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Better than Q3A in the following ways:

Easily customisable to change some of the shitness of Q3A: remove headbob, remove gunbob, centre weapon etc etc.

Finally fixed fucking damage feedback so it actually works.

Hud isn't as terrible.

The movement feel doesn't seem quite as bad, still a bit lacking in air control but not as vague and floaty as before.

New maps are mostly really good, ZtnDM3, Asylum, thingy Towers especially.

It's also, unlike Q3A, definitely worth the money :)

However bouncing items are still shitty, and some player skins are almost invisible in more highly textured maps.

Anyway. I am on as Shamblerrr. I suck, so if anyone else does, befriend me and let's suck together ^_~
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Cool Thread 
I have invited you to be my freind so that we can blow the shit up out of eachother :)

Also there are servers in Maidenhead so I will prob get a semi reasonable ping playing against you.......


Fucking Virgin Broadband is throttling my Steam downloads to 60KB/s. I think im gonna go back to Sky, and get Sky TV too! :)
I know its the ISP because I just took my box to another connection (BT) and its now d/loading at 760KB/s.

Anyway QuakeLIVE is usually OK if utorrent aint running, so it should be cool 
Zwiffle (what Else?) 
Friended a bunch a peeps on here already, and lost horribly to Vondur a while ago in a 1v1. Old man's got some skills he does. 
Good Point Mine Is RickyT23 :) 
So Much For Sham "I Don't Play Deathmatch" Bler, Eh 
I haven't played QL for months. Didn't know there're still some of you guys active. Might give it try, though I'll probably suck hardest. 
Sounds Like A Blo-jo Contest... 
...But I'm diving in tonight! 
I'd prefer Q4 coop or something....but for a quick blast of fun, it's okay, yah know...? 
Alright Then 

Can't recommend them enough if you're in the UK 
That sounds wank. There's a balance to be had between good stylistic appeal, and efficient playing graphics, and a load of homogenous bright green skins is nowhere near that balance (and nor is flat textures...). 
I played against Spirit. Didn't lose too bad ;).

I've realised something else that's a distinct improvement over Q3A - the bot skills are a lot more sensible. In Q3A itself an increase in bot skill meant only two things: disproportionate increase in accuracy and disproportionate increase in reaction speed. In Q3Live the skill increase is more balanced, the bots become noticably more agile and have better movement tactics (not following around corners / through teles etc). Which is nice. They're still cunts tho. 
your view on the game is severely limited, from your description. It's indeed worse than vq3 from my POV. But then again, it's fine for ffa because the changes are kinda subtle. 
I can't play the sucker on WIN2k. 
Bots. Didn't find them to be better than in Q3A. They are just as predictable, and sometimes stupid.
Most FFA servers have too many player slots in relation to the maps' sizes.
Still fun for some time. A func_teamDM might be nice. 
Btw if someone has weird lags and the mouse locks, set your processor to a fixed speed.

If you are on Linux and get funky characters ingame (and get kicked for that), then you have a more modern libpng than QL uses: LD_PRELOAD="/usr/lib/" /usr/bin/firefox 
Suck my sac. I'm not an idiot. I can make a sound judgement on a lot of gameplay aspects. 
I am Vonduur there, let's be friends! 
I'd love to see megAmAn blow the fuck out of Shamblerrrrr on Quake Live.

You guys tell me when you're playing, name a time and date, and I'll watch and heckle :D 
The quality of a game is irrespective of the skill of a person playing it.

E.g. Quake DM is brilliant whether you're a n00b like me or whether you're Thresh. 
Less beef.

Play with schpirit, negke and Zwiffle so far. Neggers and I are well matched!

The new maps are good. Ummm. Yeah. 
very tempted to give this a try... although i haven't played q3a in ooh.. 7-8 years?

i'll add people if i can get the hang of it 
I Am 
been dicking around with the practice levels. i can't do that bunny jump hall thing :(

then crash went like 5-0 up on me in the tutorial ;/

name is 'isoterra' if anyone wants to feel better about themselves 
You Have To 
do small rj's in the bunny hall part to get to nightmatre skill, that's how i did it

im meTch ingame btw 
Definitely adds rj to his friends ;)

I cheated in the bunny hall by rocket jumping through it. I can't really bunny tho. 
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