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IGN Decides To "discontinue Free Hosting Services"
I know there are a decent amount of mappers who are hosted on a Planet site, and I was just wondering if we (mappers, modders, engine coders and others) were all affected in the same way by IGN's decision to change their approach towards free hosting services (presumably because of "compatibility" issues with the "new data center," which sounds very vague and not very convincing).
I received an email this afternoon basically telling me that a large number of hosted sites (including mine) will simply disappear after August 31st and was wondering if there were other people here in the same situation. I don't really have a problem with moving my site to my domain name, but I'm assuming that not everyone can/wants to do that. I'm also a little worried about sites that have been up for a while and whose webmasters have disappeared from the face of the earth. IGN made it clear in the email that no content would be saved. It might be worth it to back some of these sites up.
Do you think this decision will have a negative effect on the communities? (all games (all planet sites) are being targeted, here)
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looks like Spirit has already got a handle on this, based on his posts on I3D. 
Make sure to hax0r the page list for Ramshackle, the index page broke years ago, but last I checked the reviews were still there... 
Looks Like The FAQ Section Keeps Changing... 

You mentioned a list of other alternative hosting options?

While we had hoped to make it easier by offering a list we compiled from Google, we realized that it might not be complete and since we don't know anything about those companies, we could end up setting people down the wrong path. So we would recommend doing an online search via Google for "Free Hosting" and other keywords, to make sure you find a hosting option that suits your needs.


Well, that's super helpful...
Anyway, am I the only one to find it very strange that no planet site or forum has yet mentioned anything about this? 
I Thought It Was Strange 
i even checked planet quake for a mention but there was none..on the front page..where i would expect the news to be 
I Guess... 
... this looks pretty legit :

If it was some kind of hacking exploit, it would have been removed a while ago, right? 
generally bad news doesn't go on the company's friendly community page, I mean you wouldn't see "McDonalds lays of 10,000 people" on their commumity marketing websites either. 
^^Yeah, That^^ 
They're not going to put a bunch of effort into trumpeting how unhappy they're making a lot of people, regardless of motive/necessity/whatever.

It kind of sucks, but I just can't bring myself to be too pissed at them. Hell I've basically had a good run of nine years of free hosting; I can't exactly shake my fist and say "You bastards." for taking away what was basically a free gift in the first place...

I'm just working on a new site (that will eventually be at the horrible placeholder shit that's there now, if you bother looking), and trying to look on the bright side.

But yeah, I hope those people who are out of the loop manage to save their stuff, or someone does... 
CocoT (re:#28) - No 
Anyway, am I the only one to find it very strange that no planet site or forum has yet mentioned anything about this?

I thought it was strange earlier. But the person who's in charge of PlanetDiablo has just posted on PhrozenKeep (major Diablo 2 modding forum hosted on PlanetDiablo) that this is happening. 
Was in "blog comment" mode there. Should've done {q} instead of {i}. 
Major Bummer 
I'm not buying the idea they're re-vamping the whole system & it's not compatible.
*they just revamped the forums.
*hosting has been updated over the past few years to better & better setups.
*from what I've been told, the planet sites & hosted are all pretty much setup the same
*BUT planet sites not going away

Unless they plan to ditch everything & just keep the "big" sites (,,, etc).

I still find it funny that the FAQ even mentioned how a bunch of Quake players started the whole thing. That's like Walmart still promoting that they're a "buy american" company. :/

Over the past few years have been some big changes (ign buy gamespy, fox buy ign, GS headquarters move & they get rid of the Quake "Q"). Looking back this move looks pretty obvious: they stopped accepting new hosted sites a few months ago because they didn't want to bother any more, makes sense they'd just ditch it all.

Why not on planet font page news? I wouldn't say it would help & many planet admins are just as shocked as we are.

At least they gave us ~3 months to get what we want. FileFront gave us a weekend.

Live long & Quake. :) 
Agreed On The 3 Months Notice 
That is at least some nice consideration. 
Pappy-R (Planetquake dude) left a comment over at Quaddicted, he was not even informed about it beforehand.

