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Coagula Contest 3 Turtle Map Event
Coagula Contest 2 Pack Released.

Posted by underworldfan [] on 2003/08/14 13:24:32

Almost 6 years... and was a pack that everybody loves it!

What about a turtle map event for this theme?

During the February month? Or the hole march?

Anyone ?
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Whoever Makes The Start Map... 
...I suggest to include an exit to negke's, even if he's late.

Just so that we can play the whole without console hassle...

And to add that little mora motivaton to the cahellenged... 
That's More, Obviously... 
I Probably Should Have Made Myself Clearer 
My map isn't going to be finished in the next couple of days or so; it'll still take a good while (especially since I'm short of time at the moment). You can add a courtesy exit of course, but I guess by the time I get to release the map, everybody will have long deleted the pack anyway. 
it could be done a entrance to negke map with a msg...

"that bitch didn�t finish the map because he was rapping spirit in quakelive" 
Except That 
Spirit was rapping me. Fo shizzle. 
hehe Spirit let�s play QL tonight :)

I want to test your evil skills 
Negke, I See What You Mean... 
...but I constantly have ALL my collection of custom Q maps&episodes from 69 on installed, never delete them.

Go figure. 
Is It Possible To Have An "edit" Function? shoulda been

"custom Q maps&episodes from 1996 on"

Maybe negke's teleporter could just gib you when you try to enter it. That would seem appropriate. :P 
Appropiate it would be if it started throwing feces at you.

Trinca: If I am around, sure! Befriend Schbirid. 
Spirit... I Wouldn't Advise You To Do So... 
... Italian cooking can be very heavy on the stomach...

Even more so, the post production, throwable thingie... ;) 
I had really no time until now, still half finished.
BUT easter break started toady, and I will find time to map. 
rudl, are you talking about coag3?! I believe the pack will be out today. 
I know 
Since the moderators seem to be a) not aware of their capatibilities, b) masturbating and c) playing World of Warcraft plus metl sleeping, here is the link to the pack: 
It's Released 
lol :) 
Holy Dragon Shit 
it's released 
So This Was 6 Years Ago Already 
And back then, it was 6 years since coag2.

Anyone up for one more coag run after jam 4? 
Coag4: Floating Bricks In The Sky 
If this is real, i�m going to burn you all so mean. 
you know, now that there's the dirt mapping thing in tyrlight, it actually might be a good idea to revisit this theme as wide open maps like this benefit a lot from AO/GI. 
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