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The Pillaging Of CZG's Anus.
Pre-bookings taken now.

Buy 2 slots get a 3rd free.

Premium option to be at the front of the queue.
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I Am Not Buying It 
Unless it's a STEAM sale. Get it? 
No. I don't get it.

I also don't get how there are multiple slots, what kind of occursed multi-rectum'd hell creature is this czg? 
He's From Norway 
and in Norway, having more than 1 rectum helps you catch more fish, or something. 
Fat blokes have lots of anuses!

And yes pre-orders on Steam available of course. 
i'll take 2 
Is This The First In A Series? 
I mean, I'd pass the opportunity this time, but, if this could somehow hamper my prelation rights for future offerings, I'll jump straight in.

Do you plan to start a monthly Pillaging of Mappers' anuses (anii? Anee?).

Please let me know about this most interesting initiative. 
Von, activation code has been sent to vondur@vondur.von

silent, at the moment we're just starting with czg as he is the most obvious choice, but others may be added in future. Particularly if czg ruptures during the process. 
got it, thanks!

That Was Close. 
I look away from this board for... a couple of years... and I nearly miss this amazing offer.

If I just buy one "plunging" and enjoy it and buy another, do I still get the third one free? Or must I order both at the same time? 
Sham - Haftapostit 
did you eedits all see this
That is the flagship theme map of this momentous event.

Morfans, sorry, must be purchased at the same time. You might get a free t-shirt prize though. 
Genius. And... 
...I don't wanna see when Shambler pulls the plug.

Really. I don't. 
I Was On The Beta 
it was terrific. deffo on board for this at release 
We miss you Lunaran! 
You come back to post on THIS thread?

I guess I'm disappointed. Sure. 
He has a google alert on the keywords "anus" and "pillaging". 
Who Doesn't? 
just leave CZG's ass alone 
It's out of my hands now, quite literally. 
I Heard 
this is the hip thread to post at 
CZG's Anus... 
... is a huge hole full of shit...

oh wait...

My mistake: I looked at his brain :P 
please tell me you didn't leave just because of willem :P 
make maps not GAY anal sex 
Mention of CZG's anus gets all the pros coming out of the woodwork... I have been misled about mapping. 
It Is The Connoisseurs Choice... 
There will be Speedpillaging themes soon, and also a 100Dick contest at some point in the future. 
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