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This is a thread about a project currently underway to remake Quake one.

It involves upgrading what exists already in order to play and look better or at least differently in all probable situations and enhance what is already there in this great game.

So we're remixing all the maps, monsters, and the player.

A specific engine in order to solve long-standing issues isn't out of the question, the main concerns being cross-OS support for features that should be common, like entity alpha and multiplayer. These things exist in various forms, but there's still no standard, at least today.

There's a great wealth of resource on this board - the one thing that doesn't exist here is apathy.

So, we're fishing for contributors. If you can make a map, animate or code and want to see this monster through to its conception then you're on the team.

Over the next few days I'll post info on what currently exists, and where it's headed.
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New Monsters 
As an idea of what's completely new:

Axe Grunt:

Partially ripped from Concentric Devastation, but much less of a knight. He gets close and smacks the player about, but dies just as easily as a grunt. A priority target.

Berserk Ogre:

Two chainsaws, no ranged. A slower fiend, maybe, but deals damage if he manages to close the distance that will put most players into the red very quickly. Most players being the ones without red armour.


The one feature thing from Qtest. Acts like an undead tank. Wanders about, vomiting bile at the player, deflating if wounded, reanimating like a zombie later on. Is a bit easy to kill with the replacement close combat attack, so is waiting on his own 'devour' melee option.

Genuinely new monsters are a bit of a red herring for this project, since the goal is to enhance the original.

Even so, everything is considered. Before being binned as a distraction - my own schemes usually dying before they reach a keyboard. 
This Is Cool 
looking forward to your updates. I'll post the link you gave me a little while back:

Those are out of date no doubt, but people might want to take a look anyway. 
We Will Need 
A graphics artist as well.

No cover it in filters crap, which I know is not your system - so good. Anything that feels right and works.

This is a Qcommunity project. 
And I forgot to post that, thanks. 
I'll spam my own thread.

Sorry for the migrane darkness screenshots - I'll post some new ones seperate. 
I would suggest integrating a remake of enitites from Zerst´┐Żrer into this project with a modernization of the monsters weapons and powerups.

Are you going for higher definition, like Blue-Shift added to Half-Life, or old time boxy but foxy Quake? 
One Other Thing 
One of the tutorials on Inside3d, the one about making a Counter Strike clone, replaces standard Quake animation in the player.qc with Quake2 animation for a greater variety of poses, certainly could be helpful. 
But with an extra vert here or there.

Model-wise the same, aprt from animation, that is.

Zer ents are, tempting, but they went their own road. Like I meant before about engines; we're not at ground-up yet, but if something gets in the way of what we want then there's no reason not to take it head on.

It's still Quake. If it was going to be a new game then we'd change the name, already the team, I'm sure, are tired of me beating the dead donkey of 'keep it Quake'.

Even though its not the Quake you load in id1, it has the same spirit. 
I'm just an observer but 2 observations/suggestions/ideas:

1. Please list QuakeC and mapping features the project may or will have. "Marketing" is everything and a list of appealing features would be helpful.

2. I would recommend you do whatever you choose with the engine including non-standard features to support what you want it to do.

2b. PROVIDED ... that these features can rather easily be added to any given engine or if an existing or new tutorial could be written.

The FitzQuake SDL that Sleepwalker made and the way it is written makes basic multiplatform support rather easy and of course DarkPlaces can run on most anything. Plus most engines that are commonly used are either actively developed or very recently so. 
I wanted to suggest Fitz SDL as well, since it has a wide range of platforms already and can easily be enhanced for additional ones if needed. If you decide to use it and need any help with it, let me know. As soon as metl releases 0.85, we plan to integrate the sources so that there is only one Fitz version in the future. 
one thing!!!

since there are many remakes already why not pic the ones that are already made and just change the entities with the authors autorizacion? will save a lot!!! :) 
Please allow players to toggle "Dodging Grunts" and "Ogres, Zombies and Vomitus Z-Aware". 
I was waiting for this thread.

This is an ambitious and huge task and you guys deserve kudos for taking it alone. I wish I could help you but my abilities are severely limited - what exactly are you looking for in a graphics artist?

