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Speedmapping Pack #159
Two Knave-style space maps by negke and Zwiffle.

Screenhots: negke zwiffle

No fair yours looks way cooler. 
Both Are Cool 
Zwiffle map is shorter, more straight forward, but very good...

negke again made a fucking piece of shit... I've been lost during 35mn before finding the end... you are damned crazy mapper ! 
It's Just HDR 
Zwiffle, but yours plays cooler. I liked the tarbaby fireworks. Got me the idea of a domino-style map. 
Only Took Me 12 Minutes

those maps were rad - clever twist in negkes map - seems to be mandatory. 
Zwiffle: very funny fight, nice layout.

Negke: Wicked, man. Going back to find the secrets.

Greatest value overall ever! 
Nice Little Pack... 
I like the way you both used the same themes and similar brushwork :)

So who is going to mash the two up into the ultimate knave + void (knavoid?) map and release it?



finaly had time to play...

fucking noobs


I hate you negke :\ I rarely die on a sm map :( no ammo suck hard :| 
You missed the rocket launcher! 
how do i get that fucker? is inverted :|

should I cheat



Holy Fucking Shit. 
Negke you are a sick sick man.

It took me a bit longer than 12 minutes, but at least I DID find the RL.

I also like Zwiffle's tarbaby fireworks... 
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