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The Pillaging Of CZG's Anus.
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And I hate that fucking phrase.


Metslime, are you some sort of covert operative of the NAMBLA organisation? One looking to increase 'industry growth'.

Fuck this. I sign off on the whole thing. I'll probably be a witness in a few years time. Meanwhile, I'm going to quit my job and learn accounting or television.

You know, one of those hetro careers. 
North American Marlon Brando Lookalikes? 
John, post a photo.

Just realised I'm bringing you down to Shamblers level.

Not mine of course, I'm just an observer. 
What does Shambler look like? A big white Marlon Brando? 
Shambler is Jamie Oliver. 
CZG: You Forgot It On #tf 
Happy Birthday! 
Wasn't there someone trying to finish czg's Doom-textured base map (czg05, I believe) some time ago? What became of this undertaking? 
CZG, Please finish Terra! 
Why Was This Never A Sticky? 
Well I For One... 
Am not in favor of seeing a sticky and pillaged ass of anyone. Much less CZG's.

But maybe that's just me. 
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