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Speedmapping Pack #158
5 SP maps: A dark mountain fortress by Drew (requires Quoth) and four small maps by negke following the theme of "80s arcade tribute"(jump'n'run, pac-man, space shooter, shooting gallery). To round off the arcade nostalgia, be sure to also check out starbuck's sm66 (space invaders).


Woooot Flying Dogs! 
that 1st shot is a speedmap? Quite impressive! 
Drewl: Nice one, vertical and all, but the map was so dark even r_fullbright didn't help... Minlight should have been higher and the sourced lights a little brighter as well. A few anti-lights at the bottom for a proper fade-into-darkness look.
The plasma dudes killed me countless times because I was down to 25 when they appeared. Good thing the secrets were easy to find. 
yeah the lighting sucks in that - didn't take time. I originally had like, shamblers and shalraths instead of the plasma dudes, so I'm glad I decided to make it easier! 
Bloody Quoth. Right. That might be how you get the silver key.

Cool designs! 
This reminds me how much I hate negke.

Although the backpack map was cool.

Great designs in Drew's map. Impossible in normal Quake, boring in Quoth - due to Quoth monsters not drew's gameplay. 
So my maps seem to stay true to the classic arcades - hard as hell, requiring you to spend half of your life practicing until you're finally able to beat them, only to realize how much time (and possibly money) you've wasted for nothing. 
I started making a demo of the dog map but gave up really quick.

very tough timing it right, just because of not knowing where the bounding box ends, I guess? and sometimes he didn't jump when commanded.

Paq man was fucking awesome. no idea how you did that OR how you were able to make quake chastise me for using impulse 9 in the shooting gallery!

what do you think should have been improved in that map shambler? go in-depth as you like, cause I'm thinking I might make a more polishedspecial edition of that one... like that pulsar map. although now that I don't have any tests I should be studying for, I doubt it'll happen. 
just looked at the screenshot, and you're totally giving an otherwise deviously hidden secret away.

Shame on you. 
Our World Is Negke's Creation 
...But we're not fully aware of that.
Every now and then he drops hints as to how everything is ultimately the same, bending reality to his own will. 
Yesterday I wanted to play all the maps from this pack and decided to warm up with negke's creations. After trying all 4 maps I have lost the spirit and gave up with quake for good.

pacman map was nice still 
I don't recommend playing my maps with fugly Glquake or close derivates. Rather use a source port that brightens up the models, like Fitzquake, Winquake, or DP (even though DP fix-breaks the third map).

Drew, jump as soon as the dog's nose reaches the gap between the tile row right before the shooters. Hold the jump key to make it stay in air a little longer.
The reason you got chastised in the shooting gallery is because you failed to kill the Shambler. 
Chastising, Indeed 
You both deserve a spanking for giving us such great entertainment ;-)

Drew - Excellent map! Great design, albeit dark, with good gameplay. I only had trouble finding my way down to the super nailgun.

Negke1 - Neat idea with some difficult timing jumps but too short.

Negke2 - Best of the series. Great texturing over straightforward gameply.

Negke3 - Clever ship designs, but I never quite got the hang of it.

Negke4 - Nice little architecture set piece but I found it impossible to keep from being hit by Vore balls (that's what she said).

Drew: Full map, please.

Negke: Get out of my head, please. 
Ankh, don't leave! 
Negke: Where does it all come from! The dog map was so neat, at least in theory. Can hardly believe this is all vanilla progs.dat...

Drew: It was nice but too hard for a speedrunning wimp like myself. Got through to the end only with impulse 9 and god mode and whatnot.

Ankh: Don't even think about quitting. 
Like the silent said. There is no spoon.

Actually the maps are quite simple. It's no magic, just invisible doors that lift the dog up in the air whenever the player touches one of the triggers above his head.

So, maybe there is a spoon, after all. And it has burn marks on the bottom...

Btw. Drew: If you're really going to turn this one into a full map, why not also c/p ;) 
Your game maps... laugh. I gave the shambler map three tries. Fuck, I'm not spending my life taking pot shots at a bouncing vore :> 
is that the one I mailed you like 18 years ago? 
Finally Played 
Qujo: impressed & baffled by entity tricks - nice work. Finished after a dozen tries (not including the 20ish before I figured out I was supposed to control the dog, not kill it). Plus I learned that an injured dog rotates (was that intentional?); will have to verify in real life. :D

PaQ-Man: my favorite; nice Doom-ish look; just enough bends & halls to make it interesting, but not frustrating. I really enjoyed the combination of cautious creeping and mad running; nice adrenaline rush. Those blind T-intersections were terrifying (in a good way). Finished on the 4th try.

Qalaxy: um, no. Didn't like. I could never tell when I'd reached the left or right limit, so half the time I'd try avoiding a meteor and not move. The best I could get was 1 kill.

Shooting Qallery: 2nd favorite. Seemed impossible at first, then I realized I had other weapons besides the SG. Pretty easy after that. Any reason why you used platforms instead of regular spawning? BTW, the map doesn't work so well under Quoth - monsters seem to get stuck & telefragged. Plus the vore bounces - stevenaaus, you should try again without Quoth.

Drew: the beginning was frantic enough, it almost felt like an arcade shooter. The lighting looked better when I cranked the contrast up to 2 (in engine). Architecture, design and gameplay were all excellent. SSG + spawned shambler is cruel! (maybe cause I've never got the timing of the "shambler dance"). Limited health made it quite difficult, which is fine by me - too many maps/games these days baby the player. 
Dog: When it gets hurt, it awakes without a target and tries to wander around but can't because of the invisible door pushing it and the clip tunnel.

Spaceship: There are only two positions, left and right. You can always only go to the opposite side.

Gallery: No idea why it doesn't work under Quoth - it was designed for id1, anyhow. It also makes the backpack use the lava ball model. The moving platforms are there for the shooting gallery flair, to make it harder to hit the monsters. The are teleported in normally. I assume they telefrag because Quoth treats teleport destinations differently or something.

Please don't suggest such a weird theme again. ;) 
Nice maps...

Of course Drews map was the funniest because is a small SP

Negke maps to small but have the touch of a genius...

Only one demo to Drew map, thanks guys for these fun minutes! 
thanks for the demo trinca! 

great work, guys! 
Finally Played It... 
Globally what others said.
Drew's map was dark, but well done.... it makes me realized that I'm very slow mapper :(

negke's 80's arcade tribute was hilarious, particularly dog's arcade part: how the Hell did you achieved that ?

Anyway, great pack again ! 
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