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Q1SP: Palace Revolution
sm141_gb (Hate) slightly touched up and re-released for id1 instead of Quoth. 5% nicer lighting and 20% more gimmicks. Yay!

It's not a good-looker, just a DOOM style onslaught really. It happens to be the type of gameplay I like - others might hate it (heh). Conversion to id1 makes this playable in your favourite mod. ;-)

One and only halfway interesting screenie:


> 5% nicer lighting

Really?? Bloody hell must have been grim before. 5% nicer darkness more like - it's well gloomy in the shadows.

> 20% more gimmicks.

If by "gimmicks" you mean "ammo packs in full view and on the main route labelled as secrets", then yeah, plenty of that...

Anyway. Good fun, worth touching up. Easy but a blast to run through. Quite a good combat blend I thought. Boxy map but it does the job. 
AGLQuake demo. Winzipped. 
AGLQuake demo. Winzipped.

Straight forward blast, not too pretty texture-wise but well sized spaces, including the entire map length itself.

Found alot of armour lying around, though can understand why. 
Thanks for the demo Shambler. I see how this is too easy for you. Judging from your play style, you were clearly expecting something different from the run-and-gun map that this really is.

It's interesting to see. We seem to expect very different things from a Quake level.

You looked behind every crate I guess, while there was simply nothing there in most cases (because exploring was simply not on the menu for this map). I can see that you would probably have liked more interesting secrets and generally more involved gameplay. 
I Can't Believe... uploaded it 7zipped!

No, really...

Here is my demo on hard skill.

I agree. The map was fun to play. I remember that the quoth version was much harder. This one was just right for an easy blast.

I'm glad that you released this one. With all this super high quality releases last year I miss the simple oldschool maps like this one. I would even be afraid to release a simple map nowadays but this is wrong for sure. I hope. 
ye, fun map to play

but next time dont forget info_intermission i dont like to look to walls when i finish a level :) 
Actually, that was me playing as run and gun, that's about as casual and slapdash as I get. I enjoyed it like that tho.

P.S. What Ankh said, casual, simpler maps are welcome for shure. 
true, detailed maps is not everything.

id maps are not detailed and we still love to play then 
Hordish fun. :)
Lighting is still rather bland in my opinion, but at least bright enough to see everything, heh.
I forgot to record so I can just say thanks for ~15 minutes fun. 
Thanks, I'm glad to hear that people enjoyed it.

The_Silent: Mainly because people I work with usually use 7zip, I have it readily available, it compresses well and there are 7zip extractors for pretty much all platforms, at least that's what my limited research says. It's better than .tbz2, isn't it? Maybe I shouldn't have done it, I can see why you're pissed off, but tbh I have also been pissed off by all the pointless discussion about it.

If you absolutely can't run a 7zip extractor, I'm willing to upload a zip version for you.

Ankh: Thanks for the demo, will watch now :)

I can do slightly better looking maps, but as you say, I just thought this was a fun blast and didn't want to throw it in the trash just because it is an ugly duckling. I'm not trying for the hall of fame here. Taking out lords/guards and removing hordespawns did weaken it up, yeah.

Trinca: OK, sorry about that, will do next time :)

Spirit: Yup, the lighting is flat. Glad you had some fun, that was the only point. 
First Run Demo 
Nice map. I don't mind the occasional boxy maps every once in a while, and this was a nice addition.

Uploaded in .zip for everyones convenience. Protocol 15 so any engine can view the demo. 
Enjoyed This 
I'll Be The Negative Voice 
I'm sure this is fairly standard for a speedmap but this is nowhere near even id quality. Bad, montonous lighting and texturing and non-existent architecture. Gameplay is ok but doom style hordes need a good environment to work for me. 
It is near E4 quality. Not that your criticism is wrong tho, fair points. 
Wow, Thanks, GB... 
I do apologize if I sounded more pissed than what I actually was... I wrote the post in a rush @work.

Thanks a lot anyway for your understanding of my issue...

I'll post a demo later...

(BTW, I found a .7zip extractor working for MAC, so I guees that makes me twice the asshole I appeared to be ;) oh, well, bear with me, you see, I'm old and weak..) 
It is near E4 quality
wtf??? s. petersen rules !!! 
119/120 9/12 
7min. sorry no semo i guess i'm deunk/ shit 
Bad Texturing? 
Nitin: Are you saying my texturing is worse than id's? When did you last play original Quake? Also, the lighting may be mediocre, but monotonous? Umm, there are a lot of shadows of varied intensity, as well as some highlights. It's not a base map - it uses only skylight and torches. It's the type of map, spotlights wouldn't look right in there.

Otherwise, fair enough.

Ankh, Orl: Thanks for the demos, both were fun to watch, and also enlightening. Slightly more monsters and slightly less weapons and armor would have made the gameplay better (although the RA was well used by both). The shaft was probably overkill, was added at the last minute, but the spawn fighting didn't really work out. Too many grenades, too, I guess.

Next time I should do skill levels, this was basically what I'd call Normal.

Self-demo (Pros move on, nothing to see here):

Got cocky with a fiend and shambler, and only almost managed. :) 
It's easy to remember the id1 maps as infallable, but open them up again and you realise all the errors.

If a map time warp happened and one of the id1 maps was released today there'd be comments along the lines of 'it should be at least id1 quality to be taken seriously'.

My two pence. 
Haha, yeah. To be fair, the E1 and E2 maps still have a nice feel although they are definitely sloppy in places. That's what happens when someone is trying to ship a game VS someone has 12 years to perfect their craft on a solid engine. :) 
I'm not a mapper so I wasnt trying to say the id maps were better textured technically. But this map had very repetitive texturing (the 'monotnous' was meant to apply to the texturing and the lighting).

As for the lighting, honestly I couldnt spot too many shadows/highlights of varied intensity, because it was quite a dark map on my system. 
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