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Func's Biggest Twat: A Poll
Simple enough, just vote for your favorite! You may also share any amusing BEEF you may have with us all.

metlslime (comedy option!)

Due to my judging this thread, I am uneligible to be nominated as it would not be fair for the other nominees.
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Edit: Fuck 
Scampie i wonder why your girl friend left you?!?!?!

you are such a fucking asshole...

get a life bitch... 
^^^ That Guy. 
votes for fucking him. 
My Vote 
is for no name, also known as Trinca. 

Seriously though - fuck you.
Wanna come to my house and say that shit:

12 William Street, Penrith, Cumbria, England (Thats in the United Kingdom BTW, where the Queen lives) CA11 7UP

00441768867395 call this number if you get lost.

I'll show you funny.

TBH mate I dont have any beef with you, I just feel a bit sorry for you. How empty must your life be?

Call me, or come round one night if you need cheering up. 
A Strong Defence... 
in #4. Surefire way to sway the voting there... 
i still don�t know why this community still is in a channel #terrafusion that is owned by a stupid fuck like you...

Man did u ever fuck a women properly? or you just did in playboy game? you look like a fucking asshole abused by video games that never had a real life!

p.s1-> put the gun in your mouth
p.s2-> put real monition
p.s3-> make us that favor! 
I'm Waiting.... 
Not much more to say really 
...for the Queen to visit you? 
This seems productive. 
Welcome to Func! 
Can I sponsor this with prizes please??

Thread is a winner. 
Thats What I Thought 
ALL pussies 
Jeez Gimme A Mo. 
<Shambl3r> hmmm
<Shambl3r> i could go round to ricky's house
<Shambl3r> and leave him a jar of piss with a large prawn floating in it
<Shambl3r> it''s only about 2 1/2 hours drive 
i think than is probably the best mapper ever 
wait wrong thread? anyways i'm not voting 
But... can be nominated, tho. 
I Nominate Gibbie 
There are prizes?

In that case could everyone please vote for me please, I'm nominated already and everything. Although personally I think I tend to be more of a cunt than a twat tbh...

Also, Ricky's surprisingly near me. Hmm... 
Also, I feel the judge may be biased in my favour (altho I know little of your dealings with Trinca) 
Come On Then 
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