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Func's Biggest Twat: A Poll
Simple enough, just vote for your favorite! You may also share any amusing BEEF you may have with us all.

metlslime (comedy option!)

Due to my judging this thread, I am uneligible to be nominated as it would not be fair for the other nominees.
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I'd Also Like To Say 
I will be as unbiased as possible in judging this contest. Also, Shambler is my co-judge since he is donating the jar of piss for the prize. 
Does piss contain genetic material? 
Posting In A Legendary Thread 
The metlslime line had me laughing, good work.

This is a seriously tough competition though (probably tougher than mapping for StealthQuake420!)

I'm actually going to vote for Lunaran though because he's too much of a pansy to even read this shit, let alone post here anymore. At least the rest of them are here providing comic relief, intentionally or otherwise! 
i wish the forum was wide enough to fit the picard facepalm.

Its Me Cos 
i come and go, and my posts have no purpose :D

and i always use no-flame sign 
Who The Fuck Are You? 

p.s1-> put the gun in your mouth
p.s2-> put real monition
p.s3-> make us that favor!

1. Cut a hole in the box
2. Put your dick in that box
3. Make her open the box 
For Fucks Sake... 
We are only a small community, so why start stupid threads like this to encourage more people to fall out with each other?

Whilst I can accept that you don't like some people on the board, why not just ignore them instead of trying to start flame wars all the time? Better yet, just try and talk to them as if you didn't have any problem with them and don't respond to any insults they might fling your way, as in the end it only makes you all look like children who haven't yet learned to control their temper and everybody else gets sick of it pretty quickly.

Don't Hate. Be Loving. 
A bouquet for all y'all:

(probably shouldn't click that at work) 
I secretly hate all of you equally. Except than. Hi than! 
way to miss the point. I'm changing my vote to be for you. 
I wouldn't post personal things on a board like this. Not because someone would visit you, but because I would not want a possible future employee to see this hell hole. Maybe metl can remove it if you ask him. 
so it is a comedy thread. The thing is, you tend to be one of those most involved in grudges and flame wars on the board, so I didn't realise it was intended to be humourous. 
i don't hold grudges 
seems to be a very subjective thing to base an otherwise purposeless thread on.

Threads like this just reek of an imminent community meltdown, at least if they're allowed to go by unmediated. Every community has its arseholes and I'm sure they consider themselves to be highly amusing, but ultimately it's them, rather than the outside trolls, the ad bots or the idle members that will always ruin things simply out of boredom [i.e. the lack of enough intelligence to think of something more engaging or productive to do].

This may seem like harmless fun to some, but it might very well be enough to turn some talented mappers [regardless of whether they have a twattish personality or not] away, simply because most people have seen exactly the same shit ruin other websites. It's not new. It's not clever. Nor are its perpetrators. 
"at Least If They're Allowed To Go By Unmediated." 
I'd have made this on a sticky if I was able to.

P.S. Well done THAN for nominating himself :) 
It's unfortunate that threads like this get all the traffic on this site. Go map! 
I actually found this thread pretty funny, especially the metlslime option. Not everyone nominated is trying to be a dick (I think?) but I guess it's measured by deeds rather than intent.

sometimes it can be a real pain in the ass, but the solution is not to take it all that seriously. Not being drunk while posting makes that significantly easier.

re: Willem
I will when I have time - not til this weekend unfortunately. Then I will review some maps. 
"Then I will review some maps."

Also good. :) 
I think many people contribute a lot for this community not going anywhere, but there are lots of nice people that work intensely to keep this community still alive!!!

So big hurray for then.

The rest just ignore then, because they don�t mean nothing� 
Oh My God The Community Is Collapsing! 
Quick, metlslime, change the thread title to Func's Biggest Charming, Upstanding Gentleman and Scholar 
... A Poll 
"Oh My God The Community Is Collapsing!"

It certainly seems bent on it. 
So the Q1 community can't go a couple of weeks without making creaking noises and dust falling from the ceiling. 
I Nominate Scampie 
to come round to my house and I'll present him with a black eye.

Seriously though this is insulting. I know I'm not of a high enough ilk to talk to you Scampie, Shambler, czg, so I'd appreciate it if you could leave me alone.

Its not funny. Its funny to people who might fall upon this thread while surfing the internet and realise what a bunch of miserable boring and sad people we must all be, like a bunch of geeks or nerds who are competing to look the coolest when ultimately we are all just a bunch of geeks or nerds.

Forgive me, I have feelings, and I dont run around writing stuff about people, ive got better things to do! 
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