A few more questions:

* Are you planning to include genuinely new maps as some sort of secret?
* What's the deal about "Overwatch Enforcers"?
* As for new monsters, whatever happened to the poison spider you'd once mentioned? 
If Only This... 
Make sure you release the source. Mappers should be free to pick and choose which features they want from different mods. 
Typing on a keypad so will be brief. Sounds like next Fitzsdl is basically the only engine that will do what we want. Not going to optionally disable features, sorry. Maybe will make maps backwards compatable. Too long writing, will answer rest later. 
Just my 2p, but I would seriously consider using an engine with q3 map support, in order to give a boost to detail levels and general mapper freedom. 
Beating The Dead Donkey Of 'keep It Quake'. 
nope, the whole team is very much guilty of this. 
If you're gonna remake it, remake it for today, not for tomorrow. I'd love to see what the quake approach would look and feel like if done for a moderately modern platform. 
Two team members prefer software. 
Keep It Quake 
+1 vote from Smables xxx 
Hm. Maybe this thread is a chance...

I'm skeptical because we were very open at qexpo, but were mostly ignored by mappers. Look at the amount of volunteers ^^

Anyway, since ijed seems busy, I'll take this one.

what exactly are you looking for in a graphics artist?

Someone who can make/modify skins, for monsters, small items and possibly a female player model. We also need an additional modeller/animator. Badly.

Apart from that, we could use one or two additional mappers.

Are you planning to include genuinely new maps as some sort of secret

Maybe. Understand that this is first and foremost RMQ. After that, it's a kickass mod that will shake the foundations. We will probably include the various testmaps we have, for example. We also have def and fgd files readily available.

What's the deal about "Overwatch Enforcers"?

Enforcer sees you come out of cover, goes "Overwatch!!!" and fires several bolts in quick succession.

As for new monsters, whatever happened to the poison spider you'd once mentioned?

Didn't seem to work.

Open source: Yes, the qc, maps and engine, if any, will be open sourced upon the first release.

Who can join? Anyone, really. What's the deal? Respect our original artistic vision (this is Quake, and should look and feel like it) and cross-platform politics.

What's the difference to ($famous_quake_mod)?

1. It changes the gameplay in all maps that use id1 progs (backwards compatible)

2. It's about making existing stuff better, instead of adding buckets of new stuff

3. Open source QC

4. Mapping based versus QC based

5. No bullshit

6. We dare to go against the player's expectations. Things like fall damage, totally different underwater behaviour, grenades that can be knocked around with rockets, monster footsteps, random health etc. Stuff where old players fall over and see stars, basically. We don't care.

New monsters, the few that we have, come from QTest and similar places. Old monsters may have flags for additional gear, behaviour etc. though.

What do we have QC wise?

1. We have most of Extras, Dragons, and Frikbot, and some stuff from custents, i3d tutorials, hipnotic etc., including the usual stuff that you know from ($other_mods) like breakables, pushables, rotating stuff, particle emitters, blah blah

2. Gyro, consequently

3. New stuff, among it custom keys.

If you can think of it, good chance we have it. 
"We also have def and fgd files readily available. "

THANK YOU! Seriously, that would be awesome. 
It's reality. We're doing things from the ground up. We have a SVN repo and ticket system. We're kinda well organized. We even comment our code. 
"Two Team Members Prefer Software." 
I'd think once whatever specs of this are done, I think it would be no problem to graft whatever changes into a modded aguirRe winquake.

Even some form of alpha entity support.

Half-Life has a software rendering option and it supports alpha brushes. I'll post a pic some time. 
Alpha Etc 
FTE supports at least transparent water in software. Not sure about alpha. Q2 supports transparent windows in software, too.

We're not using a custom engine at the moment, and don't plan to. There is a possibility that we will reach a certain point though, I'm not blind.

Cross platform support (Windows, MacOSX, Linux, BSD) and software renderer are pretty much the minimum. Clean code would be nice, too. No offense to anyone, but some engines' code is a mess. It must be maintainable and transparent.

How hard can it be to re-add the software renderer to an SDL engine. Unless it's a religious question (which would be stupid). There are examples. And there are other options, always. One point that Tyrquake, for example, has going for it is the super-clean code. Sure, no bells and whistles. Just solid engine. But I prefer a rock solid base.

I mean, if FTE, Proquake 4 and ezquake (whiz bang engines) have software, what on earth is the problem. It is a puny issue and it should be squished. It has nothing to do with any map limits or the like. No one expects wonders.

Things like MAX_SOUNDS and alpha, though, break compatibility, and thus it would be desirable that at least 4 crossplatform NQ engine coders/teams get together and create a new, extended protocol, focusing on relatively simple things - no bullshit. Within, say, the next year or so.

FTE, PQ4, Ezq, Fitz for example.

All are kickass engines, cross platform, and support NQ by now or will soon.

I want the engine issue squished like the bug it is. 
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