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The Disease Of Modern Society
This isn't really aimed at anyone in particular. Have you noticed though, that in affluent countries at least, there's been a remarkable increase in the incidence of pathetic, self-absorbed whining and self-pity? You know what I mean... Wahh wahh, life is so hard, I'm a talented and unique little snowflake, and yet everybody hates me and doesn't appreciate me...

FUCK OFF AND GET OVER YOURSELF! You're a fragile little bag of meat and bones with just enough intelligence to fuck up your own miserable life and then be depressed about it for the rest of your days, is what you are. Accept it and move on.

Err, yes, sorry. Let's get back on track here. Now I'm not a particularly perceptive or observant person, and yet the answer is so bleeding obvious that even I can probably figure it out. Here's my theory, anyway: life is too easy.

Most of us don't have to worry too much about our most basic and important needs - food, shelter, avoiding predators, etc... day to day life is pretty damn easy. Most of us have to work for a living, but as long as you're earning enough to get by (luxuries aside), it's not really worth complaining about. Pretty much everybody has to do it.

If you're not sure where your next meal is coming from, your mind is going to be occupied trying to solve that problem. You're not going to piss and moan about inconsequential little things. If people have no genuine worries or concerns though, they seem to need to invent things to worry about!

Many people just can't seem to simply accept and enjoy life. I can't understand this. If all your basic needs are met, and you even have time and money to indulge in your own preferred leisure activities and hobbies, what's the fucking problem?

It's like people feel that they're bored or boring if they have no drama or conflict in their lives, so they have to invent shit to complain about, to entertain themselves or make themselves seem interesting. Maybe it's just a subconscious psychological thing where the mind needs to occupy itself somehow, so it gives itself something to worry about to keep the wheels spinning.

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Nope Negke Your More Pressumptious Than You Think I Am 
I just mean what I'm saying from exprience!

"How to win freinds and influence people" sounds more like an anger management ethic to me.

Ijed - The thread is complete when either somebody closes it or when people stop posting on it. Everybody has a right to discuss things, not just some early posting l00tists with big egos and small cock/balls

Neg - More like sombody who has been at rock bottom in enough of a manner for him to talk about on internet chat-rooms, and who decided that life isn't just going to go away. Things can be fixed when they are broken, freindships can be re made, self esteem can be repaired, confidence grows and is infectious. Self respect comes from what a person does. You are what you do.

That's all im saying. So maybe you had a bad time, something sad has happened to you, something has happened which was horrible and unfair?

Well you say FUCK THAT SHIT!!!!! You dont need drugs and therapy, you need to pull yourself together! Maybe you do need drugs and therapy, but they dont magically make problems or memories go away. A person has to want to change in order to change. 
*Gets The Popcorn* 
"The Disease Of Modern Society"

"*Gets The Popcorn*"

There you go. 
Func's gone soap opera. 
we're talking about the actual disease of modern society, then I would say you're waaaaay off. Yes emo people suck. But the ignorant religious zealots are hindering most (any?) progress that modern societies need to continue to develop and thrive. That's the real disease of modern society, not some chemically-imbalanced whiny people. Many religious groups actually try to spread ignorance and say how evil science is. It's ridiculous.

Sorry to switch topics of the thread, I just felt the title lent itself better to religious zealotry rather than some whiny people. 
Fag Enabler!!! :-| 
This Thread Is Too Highbrow For Me 
"If one person can cope with everything just fine, it doesn't mean everybody else can easily do so as well."

Yes but it doesn't meen they should just give up, either! The key word there is "easily". I mean who ever said life is easy? So you have to put effort in. You put effort in, you get stuff out. No put in, no out. 
frib, kinn and tronyn pretty much covered my feelings on the topic although I do agree with negke to an extent.

But, I do think there is a question as to whether one person's worry/whining over what may seem stupid to an observer but is quite important to them personally is less important than another person's worry/whining over something that is important to them personally but can also be seen by others as necessary/worthwhile.

