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Nehahra Vs. Soul Of Evil
Nehahra vs. Soul of Evil

I am interested in the community's opinion of which is the better overall mod, counting the addons and the sequel.
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Nehahra because it's less beardy-weirdy. 
How About You Start With Yours? 
I don't think one can compare them. But if you forced me to name my favourite it will be Nehahra* because it is closer to my interpretation of what "Quake" is.
I am just not that into the fantasy setting of SOE.

*Not without "nomonsters 1" though... 
No Vote 
Very, very hard to say, IMO you can only properly compare them if you look at both Nehahra's and NSOE's source and get some idea of the ongoing work behind the latter. The vision behind Nehahra is immense (the commitment, too), but the vision behind Drake/NSOE is also rather big. And Drake is just emerging, it seems that NSOE is only the tip of the iceberg. The source had my eyes glazing over - the RMQ defs.qc is bloated, but not as bloated (in a good way) as Drake's. PM is probably just as godlike as Mindcrime.

I'm not going to vote, as it's not the end of the day yet. I don't want to put one above the other, either.

I would like to say that Quoth is also very good in most ways, and I would like to give my huge respect to Kell & Co. as well. It can't really be compared to the other two, though (perhaps it can somewhat be compared to Drake, but not to NSOE). 
What Gb Said 
though I think the coloured lights and the stained glass windows looked freaky :P 
Pre-pubescent topic. 
Hehehe. You said pube... 
Did the completely worked out storyline of nehahra vs. the simple story of SOE factor into your decisions at all?

As for me, Although I have played SOE and I still not finished with nehahra, so cannot judge at this point. 
Hey, I Find It Interesting 
I consider it an honor to be compared to Nehahra. The Seal of Nehahra was one of the best things ever done for Quake, it was staggeringly, mindfuckingly good. I felt the game itself wasn't as good as the movie, although the cinematic quality and modding was far better than the original SoE. Nehahra felt like an attempt at making a sort of Ultimate Quake, with many improvements (some of which I didn't like), and a coherent story (which Quake lacked, and it was FASCINATING to see Mindcrime tie all these spooky weird Quake elements together coherently). SoE on the other hand was indeed "Weirdy-beardy" (lol), a shot at taking a single element of Quake design (medieval) and running with it, just as numerous mods have done for Base, or Quoth did for Lovecraftian. I prefer my own maps, although I recognize their limitations and flaws; Nehahra to me had too many different map styles and never really achieved a sense of place. The original SoE in my view did the coherent style, episode-unfolding, sense of place well, but on the modding side Nehahra makes it look like a glorified mappack (which it was). It depends on personal taste, both in mod type and environment theme. With NSOE (and my current projects), PM is really changing everything and a lot more is now possible on the modding side.

Some time I'm gonna get drunk and watch Seal of Nehahra again. Also, is Obscurus dead? 
Best Moment In Nehahra Film 
<vote change topic> 
Fuck I Saw Some Of That, There Was Loads Of It. It Went On For Hours 
and hours and hours. just something about the quakeguy sergeant getting ratty without his peej colaaaaaaaaaaaaa 
I Got One Word For You... 
On that topic, why did the Green guy still believed Maxwell's story even thought he denied being an immortal? 
Can't Really Say Which One Is Better, 
but I have played through Nehahra thrice, and watched through the movie once (too long to revisit the whole monster, but did watch some parts of it again). For SOE, I started it twice, but always abandoned playing somewhere in the middle. I remember once was because I couldn't find the way. I guess it's a personal taste thing. 
The green guy, didn't care that Maxwell was human - thats what the immortals originally were anyway. The Ogres and Gaunts believed it because he could speak their language, and in true bond villan style didn't just kill him and get the info about the runes from his soul. 
Then I May Have Missed Something... 
My interpretation was that Maxwell was an ordinary human who amassed power because of a mistake. Or was he a real immortal to began with? 
My interpretation was that Maxwell was able to speak any language he heard (because he was genetically engineered for it).

Then as he laid there dying from the ambush and spoke to whoever it was in their own language they assumed that he must be an immortal.

It's never clear if he is or not - there's the question of is he an immortal queisent or not, with the Egyptian thing there as well.

I reckon it's just a case of his linguistic abilty allowed him to set up both Shub and Nehahra.

The only real daft thing about the story is why the mortal members of the other dimensions would keep him alive if he remembers nothing (ie. about the runes) and is one of the original immortals, who apparantly caused a shitload of trouble in ages past. 
Since It Was Asked... 
Comparing Nehahra and SoE: Indian Summer is what one could call comparing apples and oranges. A better question would be "which of the two I, as a player, enjoy playing more?" As far as gameplay is concerned, I enjoy playing nsoe more, but only because I am a fan of the Doom2 style of open-ended levels and horde combat. This does not mean I do not like Nehahra. I like it in fact. After all, the baron we know and love debutted there.

In the grand scheme of things, Nehahra is a much bigger mod with its own engine! It towers over nsoe in terms of scope. Sure, Nehahra has some issues, namely un-Quakey early base levels and overpowered stuff a player can get later in the game (auto shotgun and stacked regeneration, I am looking at you) that can remove most challenges left in the game. However, despite Nehahra's faults, it stood the test of time, and Nehahra is one of the greatest Quake mod classics. 
Also, are there still good Nehahra demos around? 
One Question 
Does anyone know how to get to the Nehahra secret level from Neh2m3? 
Secret Exit 
there is a stone on the top of the peak of that level. that stone iself is teleport so don't get any closer otherwise you will load next level. you have to shot that stone until some mesage appears. than jump down into the void, kill all enemies and look for the secret entry to the hidden teleport. i hope it's right. it's been long since i played nehahra... 
Nehahra: Max And Immortality 
I mostly agree with what ijed says on this point. Throughout most of the story, it seems that Max could be just a human using the immortal story to further his own ambitions. However, in the final post-credit-roll scene of Nehahra, after you've killed Max 5 times... he comes back again. How could a human do that? If he was not an immortal before, then he effectively became one by absorbing Nehahra's power.

Also, I think that the final chapter of Nehahra has not yet been written... 
I hope not... Mindcrime cant quit the tons of work that already be done ;) let�s pray and hope someday something will come out! 
yeah, also, what happened to Glassman's Nehahra episode? 
It's Abandoned 
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