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Blood 2 Resurrection
I know that some people were disappointed that Transfusion had no single player. There's a fan remake of Blood 2 to make it more like the Original Blood. The project is being developed by Kurt.

I was just on Wikipedia looking up which company made the expansion pack, and yes, this seems right up my alley 
This seems really cool. 

Tchernobog was a (battle?) god of the Baltic Slavs, whose territory lay in what's now Northern Germany and part of Poland. They were direct neighbors of the Vikings, if you will, and had intense feuds and trade with them as well as their own alphabet, called Runitsa, which was forbidden when they were Christianised (hence the modern use of the Cyrillic alphabet). Bog means god.

Remarkably, they resisted Christianisation until they were systematically assimilated/oppressed/raped of their cultural identity by means of a settlement policy, not unlike Israel's settlements in the West Bank, in the 12th and 13th century. Systematically, Frisian and other settlers were transplanted to their area, which there is still evidence of in place names. Christian settlements were often built right next to the Wendish ones, and the place name would be prefixed with a "Frisian" or "German".

This means they were among the last Pagan cultures in Northern Europe or the Baltic to succumb to Christianisation. One reason was that they had an influential priest caste, which the neighboring Germanic pagans were lacking (in their case, kings or other important men also presided over offerings).

Their more well known god was Svantevit, a main temple to whom stood on Cape Arcona, Rugen.

The Baltic Slavs burned down Hedeby in 1066, which kinda officially ended the Viking Age. Damn. :-P

Around 1147, they had their own crusade dedicated to them (!). Christian commentators lamented at the time that the crusaders were more interested in plundering than spreading the faith. Not surprisingly, the crusade was a failure in everything but raiding, raping, and making slaves.

You kinda have to salute these people for being so tough, and sticking to their old ways against all odds. It was genocide, really. Their culture is de facto extinct today, although their descendants of course live. But there is no awareness of a Baltic Slav identity, unlike with the Sorbs or Danes or Frisians in Germany.

There is a statue of Svantevit on Arcona again, though:

The original was broken down by the missionary Absalon around 1168, with the help of Valdemar of Danmark: 
History teachers are annoying. I hope there won't be a quiz on all of this later.

This work does look excellent though! 
If you like the project, consider commenting on Kurt's site. He is also looking for modelers and coders to help him out. 
I'm sorry if I didn't meet your expectations.

Tchernobog is the game's evil god, the short version is that I doubt he can be used interchangeably with Satan or something. 
You gave that big huge history lesson just to say that Tchernobog isn't Satan? Why don't you go tell Kurt. I'm sure he'll appreciate your vast knowledge and wisdom.

But this game does look excellent and it's hard to believe its the same Blood 2 that I remember from so long ago. 
when did Satan come into the picture? 
I don't know how Satan came into the picture, but the history teacher would probably be happy to post another lengthy history lesson to explain things. 
Why read it then? 
Wanted To Ask Another Question... 
what is an acceptable price range to create an Quoth like mod for Blood (port the Blood monsters, weapons, physics over to Fitzquake/Aguirre Quake?) 
22.7 million dollars is an acceptable price.

I don't know why you've changed the subject from a Blood 2 mod into a Quake mod, especially since you're the one that started this thread. But if your support for someone's excellent hard work is really that short lived, then it's no wonder that so many mods never reach completion! 
I asked because there were people in the Blood community that offered $1000 to Atari for the Blood source code.

And you do know that there was a Quake mod of Blood called Transfusion that died? Kurt obviously didn't see any conflict between his project and Transfusion, so I don't know what you're worried about. 
... the price maybe ?
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