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Qexpo 2009?
there's a thread going on over at inside3d to talk about it:

and a related thread to share opinions on how the previous expo went:

If you have an account over there, join in, otherwise, i guess we might as well discuss it here. Is there enough juice for an expo every year or should we do every 2 years? Was last year's expo handled well? (personally i think the four week timespan made the event feel less active and more sparse.) What could be done differently next time?
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I would use QExpo09 as a deadline for finishing a project I've been up to (or two if I get the first one done soon enough.)

A shorter timespan would be great, 4 weeks is a bit long.

Viva la QExpo. 
As an outside observer browsing Qexpo 2008 it seemed to go very smoothly, though I agree with zwif and metl that perhaps 4 weeks is too long.

The one thing I did wonder about was a sort of ticker tape scrolling thing on the main page of the qexpo site where page authors could post page updates and content releases without a moderator having the browse all the booths to find updates.

But all in all I thought last years expo was very good! 
Ticker Tape Idea... 
that would be cool, or some "latest updates" news feed. But really, having moderators update the news page 4-5 times a day would probably better because they can give a more intelligent summary of what's happening. 
Thinking to prepare something for a 2009 QExpo. 
I Mean 
There's definitely enough life in the community to make it a yearly event. 
I think the idea that was presented on Inside3D was good -- theme days. If there are specific days like "level day" or whatever when most of the level based stuff is revealed, it might keep things more focused. 
if will be something "Mapping stuff" i�m in!!!

Ijed RQ is to huge for me :) i�m small :) 1,84 
I fell asleep after the first week. It's a Quake event not the fucking Olympic Games. 
Didn't you mean Olympic Fucking Games :P 
It seems like everyone agrees on a shorter timespan and theme days. The 2006 qexpo took two weeks and it felt just right, so I'd be down for that.

More daily news updates would be really good, though it would require more newsposters - preferably one or two per a Quake game, so that you get quake1 guys writing about quake1 and etc.

I've always found the idea of Qexpo being "biannual" awkward, because there definitely is enough power to make it a yearly event. Just because the last expo was a little lackluster doesn't mean this one will - it appears as if people are more excited about a potential expo this year rather than they were about last year's.

(And I just want to see a demo of RQ so badly... :p) 
I fell asleep after the first week.

Put some fett in your cocoa?

Why's everyone complaining about the last Qexpo? 
I Have No Intention 
of proposing that Quake Expo become a yearly event, but rather that we have an 09 expo, because of its significance in being the 10th anniversary of Q3A, and 13th of Quake. Remember, we had a 05 expo following the normal pattern, and then we had 06 because it was Quake's 10th anniversary. We apparently didn't bother with Quake2's 10th anniversary... Though it was primarily the Quake2 scene heading up 08 (Jehar and Tastyspleen).

7 to 14 days is a good length in my opinion, as is themed days (though not being draconian about them). I know the QExpo php has been touched up by Willis, adding some new features, though I am not aware of a ticker tape system; but I do prefer manual news poster updates.

My main concern is community interest, and also time that can be invested. In 06 I was a student worker, with summer classes. Now I'm working a fulltime job and am married, so my participation would have to be down (I did about 70% of the newsposts for 06 while on the clock...), but I know some people are interested in assisting. I'm just a bit of a stickler about standards on news posts and their content. 
1 week is the magic duration. It's not like there will be too much content to cram into 7 days. Short and sweet is good. 
2 Weekends 
are necessary so 10 days or so would be perfect 
Or do it over a holiday period. 
Qexpo 2011? 
Hi! Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I was too scared to start a new one in case I got flamed ;)

I Haven't posted here in about a year, and it's been about that since I last played Quake ( :( ) but have a few old maps sitting around that I am thinking of finishing up as a goodbye to Quake instead of just stopping playing and vanishing from the community.

Next year just happens to be the 15th anniversary of Quake, so maybe there is some interest in another QExpo for 2011?

Anyway, I think I can get motivated to do some mapping and playing soon (with regard to mapping, I need to find a new editor because WC 1.6 runs too slow on my current pc, despite it being about 20 times as fast as my first Quake pc) and am hoping I will be able to finish at least one of my half finished maps to release next year.

As Scarecrow said (back in April 2009 ;) ), it is harder to find time to do this kind of thing these days, but maybe we can do it once more?

Hopefully some of those other unfinished maps, sitting on hard drives and backup cds around the globe can also be finally released... Tyrann?*

*yes, I very much doubt he read that :) 
Next year there will definitely be a QExpo!
I mean, why would anger poor Chthulu if we did not celebrate appropriately. 
I want to have your babies!!! QExpo? Hmm, okay. If that's the only way to get them... 
Maybe a Quake Expo will inspire Tyrann to finish up that badass looking map he was working on. 
no it won't. 
Qexpo 2011 
Also at

This year is Quake's 15th birthday, so obviously a QExpo has to be happening.

This is an incredible chance to expose our community/-ties to the "outside world". This could be a main goal. Find all smaller communities (local or niche), make them more visible to the world. Introduce people to Quake as it is today (and with that I do not mean wood textures that glow in the dark or models that make Michael Jackson look black).

We should find out what "the internet" uses as birthdate for Quake so we have it running by then. A lot of sites will post about Quake being 15 years old so we want to have them link to QExpo in the same breath.

We should use the domain. I guess Echon is still controlling it?
We should not use a third-party forum.

If no-one steps up to provide hoster-agnostic (ie not branded with one specific site/community), I would volunteer to rent a server/space for the month. Afterwards we shall make the site static and provide an archive right away.

Special Projects:
Can we interview more of the original developers? I tried to get through to Trent Reznor but had no luck. Collect questions from the community?
100 Quake1 mods in 10 minutes? Bombard Youtube with Quake videos?

What do you think? 
yeah, John Romero seems a bit easier to get a hold of than Trent Reznor these days. Still, it'd be awesome to interview Reznor, specifically about Quake and computer games. And John Carmack and Sandy Peterson. 
it should be one week this time, I think 
Good Ideas 
When is the actual day? 
I don't know. I thought the Quake demo was released in June of 1996. But I probably have no idea.

I think we should really go all-out on this one. If the community can put together a free Quake with no id content we should do it. That and create articles highlighting the best custom content, the ideas behind all of this, the art and the vision and how what's around today lacks that, a giant RMQ demo, the historical importance, lots of nice screenshots... and hopefully some interviews with the original developers, including Reznor. He's pretty goddamn pro-fan these days, awesomely so, so it just might be possible.

I've always felt it was weird that Romero was clearly the best map designer in Doom 1 (e1) and Quake (e2), yet he sucked so much after that afaik. Oh well, right place right time, I guess he got his ferrari collection and his budget to blow on dumbass magazine ads (lol). 
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