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Community Bonus Pack 3 For UT3 Released
Screens :
Download (311mb) :

The community bonus pack 3, volume 1 has been released and features 8 new high quality UT3 maps for your gaming pleasure!
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How many people play it? 
The Shots... 
...look really awesome ! 
Looks great, but also somewhat busy. 
Which Is UT3 In A Nutshell 
too cluttered. 
God, some of that stuff looks really nice. The community is definitely still brimming with talent! 
UT3 = Bbbbbaaaaahhhhh 
What a waste of effort in mapping for ut3, at least from my point of view. 
More so than Quake1? :) People map for the games they enjoy... 
Calm down, there's already a thread for whinner and complains :P 
Guys, I Repeat 
"at least from my point of view" 
Well, that's great, but if you didn't want to discuss the issue why did you post it on a message board? 
blind fanboi talk to me, but fanboi of what?

I personally think that UE3 and UT3, Gears and Bioshock are all fucking ace games, Unreal engine 3 works propper fucking good on my comp! Also I think that UT3 has the best multiplayer out there at the moment! (havent played TF2 yet either tho)

I might even buy it soon... 
Its still too fast imo. I remember when the demo of UT2003 was released I thought there was something wrong with my pc that was making the game run too fast, and sadly they kept that speed since.

UT was no where near as fast and felt a lot better as a result.

I always play ut3 with the slomo mutator on, maybe im just getting old? :)

The maps do look great though, the authors have a real nice job, and I will download the pack just to have a better look at the maps. 
Gears2 and the others mentioned are looking good.

Weather or not I'll buy them depends entirely upon how much time I'm spending in Q1, where most of my gaming requirements are met. 
UT3 Too Fast? WTF? 
As someone coming from a strong Quake background, UT3 being a fast game is a very, VERY welcome change from UT2k4, which was noticably slower paced. 
I Must Admit 
After playing HL2, D3 and Quake4, playing UT3 was a l00t of fun because it's soooo fast! I mean making it a *tiny* bit slower wouldn't kill it for me, but personally I like the speed it's at now! 
We slowed it down quite a bit, actually. 2004 was crazy with people bouncing off of walls and boost jumping everywhere. UT3 is much closer to UT'99 speeds in terms of player movements and mobility. 
Felt like the double jumping was well toned down. The rest of it was pretty frantic. Still don't find, graphics aside (which can be too lush and too hard to appreciate in a fast DM game), that it's offering me much more over UT. 
While the movement speed in UT3 was slightly toned down, it's precisely the reason combat gameplay speed went up by a margin.

If you ever watched demos of professional UT2k4 players, you surely noticed how often the fights turned into slow-paced hitscan-fests? Not to mention that with the faster movement, people could often put up the shield and just run away from you for ages. In UT3, it's a lot more about "kill or be killed" as there is little to no chance of escaping once you are engaged in a close-quarters firefight.

And I like it. 
Oh OK, I see what you're saying now. 
BTW, Willem 
Is Inoxx still with Epic? 
No, he left awhile back. He's with one of our licensees now but I can't remember which. 
I play it at times (that and Warsow depending on mood).

And yeh; Guys, I Repeat; "at least from my point of view"

While I find your well argued and informed opinion useful and non-hypocritical, it would help if you actually expanded on your reasoning rather than just re-quoting tautological cliches (akin to 'no offence meant' or 'in my honest opinion').

(ps, employability of learning modern tech rather than an engine nearly 15 years old, etc, but People map for the games they enjoy..., each to their own) 
Half a dozen posts since load, I need to read faster ;p

Its still too fast imo

Um... CPM much?

I like the pace of UT3 a lot (enough 'realism' and it's bastard offspring), and tbh, I can deal with cluttered graphics a lot more now a days. I think it's a result of playing more on consoles where you can't cfg tweak, you just learn to cope with random detail rather than aim at bright green blob amongst the grey blocks.

Although tbh, anything is a welcome change from the pace of WoW >_< 
Did I Offended Someone? 
I don't like ut2 and ut3. I don't like textures models musics and so on. As for the gameplay in ut3 I feel like a free camera moving, and the places are too big.
I don't like ut 2 and 3 engines, there is too much stuff and the whole feeling is plane. Everyone goes crazy for Bioshock, well I don't like it. Please don't ask me to explain why, I will write pages and pages.

I still play a lot ut1 with oldschool mod (I don't like the ut look but I love unreal look) and all the customs sps, my favorite is DejaVou.

The new uts looks... I don't know, amatorial?
they are like "let's implement a lot of shaders, bigger textures and so on" I'm not impressed.

Instead I like the composure of the engines like q1 q2 ut1 doom3, less shining things but better look, more tangible.

Sorry if I bored you, but I think someone tried to point out my cryptical post.

Please Willem don't be offended, it's only that I see a lot of my friends becoming unreal fanatic and it's not a good thing. I mean, it's good if you like a game, it's bad if you are a fanatic, and unreal games tend to make fanatic people, at least this is my experience. 
"The new uts looks... I don't know, amatorial?
they are like "let's implement a lot of shaders, bigger textures and so on" I'm not impressed. "

And new game types and vehicles and better bot AI and ... I mean, none of this appeals to you?

"I mean, it's good if you like a game, it's bad if you are a fanatic, and unreal games tend to make fanatic people, at least this is my experience."

Well, it's not really the games fault if your friends love it a whole lot. I mean .. buh? 
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