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Q1SP: Temple Of Anubis: Judgement Of The Dead
Its an egyptian themed map ive been working on for the last few months, hope everyone enjoys. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thanks

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Ok, will play it tonight when I get home for sure.

DeathMethod please next time don�t link the map to everyone... we cant resist to test a map! and I always love to play final releases...

Choose 2 or 3 guys during beta! 
Nice One, Deathmethod! 
Skill 3 100% secrets sloppy crappy sleepy demo: 
metslime - the links worked with firefox, i thought it was my internet explorer browser, no probs. gotta update the website now :-)

Trinca - will do that next time, you've been very patient to not play it, hope you enjoy it tonight 
i'd love to see something much bigger with that theme, good job 
Nice Map 
good new skool style mixed with old skool layout and gameplay.

One thing I would say is that despite having a nice architectural style, it needs to be a bit more coherently and consistently put together. At the moment it feels a little like bits of nice brushwork stuck together. 
Indeed: Nice Map !! 
Sometimes confusing in the progression, but very nice sense of details, very consitent texturing, and nice brush work.

I've been short in ammo sometimes, gameply is fair, it was very enjoyable to ply this map.

Keep it up !! 
I Enjoyed It

Nice fast-paced play, a few challenging situations but always with enough surplies around. Somewhat different texture theme for a change - at least one that's not used very often. Lighting could have been a bit moodier in places, felt quite bright (ok, many outside areas and all..), minlighty. Details/brushwork were generally good, but I would have wished to see more angled surfaces. Most walls looked pretty flat (90�) and the ceilings were plain, too. There were also many rogue rooms (empty, unused spaces between the rooms) which should have been eleminated before releasing for a tidier appearance. 
Good Map 
Small, yet fun. Clean for the most part. First run demo here: 
Oh Yeah. 
I played this. Was fun, ummm let me see, demo somewhere....

Lots of dicking around, route breaking, etc etc, and I die at the end. 
I Just Wonder 
the mighty shambler is died at the end 
The Shambler isn't very mighty playing, and also I was dicking around a lot. 
Why Are 
my ancestral images thrown in with egyptian pharoah nonsense!!? 
Dude This Map Is Pretty Hard At The Beginning On Nightmare! 
I suppose I should try it on hard :P


Nightmare is the way forwards! 
Amazing map i loved brushwork and gameplay always tight with amo but always enought!!!

my first lucky hard demo untill the end :) hehe

thks more please! 
I like your style (critique to follow :)

Deathmethod is an interesting name and suits your style. On skill 3 this map is possible but leaves very little room for error. Health supplies are tight, ammo is also tight, and weapons are well balanced for single player.

I only play on skill 3, which is stupid really, because Im not quite good enough for it.

I think your brushwork and lighting are OK, pretty damn good really. I think the lighting is a little bit bright if anything, and the texturing is pretty good too, but could do with being a little bit more conformative in its execution (like replace the copper texutre on the trim with a white stone texture, with edges, to fit the rest of the map for example)

The gameplay on skill three is very tight, and a little bit on a rail, although i like the inter-connectivity of the map, it feels pretty immersive!

I will post a half decent demo soon (god I always say that and sometimes dont deliver, but the map is damn good eh?1!!!)

:D :D

More please - a little bit less cramped next time please, and less of the lava traps would be nice, but otherwise I enjoyed it and had fun, and will replay because its a good challenge 
Fun map to play! Too bad I have been speedrunning so much that I couldn't resist taking shortcut to the silver key. :D I have couple of demos for you to view, firstrun on skill 3, Easy Run and Easy 100%.

I think the map has too much of detailed textures but don't be disappointed about that, you can't please everyone. Just map as what feels good for you and it's alright.

Here are the runs - 
OK I Got My Demo Finished! 
Actually once you get past the fist bit this map is pretty cool gameplay. Died a few times though trying to make this demo, but it was fun! I dont entirely agree with the comments about the texturing. I liked the texturing! :D

It was a bit of a weird fusion of roman and Mayan and Egyptian, but hey thats what Quake is all about, surrealism and otherworldlyness!

Skill 3, er 76.79, not to bad time! cant remember how long of the top of my head: 
Thanks. Well realised ancient themed map ;>
Nice zombie dungeon. 
Neat Stuff! 
This map was a good little romp on normal. I liked the mis-matched themes, but some of the grey Roman stuff could have been left out. I got stuck slightly beside the egyptian eyes in one of the main rooms and I never found the secret - not that I needed it. Quad-axeing the zombies was my highlight. Thanks! 
Hey all thanks for all the great feedback. im a little tempted to do another level in the same texture set as i really enjoyed making this, and it sounds as if most people liked to play it.

NahkahiiR - loved watching the speedrun and had no idea that jump onto the torch at the silver key was possible. Well Done.

Working on a Quake 4 Deathmatch map at the moment so will post WIP screenshots of that soon. 
I thought the silver key bit was intentional, it was so obvious. It's quite easy to jump to the SK itself off the slope too. This should be added to SDA, lots of improvement in the ER possible, and good 100% potential with Quad. 
It wasnt intentional, i deleted some of the torches when i moved some of the blocks. didnt think the torch holder in the corner would have allowed it. im happy it allows for some different playing tho 
PLayed On Hard 
thought I was recording a demo but didn't... Maybe I'll attempt one on nightmare later.

Just wanted to say that I really liked the gameplay in this one. the part with the zombies and the quad was a lot of fun. I found it a tad easy on hard though. 
Great Map 
It was a really great map, and I too loved the area where you were lead to believe all of those zombies were meant to be fragged with that quad and then the quad would have then been used to its full potential(unknowingly to yourself there was a horde of scrags and fiends right around the corner if you didn't get a move on it). A really great map. The atmosphere to it was amazing. However the specific mechanics were a bit unpolished at times. Like some of the areas where you had shamblers seriously would have been the ultimate trap... but the corners and angles that you put them into made them unable to successfully attack you. Also near the teleport behind the fake wall it is possible to get stuck in multiple areas if you dont walk directly to the secret(which in itself was an amazing idea). Appearently there wasn't enough space between the little platform and the wall so you get glitched inbetween both. Anyways overall it was a great map. Great experience, and you should definately put more out there. As of today I'm going to start doing the same as well. Difficulty wise it fit. It was relatively more challenging then most maps from ID, but wasn't neccesarily hard enough to cause frusteration. In the future though you should make the maps far more challenging. If a map is on nightmare it should definatlely have 100+ monsters in my opinion. 
Play It Again Serious Sam 
It was strange to see my textures in a Q1 map and in a way it made me more curious to see how the map plays. This is a really brutal level on combat, I could not find much difference between the skills levels and resorted to god mode very quicky. It felt like a typical Serious Sam/Doom style level where everything and the kitchen sink is thrown at you and it just boils down to crowd control. The most fun I had was creating infighting between the various groups but sadly that was long after I switched to god mode.

Overall the architecture and look is nice, slightly mixed up on themes but interesting never the less. The combat is 100% horde style and unfortunately has very little skill level progression. 
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