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5 fresh speedmaps by bambuz, Lurker, negke, Spirit and Zwiffle for your pleasure.


Download: (~800KB)
Sorry for my crappy map, somehow my mapping enthusiasm faded over the weekend and I mapped Sunday afternoon...
You might need to move around a bit or you will get squished. Stupid bugs.

bam: Nice textures and atmosphere!
Lurker: Love the simple texturing and that idea was great too.
negke: Yumm!
Zwiffle: Woot, a "real" map. That take on 128 was what I wanted to do initially too. 
What Was The 128 For Anyway 
bambuz: The sexual implication is obvious. While a darkroom fits the situation, it wasn't very good for playing. Likewise, the stacking of monsters facing the wall...

lurker: Funny, though I would have prefered if there had been collisions.

Spirit: Heh. Could have been quite original with better details. Good smoke - looked odd when it ascended though.

Zwiffle: The only map with some actual gameplay. Kind of strange textures. Was good. 
Funny Pack 
What negke and spirit said, plus some comments:

Spirit's 9/11 reference is obvious..; just missing more action... where are the terrorists ?

Zwiffle: A innovative map with Doom3 textures :) Cool !

negke: Vegetables and fruits are good for health, continue please ;)

bambuz: Well, trying to pile up monsters does not help gameplay :P but funny :)

Lurker: Quite cool as well, maybe more monsters would have amde it better

Good SM pack, keep it up !! 
I Want Some Ketchup With My Fruits! 
negke: i was attacked by jumping flocks of mildew, how scuzzy is that?
bam: colliding ogres? nice!
lurker: too? goverment's been stealing ideas again? =)
spirit: hm, fatal.
zwiffle: very 128. a bit dark. but nice!

good work folks. 
Lurker's had a cool retro look & good scale.
The rest collided with my Recycle Bin. 
Nice Pack 
Proper speedmaps - a decent mixed bag of stuff. 
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