I will backup sites I myself "need". See the Inside3D list. 
I Didn't Get The Email... 
but that's probably because they cancelled my email account a couple of weeks ago. The mail server was being "retired". That did upset me a little - don't get me wrong, I appreciated 10 years of free email access, I am not entitled to anything for free, and I always expected it to end someday. However, since I had been using it for so long, I had dozens of places where I've had to change my email address, and doubtless there will be unforeseen complications in the future (people who can't contact me, websites or accounts I can't access anymore, etc). Perhaps more importantly it signals the end of an era, which while inevitable is nevertheless somewhat saddening to witness.

The news reported in this thread however is neither surprising nor terribly disappointing for me, personally. Of course, it is a terrible loss in terms of Quake history if the sites are not archived somehow. For my part though, the only reason I left my website on PQ all this time was so I could hang on to the email account, which was much more valuable to me than the substandard webhosting arrangement and associated fileplanet dickery that that they provide these days (sorry: provided, past tense).

It is vaguely tempting to starting ranting about evil corporate overlords pissing in our pond, but it is hard to feel any real animosity towards the guys calling the shots now. We had a good run. 10 years of free hosting and email which may not have been first class, but was certainly better than the average free hosting arrangements out there. We know that the current owners are not the same people who started it all, they don't have the same goals and ideals, and they were never going to continue hosting us forever. Such is life.

To be completely honest though, naturally there is some disappointment and irritation that we're treated with so little regard at the end of the day. Knowing that PlanetQuake is where it all started... knowing that we were right there from the start helping build it into the empire it would become... and then having some random assclown come along a decade later and tell you to piss off... knowing that he probably has very little idea of the history of it all and definitely doesn't care... sigh. 
Is There Any Way To Get A Full List 
of Quake 1 related PlanetQuake sites?

I know some people only care about certain sites, but I'm more interested in lost history than usefulness myself. 
Spirit has what looks to be a list of all PlanetQuake sites. It's a case of filtering through that to find out, really.

Question for everyone: Of all of the stuff that's under threat, how much do you think is on PlanetQuake? I mean in comparison to all of the other sites in the Planet Network that also have hosted sites here.

My best estimates put it at anywhere between 1% and 50%. In otherwords, I don't have a clue... 
Who Could Know? 
I'm sure the other Planet sites have a lot of valuable content that is going to be lost.

I only know much about and care much about Quake 1, but this doesn't mean I don't feel it is very sad for the loss of historical sites for other games I am not familiar with. 
Chip (and others) is doing a good job saving the sites and archiving them. Check for more. I would encourage you to list mappers sites which you would want to see saved there as well! :) 
There's a sub directory I created on Quaketastic called "site_archives" if anyone grabs a site but doesn't have hosting sorted out yet. Use it as a temp storage area for the zipped site or whatever... 
I Love This Community. 
I really do.

Guys like Chip and Willem and the Quakesoldiers dude coming to the rescue when stuff like this goes down is awesome.

I've already bought hosting and am in the process of reworking my site, so I'm fine, but it's nice to know that there are options out there for folks, and that all that stuff isn't going to just be lost. 
There are nice guys in this community... 
Generally What Frib Said. 
Not at all surprising really.

Although, free hosting, well kinda.

You guys make maps -> gamers download and play those maps -> people see what's available in the community -> people buy games and visit more hosting sites -> in theory those people click on banner ads -> bring in revenue for the hosting sites.

That surely what the idea, that your content was bringing traffic and thus in theory $$$ to Gamespy/IGN/Planetwoteverhomie. Of course this is obviously not very lucrative compared to the other revenue options, hence ceasing hosting. 

I attempted to crystallize the broader implications of this issue in a post I wrote on our blog at and this thread seemed like a good place to direct some reader attention to.

Hopefully the situation will work itself out, and if not, perhaps with some help from the community! 
No Offence... 
But I stopped reading on the 2nd line, when the first game mentioned was Halfe-Life. 
Definately an important game on the FPS timeline. 
Well, I kind of see where Fribbles is coming from in that the article implies that modding got into full swing with Half-Life. I disagree. Quake had a TON of mods and many of them were large scale efforts. Why does Half-Life get the nod on this?

And don't get me wrong, I LOVE Half-Life and all of it's incarnations - but I would never credit it with the start of the mod scene. 
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