You cant worry about something you have never felt. Sure, you can understand, you can empathise, or you can do the opposite and pass judgment, but you cant feel it till its actually happened to you. So you are always going to be limited as to what you can complain and worry about :)

So whether you are a whiny cunt if you are not someone with 'genuine' problems, probably, but I'm not so sure the answer is so clear cut. 
said that serious depression does not warrant medical attention and medication and that people having it should "just pull themselves together" is obviously a retard who has never had to deal with real depression or any close family member having depression. 
What I was trying to say is that I think a 'pull yourself together' attitude is a fair bit too general or even superficial in many cases. Of course it's not impossible to achieve something by rethinking one's situation, but it always depends.

Besides, the topic was probably not so much about the hard cases but rather the general tendency of modern society to never really be satisfied despite all apparent benefits. The repercussions of capitalism might play into this, as well as technology, popular culture and what not. 
the answer to all these problems is to join your local Fight Club chapter. 
In Anyway... all society, you will find people that are not happy about their own situation.
Nowadays, every weakness is put into the "depressing illbess pot", and anti-depressing medics save your life... Not really actually, it just attenuates the effects, and do not change your global situation. People need to react, that's all.
In other words, whatever is the reason of being depressive, whatever your situation is (financial, social, etc...) the whining people should sort out their fingers from their asshole... though..

It sounds easy, but if depressed people just wait for others help, how do you want to evolve, and pass over the depressing state ?

"Help yourself, Lord will help you" :D 
this thread is too highbrow for me

It's too highbrow for some of the participants too but that doesn't stop them posting at great length. 
On the contrary my freind (god I'm going round in circles here) - I speak from experience. Im not saying that therapy and anti-depressants are evil, or that nobody should ever need them. People DO get depressed, and DO need medical assistance. But I think that society often uses these things (particularily the drugs) to easily. Let me give you a real life example.

My mother after the birth of her third child developed some sort of internal abdominal pains, which grew worse with time and wouldnt go away. So she sought out medical attention, and went to see the doctor. The doctors wouldn't do more than just give her a brief check-over and told her that they couldn't do anything, that they didnt know what was causeing the pain, but
"if the constant pain was getting her down they could put her on a course of anti-depressants"

"but I'm not depressed!" she would tell them.
"I dont want anti depressants, I just want to find out what is wrong with me!"

The doctors eventually told her that the pains were probably caused by a hormone in-balance caused by the birth of her childeren, and that she could take supermarket-bought herbal remedies to try and kurb the symptoms, but she would have to get used to them ultimately, as she would suffer for the rest of her life!

My mopther felt relieved by this news, as she had been told that there was a reason for the pain - a hormine imbalance caused by the birth of her childeren. So she did not go on a course of anti depressants. She was satisfied enough with trying to fight the symptoms with the herbal remedies.

###years later###

Having met a new freind, a lady who was a professional dietician, she was taling about her symptoms. Her freind very quickly said:
"I can tell you straight away that what you are sufferring from is coeliacs symdrome (intolerece to wheat) and lactose intolerance, and waht you need to do is stop eating wheat and milk, and you will feel much better"
So now my mother doesn't east wheat and doesnt eat dairy foods, and she says that she has never felt better! :)

If she had chosen the anti-depressants as the doctor had recommended right at the start she could have been dependant on these by the time she was properly diagnosed.
The doctors were stupid for not noticing such and obvious problem.
They were very VERY quick to offer her the drugs.

My exprience with depression is far worse than that, and I am not prepared to dicuss it here, right now. But I will say that when a person hits rock bottom, they learn what is valuable in life, and what part of them needs to grow up.
Depression is caused by lack of solutions. In-action. Real-life occurences. Drugs alone wont fix the problem, only make it worse. What fixes depression is solutions. Real-life changes. Work. 
Good Example, Along With Other Good Comments Here And Above 
Depression was never the issue of this thread. The issue was whiners.

People who are actually depressed don't sit around whining on blogs, dressing up (buying cloths!), writing poems, etc trying to get sex/emotional credit.

