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SM156 Is Here
We have TWO AMAZING NECROS MAPS and oh yeah I made one too. Try to give it a spin after you finish your post-sex cigarette from playing Necros' maps.

Link! sm156_pack.rar
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and lets me forget this annoying discussion...
What was it about?
Ehhh,hem yeah!! Germany!!
Great maps by necros btw!! 

Great mapz, Necros!!! Love how you discover you have to kiss the edies goodbye. ;)

Nice oldschool lil' romp, Zwiffle. 
necros is a one map mapping machine, wow. Fantastic ideas and execution. Zwiffles was good too. 
I assume someone actually played through my map, which is fine, because I didn't actually test to see if the final part worked or not. I was already a day overdue so just kind of assumed that all the triggers worked, and the final door worked.

For Necros' maps, after playing the first one he sent me I knew there was no way I could outmap that, it was just too damn good. The second one at first I thought was bugged, or maybe I had put it in the wrong directory or something, because it was just too fucking mind blowing (that's what I choose to call it.) I still haven't beaten it, I haven't gotten past the rocket grunts on the boats yet.

But yeah, that first map was toooooooo fucking epic. Very solid turtle map, let alone a speed map! 
I Played SM156_zwiffle 
And once again Zwiffle retains the coveted "Least Heterosexual Quake Mapper" title. Bravo.

Someone needs to convert this to QuakeLive. 
Thanks bler, I take that as a compliment. 
Screenies Pleez 
Played Your Map Zwif 
ending fight works fine, but i fell off the elevated area so it was easier but also annoying because i had to go all the way back to get back up there.

ending chamber was weird but cool. :) 
The Monster Count In SM156_Necros2 Is Telling... 
Zwiffle, I went through one of the windows by the ammo area and couldn't get back 'round. Other than that, I liked your map's style.

Necros, could you please provide a MAP file for sm156_necros and check yourself back into therapy? Thanks.

Seriously, I thought negke was the only one capable of such sweet dementia ;)

Great maps, both of you!

the monster count is misleading. you probably won't even see 10% of that.

the second map i did is really just a bunch of rough, unformed ideas. 
I hate you. 
what? o.o 
A Hint 
if anyone is having trouble on sm156_necros2 in the lightning tube with all the edies, you have to shoot the 'god' (ie: the drummer texture) to stop the monsters and escape.
the lightning gets harder and harder to avoid the longer you take and more and more monsters will appear as well. 
Nice Maps 
That spinning nail trap is fucking great. Is one of the last gods darth vader pouring water?

Zwif - solid fun, although I think I broke it by falling out of the window. 
I died in the lightning tube, and was pretty disheartened.

Big fan of the first speedmap Necros. Amazed by that nail trap and not sure how you did that. I agree Generic - providing a MAP file would be rad, although I might never look at it.
Kind of glad I didn't submit my map - it would have been lame in comparison.

Zwiffle, your maps are always reliably fun little hallcrawlers and, once again, you came through for me. congratulations on being unheterosexual. 
I'm Not Unheterosexual 
I'm just the least heterosexual 
post #10

the spinning nail trap:

something i don't think anyone noticed is that you can target ANYTHING by a rotater.

this is how the monsters don't fall off the moving boats and the droles are attached to the plane. they are part of the rotater and have the same targetname as the rotate_objects and funce_movewalls.

i've been thinking of combining the chthon killable hack and a slow func_rotating_train to make a moving chthon map which could be cool. (or moving vermii for quoth) 
I have never even used a rotater, so HA!
my first mapping was in HL, and the quake rotating objects just seemed like a huge pain in the ass to set up, so I've never bothered. Not very dedicated to expanding my skillset, in that regard... 
They're Worse In Q1 
Origin brushes . . . 
yeah they suck to set up, but i just love rotating shit. 
No Shit 
I love that you love rotating shit. 
I Love To Shit Rotating... sue me. 
Without Rotating Shit 
. . . there'd be no cogs. 
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