 speed maps in the future. Quiet Trinca.

Two questions to Zwiffle and Speeds. Did you use Doom 3's built in editor to make these maps, or something else?
And how long did these maps take to make? 
yes, built in. took like 2hrs +some fixing

doom3world guys are interested 
Friction? Speedmapping? 
Well, I guess at this point anything under a month is looking relatively nippy.


P.S. Sooon 
Looking At The Screenshots... 
I hope the tradition doesn't continue. 
funny :P 
I hope you stop trolling 
I hope you stop trolling

Be serious... and besides, you're one to talk ;)

Although to be fair I must say that your posts have for the most part become disturbingly thoughtful, reasonable and interesting in recent times, so I shouldn't criticise too much. 
Enjoyed It 
Spd: took me some attempts, the horde combat was great, felt like classic Doom :) Also remarkable ammo/health balance for a speedmap, killed the last caco with the pistol

Zwiffle: nice trap at the start, but once I got the chainsaw the rest was very easy; nice little map though.

Hope to play more in the future, thanks. 
A Hope 
Liked it.
I hope that more doom3 maps will spawn in future.

The main problem with the lack of doom3 maps is the fact that no one knows how to build them, should I think of a story or concentrate in putting a lot of detail around? Or should I think only at the gameplay?

This is slowing down the custom map scene in doom3, and contests like speed-turtle map maybe will result in more doom3 maps.

Please people, take in consideration mapping for doom3, it can be more old schoolish than quake1. (see In Hell)

Well, for now thanks to Speeds and Zwiffle. 
To Me 
the real problem with custom d3 maps is that everyone seems to try to mimic the original d3 gameplay, which is a bad idea since the original d3 gameplay wasn't all that great. 
" Please people, take in consideration mapping for doom3, it can be more old schoolish than quake1. (see In Hell) "

lolllli prefer to puke all fucking day then map for a fucking slow ugly game... 
I've Been Thinking 
about doom3 with no combat at all. Putting something entirely different and high-concept in the engine, with GUIs and PDAs and doomscript as a base. 
I Like The Cut Of Your Gib, Lun. 
I'm aiming to get a full-blown 2D map system into the PDA, to help with all the non-linear exploration and zelda-esque "onion" gameplay I'm doing. 
I've always thought that the adventure game aspects of doom3 were pretty nicely done (slowly walking around, exploring, talking to NPCs, terminals and machines to interact with.) 
Did you ever play barista 3? If not, go and check it out:

It's a bizarre, tiny Doom 3 map with heaps of interactivity, no combat, and wacky humour. I thought it was great. 
The original doom 3 is slow.

I was simply saying that, if you want to make a good custom map for doom 3 you don't have to copy the slowness of the original doom 3.
Instead you have to be inspired by games like quake1 or doom2.

For me Necros is right. 
I�m a fucking old bitch with 37 years and two kids... do u think i got time to play others games? only time for Quake and is smaller everyday that pass by.

I know, spend less time online, and more time playing quake, please? 
roulfff Bal 5 minute a day... :p

congrats on France 1-4 NL :) hihihi

god bless NL 
We are not yet off the tournament... however I have to admit NL played really better ;) 
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