Think of it this way. 200 years ago, people who were really depressed would have killed themselves. And the whiners would have realized that whining got them nowhere, gotten a job, and THEN tried getting some sex/emotional credit. Our society has gotten to a point where certain classes of people need to work so little that they have no practical idea of life at all - forget predators and starvation, they aren't even aware of anything at all about the economy which supports them.

Almost everyone who falls under the category "whiner" thinks, as Fribbles' original post specified, "I'm a talented and unique little snowflake, and yet everybody hates me and doesn't appreciate me." No one involved in the real world could believe that. I hope the depressed people get help, and the whiners botch their attention-grab fake suicide attempts and die for real.

PS Kinn I totally agree with what you said 
... God Damn It 
(buying CLOTHES) that was meant to read... 
You're obviously already realizing what a crock of shit you posted before, hence your backpaddling in post #41. Now you're saying exactly what Lun said: Society over-uses the term depression in situations where it isn't appropriate. The result of that is that people who are not really clinically depressed get treated with therapy or drugs, and there surely are a lot of people who could help themselves.

But to deny that real depression is a desease is downright cruel to anyone who has had to deal with clinical depression, be it in themselves or in their family or friends. I didn't read all what you wrote, but you mentioned you had reached "rock bottom" and pulled yourself out of it. That is not depression. Depression is when you are not able to help yourself, or even seek help from others.

I've seen it in my family, and if you had been clinically depressed in your past, you would simply not be talking like this. I'm not denying that you had a rough time in your life and that it was really hard for you. But you probably were not depressed. 
Depression is when you are not able to help yourself, or even seek help from others.

No, that sounds like uselessness. Giving up.

They are saying nowadays that dyslexia isn't a real disease. It's just a person who never learned to read properly. I wander how all those millions of people who were diagnosed dyslexic felt when they were told that?

Doesn't mean it's not true!

Also if any of my post's seemed like back-tracking, they weren't supposed to be. Maybe I'll use analogies or try to explain my POV using different terms, but at no point have I "taken back" anything I have said.

I mean it man. Depression my ass! Fuck depression, life's too short. The disease of modern society: - LACK OF FEAR

As in there is not enough fear in the world anymore to remind people what they are living for. Thats WHY people get depressed! 
Check Wikipedia 
I Mean 
for the medical definition.

You can be as determined as you like, it's not going to change the chemical balence (or inbalence) inside your skull. More likely any determination you have will allow the illness to feed off itself.

But this thread was never about this topic. 
Thanks Lun 
None Of This Shit 
None of this shit belongs on this board. No one here is an authority on anyone else's life, no one knows what each of us goes through every day when we wake up. Keep it to yourself next time Frib. If you really believe the answer to happiness in life is as simple as you've made it out to be here then you're as damaged as anyone who's whining from within the walls a mansion filled with beautiful women.

I'm as much a believer in the power of positive thinking as the next guy and I wish this board in particular was about 1000% more positive and less of a dumping ground for people's frustrations be they gaming related, Quake related or neither.

We're so small here that we should be pumping each other up, offering constructive criticism wherever possible, and generally being cool with each other. No one is going to stop you from acting like a total cunt if you want to, but you're never going to get anything productive out of it. On the other hand, if you offered advice and support and general well wishes you might see more than a trickle of output and make a friend or two.

I've roamed the halls of Internet long enough that I don't really give a shit if someone flames me or tells me I'm stupid or corrects me when I misspell vegina, but there are people who still do take it to heart. There are people on this board who don't visit the horrible forums and see the goatse man giving kisses to the Lemonparty dudes and aren't hardened shells of hate -- they're decent people who come on the internet with the rest of us to share their work.

I hold my tongue a lot when I see people being dicks on this board because I always just assume that everyone can brush it off but that's not the kind of place this should be. It's a lot harder to be patient and understanding than it is to be sarcastic and short with people but it always pays off in the end to be patient. Always.

We should be doing our best to keep it to Quake and games 99% of the time on this board, and if you can't or don't want to do that, at the very least just don't be dicks to each other.

*strums acoustic guitar* 
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