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Speedmap Pack 154 Released!
The theme was Improve Safety, and we have two maps. No one particularly cared to follow the theme, though. Drew's map requires Quoth, gb's is aimed at either that or RemakeQuake if that's how you roll. Enjoy.

Not Gonna Comment The Maps... 
...but gb, you legend, I had listened to Dirty Diana like 10 minutes before having played your map. Telepathy much? 
Yeah :-P

Well, it's clear that Drew wins the day. That was expected, though :)

It was fun to make.

Drew -> epic. Dunno how he made this in 20 minutes + X. 
Good To See This Reased. 
mine took more like 100. I ended up doing it in 2 sessions - but please don't tell anyone.
haven't played yours yet, will do so now. 
Oh Yeah 
demos please 
Demo, Too

Second, third and fourth run.

The map is pretty hard for me, a bob on a maze of 64u walkways over lava is at the limit.

The part after that is OK for me, I simply was a bit distracted and didn't 100% pay attention to the vore.

Did not find the weapons on the first run. (!)

Would like to see Nahkahiir on this map :)

doing my own map:

Anyway, it was fun to speedmap again, let's do another one! 
2 More Nice Contributions! 
Drew, again, pummels us with wave after wave of in your face combat, nice unfolding gameplay and a serious survival round at the end. I had to telefrag one of the last Shamblers in order to survive it all. Save your nails, Soldier!

GB gave us a better looking map in a short but sweet homage to MJ - may he rest in peace. Quality stuff!

Keep 'em comin'! 
Nice maps!!!

Drew�s map was a little hard so first demo and second i died in the lava :| but with fun gameplay :)

Gb map i did it at first run :) with no ammo i killed the shamby with a Axe... crazy demo but i overwrite it accidentally :( 
People Just Can't Handle Bob Can They? 

only good players!

i think my main trouble with bobs is the odd hitbox. I'm not sure if it's actually wrong for the model, but it seems extra hard to hit compared to monsters of similar size. 
Blow choad. 
hey guys, i wrote a script to run all maps from subdirs:
> c:\games\Quake> 154/
> 2 maps found: 154/drew, 154/gb.
> running 154/drew.
> running 154/gb.
or to run the specific map:
> 113/neg!ke
it can be used with multiple args:
> 153/ 154/

requires Python 2.5 or 3. 
The problem with the flying robotic horror known as Bob is often the placement.

The generally freaky behaviour doesn't help. He feels like the Scrag's hyperactive big brother with ADD and a toy raygun, prone to dancing around me and shouting "Look at me Mister! I got a raygun! It makes really cool sounds, wanna hear it again?", and later topping it off with "Oh no! I'm hit! Watch me die! AAaaaarrrghhhhh!!!! I'm dead! I'm dead!"

-> Someone should really call his mom and have a word with her. 
You Guys Are Sissies, Or What 
What's the problem with Bobs? They move upward when shooting, then fly around. If that's too much non-dumb Quake behavior for you, then how did you get through Nehahra alive?
Fighting Bobs is way less irritating than fighting the Quoth's melee monters. 
What's The Prob Bob? 
I actually like them... 
I think Bob is a cool guy. Eh shoots lasers and doesn't afraid of anything.

The Rocketeer and Defender on the other hand... 
The problem is mostly in the placement.

The one in e1m1quoth by the DBS is fine. 
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