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APSP2 - Plumbers Don't Wear Ties (But They Do Carry Shotguns)
I finally released my Base Pack map. It's a bit late, but at least I managed to finish it after all this time :)

I wanted to encourage exploratory gameplay a little with this, so be prepared to search around a bit to find items and sometimes you way through the map.

The map requires Quoth 2.1 (available here: ) and FitzQuake 0.80 is STRONGLY recommended, regardless of your usual engine.

Download: (3,108kb)


Very slighty more info:
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Base Pack Map... Hhhmmmmm 
... it is never too late ;) I'll play it ASAP, as the screenshots are "tasty" :) 
Congrats On The Release MR Than 
Really really really sexy map!

Download this NOW! 
I just had a crate-gasm.

Very impressive map. I could play it a dozen times and the layout would still confuse me. Not sure what the ending was about although the exit was nice. 
Nice Story 
it really explains why a person would run around their own base, killing everything.... 
First Run Demo (very Boring)

fantastic level, but as shambler said, layout is very confusing :), one of the best sp base levels ever. couldn't complete it, cos of fecking eliminators :( 
Looks nice, will give it a whirl. :)

(PS: Is there any place to get your texturepack for q3? (than_industrial) Been looking all over the place) 
It Owns. 
Thanks than.

First run, 45 mins boring, died right before the end. 
Mr Czg 
that demo is 200mb according to my system. is that a bug or a new world record? 
It's 45 Mins Of Me Running In Circles And Shooting All The Walls. 
Played On Skill2 
Quoth enforcers moped the floor with me.

Other than that I liked it a lot. Didn't care much for the crates (sorry guys :() but it looked very sexy anyway. Loved all the little details.

(spoiler) The Edie ambush was very well done, as was the ending. Very refreshing to see an ending that isn't about buttoning Chthon to death :p

Looking forward apsp3! 
Oh And 
The story is Oscar worthy. 
Oh ... my .... god. Holy shit! That was fucking epic! Well worth the wait. It will be hard for anyone to top this in 2009 and it's only Jan!

I don't have the words, dude, incredible work! But I'll try...

What a level. The texturing was jaw droppingly well done. I loved the floating crates and the generally flooded nature of the place. I've never seen that done so well before.

The progression was good (I got lost a few times or else I'd say great), the mood was pitch perfect and the details - just packed into every square inch!

I didn't record a demo because I'm horrible at these exploratory type maps and my demo would be very long and pretty dull.

I was sort of expecting to have to sacrifice myself to kill the creature at the end. It was setting for it - telling me to get the cells and then the lightning gun. I thought for sure I was going to discharge into the water. But it was cool anyway! Definitely a nice change from the standard map.

Thanks a ton for this amazing piece of work. I'm still amazed.

I've gotta ask ... how long does that take to VIS? It must be a beast. 
Didn't anyone tell me that christmas was postponed this year?

Can't play just yet. And I know of no smiley for the expression. 
Just started to play this nice when new Q1 stuff hits unexpectedly! This is really really sweet...and I haven't even gotten very far in addition to the fact that I've never been a great base style fan. Excellent work than..I know the funs only just begun. 
willem: vis was something like 6 minutes or so, with bsp and light both taking 25 seconds each. It was pretty quick to compile, mainly because pretty much all the detail is done with funcs and the areas are quite small scale.

I was a bit worried some people would be confused by the layout and the ending, but I really didn't want to make things too obvious and "hid" a lot of ammo and health for people to find if they explore in order to encourage exploration. It was annoying how difficult judging how other people would react to things like the layout and ending when I was so used to the level myself :/

Anyway, thanks for the comments and demos :) 
Great Map 
Not much to add to what has already been said. I'm really impressed. I recorded a first run demo here:

I got very lost after I disabled the silver force fields, ran around the map for quite a while and finally found the exit, or at least got close to it. I died though. Not sure you want to watch all that... it's pretty pathetic ;-). 
"I got very lost after I disabled the silver force fields, ran around the map for quite a while and finally found the exit, or at least got close to it."

Yep, that was where I got the most lost as well. I was -this- close to noclip'ing to look around when i stumbled into the right area. :)

"vis was something like 6 minutes or so, with bsp and light both taking 25 seconds each. It was pretty quick to compile, mainly because pretty much all the detail is done with funcs and the areas are quite small scale. "

Well, there you go. That's what I've been saying all this time. A properly designed map can be large, detailed and doesn't need to take 2 weeks to VIS. Nice work! 
Its Got Good Vis-blocking 
I think that that's probably the biggest factor to reducing vis times - proper vis-blocking. Then you can have all of the detail the engine can handle, and it still wont take forever. The worst type of map for vis-times is a complete sand box scenarion, JPL's CDA map (which took 50 days apparently) is just that.... 
Story Is Hilarious 
cant wait to play the map, just waiting for my replacement gfx card. 

Sure, but I guess my point was more that this map impressed me way more than any wide open map ever has - and it takes less than 7 minutes to compile. Goes to show that you don't need to break the engine to make a killer level. :) 
So There Are Two Exits? 
and how to get eddie's exit? or this is dm related? great map than congrats. i'll try to play it on higher skill settings 
Errr Just One Thing. 
How do you defeat the finish, especially if you retreated before collecting the RA and then it disappears? 
You Load The Savegame And Try Again ;) 
Shambler: There are a lot of cells and a lightning gun, right? There are lots of crates to hide behind too, and although it might take a little while to figure out how best to get around the room, it's perfectly doable. However, I should perhaps have taken Negke's advice and made it a bit easier, as it's pretty hard on nightmare unless you know the optimal route, and even then there is a good chance you will get smashed to pieces.

Anyway, once you have the lg and a reasonable number of cells you should be able to find your way to a safe spot to fire from, although it may not be easy to spot when you are frantically trying not to die.

In coop you could probably just sacrifice yourself to make it easier on a buddy and discharge all your cells ;)

Spy: There is only one exit. The edie encounter is just something that happens some way into the map. 
Than Ok I See 
I made a demo for anyone interested. skill 3, 100% kills & secrets.

Whilst making the demo I noticed a few bugs from last minute changes I made to the map that I didn't check thoroughly, so there are a few extra health packs, including one clipping through a nail pack and a couple of non-rotten healths. GRR, so annoying. 
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