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Better than Q3A in the following ways:

Easily customisable to change some of the shitness of Q3A: remove headbob, remove gunbob, centre weapon etc etc.

Finally fixed fucking damage feedback so it actually works.

Hud isn't as terrible.

The movement feel doesn't seem quite as bad, still a bit lacking in air control but not as vague and floaty as before.

New maps are mostly really good, ZtnDM3, Asylum, thingy Towers especially.

It's also, unlike Q3A, definitely worth the money :)

However bouncing items are still shitty, and some player skins are almost invisible in more highly textured maps.

Anyway. I am on as Shamblerrr. I suck, so if anyone else does, befriend me and let's suck together ^_~
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i used rockets to get through that expert gate. I don't think it's cheating, if you can exploit the game to get through the gate, then you are probably an "expert." 
But let me practice a bit first ;) 
Hah No. 
That's what rj said and suddenly he's kick our (lowly) asses ;) 
I don't play it very often but I can sometimes be found wandering aimlessly around the maps looking at insignificant details. In anyways, add me.. i'm 'fresho' 
Thats What I Do :O 
have you seen the hole in dreddworkz? 
I'm Ericw 
Just played a little, and I suck too, so sign me up :-)

I like how easy it is to get playing with people of a similar skill level, makes QL a nice 'relax for a few minutes' type of game. The maps are nice to look at as well. 
This Game Is Annoying 
Glad to see the match making works for you, it certainly does not for me. Apparently I was quite good once upon a time, so now in most of the 'skill matched' games I find, the players beat the crap out of me. Sure, I suck (blame all the slow and autoaim modern games) and, yes, there surely are countless higher-ranked players who play on lower-skill servers, but even despite that there still seems to be something off here. They also seem to have changed something about weapon balance and movement compared to Q3A.

So, we could have some Func games every now and then - certainly more enjoyable than being owned by random internet twats. 
1) nntt

2) What negke says. This is what I get for playing MOBA games for years...

( 3)Someone remind me to rant about the LoL payment system at some point when less tired, I think it's the way forward for indie developers/online games, however, I'm sure some of you will think it the spawn of the devil) 
LoL System? 
Is LoL A Shmack At WoW? 
because that's the vibrations i'm getting from it

I'm getting pretty good value for what I paid for Q3L... 
I am pretty sure it is below your usual rate for getting your fine man-cheeks handled by professionals. 
I Can Go Whole Matches 
not getting killed once in ffa, i just avoid people and can maneuver and dance well.

Ive also noticed there's not much shadow cover in ql :/ 
Shadow Cover In A Quake Deathmatch Game 
Ahahahahhahahaha. You do realize that probably over 90% of the playerbase forces fullbright glowing green skins on enemy models, right? 
Stop Having A Life, You Pricks! 

Spirit seems to be only one playing regularly, but he's a tier above me and mostly playing at odd times. 
If I had the time I whould prefer Quakeworld insted of Quakelive :)

are you up to negke? 
Playing SC2 instead :S 
Trinca: no.

Shambler: Hell of a devolution? 
Strafejumping Tutorial For Negke 
If Anyone Wants To Frag Me 
i'm P_u_L_S_a_R there 
Spirit: Thanks. I think I've seen that one before?! Learning that shit seems like so much work...

Pulsar: Yeah, cool.

ShadoW: Wtf, another new map?! How do you do that - your production rate is crazy. 
Wtf, another new map?! How do you do that - your production rate is crazy.

I guess he has absolutly no life beside Quake mapping: either jobless or student :P 
Way to twist my compliment into something negative. 
Wot ?? 
It is absolutely not negative... though :P

ShadoW to elaborate ;) 
lol Negke :). I have full time job (game industry), diploma of Technical University, and also I work on some other commercial games projects right now :).

Mapping for QL is is easy and I can do that fast, plus you don't know how long it took to create this map. 
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