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Speedmapping event 157, one map from spy(me).
i couldn't wait no more, so i dared to release it by myself ;)

first comment! 
That Was Fun!!! 

Firstrun demo and a nightmare demo where I actually finish it with 100% kills and 50% secrets :D 
Nice map, Spy! 
Good Work, Bro. 
Still have to find secret#2, though... 
thanks mr.Richard to tje demo(s),

ok. 1st. secret - ROSh - 1st floor,
2nd. secret. 3rd floor - MH, somewhere......... 
Shots ?? 
Are there any shots, or even a single shot, available somewhere in order to help myself to decide whether I'll play the map ??? 
Its A Kindof 
Weird Kell-Library / Coagula map with a maze-like-yet-open-planned layout. Fun for a blast! 
It's A Speedmap 
Just download it.

. . . although I haven't myself yet. 
Thanks ! 
Looks interesting: gonna download it now !! 
Nice Screenshot , 
level. Found both secrets.
Got halted once - beneath Shamblers waiting for me at top of lift %( 

Keep coming...
?Where are these SM.Events held or where can i find some announces about iT? 
well I'm glad you did! I will play now.

here we go!
took about 2 hours to find the buttons, I only got the ring secret, and i died in the end! 
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