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Func's Biggest Twat: A Poll
Simple enough, just vote for your favorite! You may also share any amusing BEEF you may have with us all.

metlslime (comedy option!)

Due to my judging this thread, I am uneligible to be nominated as it would not be fair for the other nominees.
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That Broom Is Definitely Deathmetal, With The Long Hair, Mask And All 
Who won? 
You Did 
I Think It Was Trinca. 
Okay Need A Repoll... 
1. RickyT23
2. RickyT23
3. RickyT23
4. RickyT23
5. RickyT23 
I Know It's Wrong... 
...but every time some one says RickyT23 I think of a really effective Russian 2WW tank.

Oh, and "...bler" won.

actually T-34 was the most famous russian tank
but Rick still has a chance 
Why Am I The Biggest Twat Again? 
Unlucky ? 
Ah 34, Thanks Spy... 
...and Ricky nooooooo not you, XXXXbler :) 
Uh Oh... 
...Looks like this thread won't go anywhere pleasent. 
Oh Oh!!! 
...stay, don't go anywhere, peasant! 
Who needs a pheasant 
did someone say present? 
...nothing prepubescent 
The Ranking Needs To Be Re-examined... 
1. parubaru
1000. parubaru 
Y'all brought it upon yourselves. 
So I'm guessing Parubaru is just #1 and #1000? ;)

I'd stick OTP at #2. 
Good Bump, Well Played. 
Can we fill in any more?? 
Put most active users in last 30 days here:
and we are good to go... 
Was The Prize Ever Claimed? 
Reading the thread it turns out there were more contenders than anticipated, a tough choice and I;m not sure it was ever resolved.

Although Trinca and Ricky got off to such a good start early on, they must be honourary prizewiners if nothing else.... 
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