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Fitzquake 0.85 Released At Last!
New in this version: increased map and protocol limits (can load all known limit-breaking maps,) model interpolation, per-entity alpha support, new network protocol, more external texture support, hardware compatability improvements, many bug fixes, and a cleaner source release to make it easier to install and compile.


(Thanks to the beta-testers: Baker, JPL, negke, Preach, and Vondur.)
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you magnificent bastard 
Sorry I did not reply to your mail, totally forgot about it.

Great stuff! :)

Quick suggestion: If max_edicts were exceeded mention that cvar in the error message? Took me a moment to realise I had the control over it. 
I mean, something like "max_edicts is currently set to 1024, try setting it higher, eg. max_edicts 2048." 
Awesome news!

"model interpolation"

Is this an option? :) 
Good News !! 
I had the opportunity to test it on my latest huge map, and it is running like a charm ! Now I can polish my project and release it with FitzQuake as the prefered engine !!
Metlslime did again a fucking good job here: Congratulations ! 
Cant Wait To See 
Sickbase with decent lighting :) 
Wasn't there a SDL port? Why not continue the development from the SDL version so those who don't use Windows be able to use FitzQuake?

Beyond that, the new release seems fine and finally it remembers my video option :-P 
..I can't evn prnns yur name... I'm soo excited... Yu soo sxy... 
Hell Yes W00t 
hope the changes make it to the sdl port. i think its networking is broken 
read included txt file, there's everything 

I would but, as Bad Sector said, I'm waiting for the SDL port to be updated. There's no point in my downloading a Windows only release. :)

Nice work, metlslime! I can't wait to play with this stuff. Alpha will be cool. 
SDL Port 
I have to talk with metl about what his current plans are for merging the original source and my SDL version, but either way, there will either be a merge of the two projects or I will port his changes to the SDL version. 
Thats Brilliant! 
If you do that then Mac users will be able to play WARPSPASM, nsoe, +others :) 
Also *nix users... 
Great News 
Does this finally mean no more having to worry about keeping Quake's original engine limits now that Fitzquake can play maps that exceed them? 
Great Job, 
thank you very much. you are a wonderful man and I hope you have a long and healthy dick. 
I can't wait to replay all the huge maps I've been forced to run in horrible engines for years on end. 
Just test it!

Very smooth and fast, nice work John I will play more with the client now for sure! 
I love you.

This engine works really well with fog and skyboxes simultaneously. The first one eva :) Actually AGLQuake had it but not as good (s00ry AguirRe)... 
Wasn't there a SDL port? Why not continue the development from the SDL version so those who don't use Windows be able to use FitzQuake?

Much of the work on this version was done before the SDL port existed; basically it seemed easier to finish this version first, then attempt a merge.

As for what happens next, I'll have to figure that out with SleepwalkR. 
To The Brave 
& wonderfull engine that speaks Quakes to my winXP! rock! 
The Rubicon 2 test map was not included in the ZIP file though ;-) 
It's Like Christmas And Birthday Together 
I won't replay warpspasm now, already played it twice, but I hope that we will see a lot of huge, massive epic sp episodes. 
Just Want To Re-itterate Post #20 
Seriously though this is a big thing! It annoyed me that if you put a little fog on you couldnt see the skybox at all in every single engine. But I had a look at thehand before and it seemed to be working fine! 
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