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Back To Gloom Keep - A Quoth Experiment
The id stock map e1m5 Gloom Keep with remade gameplay using the quoth monsters. There are some other additions also. Check it out!
Skill 2 is tough but manageable without dying for those who know how to deal with quoth monsters.

I love to watch demos so please record one and post it here or send it to my email.


Screenshot - oh well it is e1m5
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Pirst Fost. 
S'okay, new gameplay is fun, not keen on base monsters in a gothic map tho. E1M5 was one of my fave Id maps. The ending is kinda cool.

Think it would have been better to do a more involved remake with more differenter architecture and effects n shizzle.

Casual demo: (in wrong dir so may be moved at some point) 
quite interesting :O
but i kinda like Gloomkeep with the purple sky :/

and all the light is kinda distracting

but its quite fun:D, so dont mind my bitching :P 
Good One, Ankh... 
...My feelings are the same as Shambler's. Gameplay is definitely spot on, would have loved more Gothic/Medieval monsters...

The ending is very very good.

Exploding bits add a lot to fights' atmosphere and the new secret is... very cool! ;)

I agree with Shambler about a more "in deep" remake, even though the idea of merging maps from the original is definitely a good one, and should be explored.

Will post a demo tonight... 
Tedious Day. Sooner Than Expected. 
One Would Hope... 
100% secrets would be standard :) 
All Of A Sudden, The Day Got Worse. 
Didn't the last Shambler die on Shub Niggurat's pit walkway?

One nasty, chatty specimen must've escaped its doom...
Gotta load my SNG... 
Nice map Ankh had very fun time... :)

The first run hard demo already sent to your email :) 
Nice map. I did not like the base monsters either. Liked the breaking things (and still not like non-bleeding breakables). Found 4/5 secrets. Some tiny bugs (black cut before the mechanic push things, some bad texture somewhere else). Transparent water :( .

More please! 
Joequake derivates (I guess) give a message: WARNING: Couldn't load sound/progs/glass.mdl

And there seems to be a walkmonster in wall (or however you call it).

Still liking the map though. :P 
Proquake Had That Wrning Too 

I'd say this was a pretty successful experiment that helps highlight some of the great gameplay you can get from Quoth. The missing glass model seems to be tied to the window on the roof, which I never could get to. A proper remake is now in order ;)

Good job! 
The missing glass model seems to be tied to the window on the roof, which I never could get to.

Tell me you people aren't serious. Who got 4/5 secrets too, oh the shame!! They're the same secrets as the stock map!! (and quite nice secrets too) 
I Got 4/5 Secrets Too 
its seems i missed the jump up secret 
Depends On Your Definition Of Success... 
I think it was a success in demonstrating how excessively difficult the Quoth monsters are, and how to use them badly...

It's hard to know where the faults with this map start and the faults with Quoth end. So instead, I'll focus on the parts that don't suck too much:

The 5th secret that no-one here seems to have spotted is moved to a nice location, to the point where it actually feels "secret" again.

The quad that is on the top of the level is still a quad. Well done for resisting the temptation to turn it into a trinity just because it exists...

The boss combat at the end is an interesting idea, and mostly works. However, the boss is shootable from well outside of its range., which means that it can end up being a bit easier than anticipated.

Apart from that, it feels like a pretty standard "quoth inside" offering from func_... 
Couldn't basically all your base enemies be replaced by death guards on this map? 
I don't object to base monsters... I don't even object to base monsters in non-base settings... I just object to the base monsters that Quoth adds... 
Map got me rememberin stuff level! I extracted the glass.mdl from quoth's pak and stuck it in a sound/progs folder and got a funny reply in Fitzquake. 
Heh - pissed now, made a demo last week, s00ry totally forgot to post it. Skill 3 very funny jumped into hole vermis died in at end and perished. OOps! Very fun gameplay, like the original but the re-hash was good fun. Very wel positioned monsters throughout. Good on skill 3. 
Great adaptation. I absolutely loved it ;>
The breakables and smash entries are jaw dropping, and the use of quoth and stock monsters is great imho. The ending(s) too. Thanks. 
Incisive commentary there. 
Big thanks for the demos. They were very interesting to watch. Most players managed well to get through the map in one piece. Thank you for the comments also.
I have set up the gameplay to be tough but as the demos show it is still manageable on first go. I always try to set up the monsters in places that favour them. I must say I love quoth base monsters they are pretty equal to the player if set up right. I didn't change the health supply comparing to the original but I think there was trice as much armour and everybody knows the secrets already. Now I think that I could have hidden at least 2 more of them in a different way, it would make the map more interesting.
Lardarse why do you say the monsters were used badly?

No one mentioned infighting but I found it very interesting sometimes. Quoth monsters make it happen more often than original I think. Or maybe the increased number of monster types rises the chance. The more interesting were eddie vs eddie, eddie vs polyp, eddie vs fiend, vermis vs wizard and bob vs pyro. 
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