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SM 160 - CZG's Anus!
From the deepest darkest recess of the Quake community, I am proud to present SM 160 � Maps in the key of CZG�s Anus!
That�s right, eight excellent maps inspired by one terrible orifice!
We have six mappers this time around: RJ, Negke, Alan, Hrimfaxi, and myself, plus one MYSTERIOUS CELEBRITY APPEARANCE!!!

Just a heads up: As per usual, my two maps need Quoth. Also, they�re meant to be played in order.


Have fun!
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RJ takes it as far as I'm concerned. pure atmosphere and great use of lighting.

Both of Negkes maps had his typically atypical thing going on. the gameplay was great in both - love the opening situation in the 1st one! I couldn't find the secret in the second map though...

Alan's is not bad at all considering it took him 20 minutes to put together - hope you keep coming out!

And Hrim. Really awesome. Loved all the hordes even though it took me a couple tries and a little bit of cheapness to get through it all!

Just played mine again and... I'm bummed out.
I added fog at the last second to sm160_drew2. but it's WAY too heavy. I put a value of .1 instead of .01. adjust accordingly for maximum not-ugly-sea-of-green-foginess.

I refuse to discuss the celebrity map.

OMG !!! 
8 maps for a speedmap pack: it deserves to be played it as soon as I'm back from office ! 
Ahem... Office? 
surely you mean orifice 
Cool Pack, Stupid Theme (which Wasn't Really A Theme) 
Nice to see this many maps. Fun and epic (and too many monsters as usual). Good job, everyone.

Got stuck in Hrim's map. After falling through the water, there didn't seem to be a way to return - I heard a teleporter but it didn't work? Possibly because of the sf64 monsters without a targetname. What's with the portal errors? Don't rotate items please.

Drew's second map was ace. Seriously guys, if you can make such refined maps for speedmapping packs that hardly anyone plays, why not whip up a mini episode, consisting of some seven of such small maps. (*)
After loading a savegame, the fog was gone. Can't Fitzquake store the fog values in the save file? I mean, it's protocol 666 and all.

The Quoth waterfall ambience sure sounds annoying when used like that. 
That�s Right, Eight Excellent Maps Inspired By One Terrible Orifice! 
Had me proper loling! 
Best SM Pack Ever. 
Overall TOP QUALITY!!!!

Negke - Nice layout. Thoughtful as ever.

Negke2 - Awesome. Gotta love gravity tricks.

Alan - Challenging gameplay. Nice execution of theme.

Hrim - One of my fave mappers. Fantastic map. This one could have easily have been an ID level. All beefed up. (The readme does not mention this needs QUOTH. I played it kosher id and, apart from a deluge of error messages, I finished it all right. Then I tried to load it in Quoth, but the double 3 fiends ambush gets stuck after the first half)

RJ - Nice combat, with a very good, altough very easy, ending.

Drew - Nice combat, little tad ending.

Drew2 - Nice combat, made too easy from weapons carried over from the 1st one.

The Superstar map sent shivers all around my butt...

CZG equals killer maps even with his anus. 
after drew's maps you may have to switch back to id1 before playing mine due to a modelindex issue. possibly.. i've not tested it. if there are backpacks next to the fallen player models, then it's worked ok 
No Problem With Your Map. 
I played it in ID just fine.

It's Hrim's that caused a bit of trouble... 
i meant it might have problems if played in quoth 
Where Are Screenshots! 
in czg ass


go dig it! 
Sorry about that, I didn't feel like going through the whole thing for all eight screenshots!

For anyone who hasn't played the maps yet: DEMOS!!! 
RJ - I played yours in quoth by accident this morning, and the only difference is that the backpacks look more spherical and orange. and they don't have shoulder straps. 
could someone patch up the news post so it mentions quoth is needed for Hrim's map? I didn't know! 
I Don't Know... 
...Quake gives a shitload of error messages if you play in ID, but if you play in Quoth, you don't get the error messages, but you cannot finish the map, either...

Hrim could shed some light on this, perhaps? 
I finished the map - watch my demo! 
I begun the map in the intention to use Quoth but since I didn't use any quoth specefic things or monsters I finished the map for ordinary quake.
I play the map fine in Fitz 0.85 - no errors or anything. Everything works just fine.
So I don't know what happens at your side folks.
I didn't rotate anything either as Negke mentions.

Just played through again to see what people was talking about - but still no error messages or any errors in the map.

I'm baffled!!

Can anybody come with an explanation? 
I Can: 
I assumed your map required Quoth when I saw all the error messages on id1 - invalid fields displayed in developer mode.
A couple of the ammo boxes are rotated by 179 degrees. This causes their bounding box and visual model to be misaligned (check with r_showbboxes 1). 
Yes. Jealousy. 
..Plus, the second wave of fiends not spawning in after the drop from the water. You kill 3 fiends and you're stuck... 
Dunno how that happend! (the angel bit that is!)

And yes there was some invalid fields left from the quoth start of the map.
Well its a speedmap so that's what happens when you are in a hurry! Sorry!

If anyone wants a fixed version (even if this is only a speedmap) - then get it here:

It's standard ID. 8-)

At least I think I got all the errors you mention!

Have just played a few of the other maps in this pack.

As always Drew made some very fantastic maps.

Alans is a true speedmap let's see some more from you!

Still haven't played any of the others. 
Rotation And Quoth 
Quoth has code to correct the rotation of items, but you have to turn it on in the worldspawn options. If you add 4 to the value of "aflag" in worldspawn (so set it to 4 if you haven't added any options) then the fix is enabled, resizing the bounding boxes to contain the rotation of the original box.

We originally had this code on globally, but it caused items to drop out of levels which already had rotated items. So we made it an option but didn't publicise it enough, because really it's recommended for any map which is designed in Quoth. I suppose the best way to do default off in old maps, default on in new maps would be to turn it on by default in the fgd, will have to see if that's possible... 
just watched your demo drew. that last room has nothing to do with anuses!

sm160_drew - prob my favourite, really nice atmosphere to it & fun combat

sm160_drew2 - died loads on this ;/ nicely designed but wasn't as much fun to play. loved the rotating thingamajig

sm160_hrim - lovely design, cool gameplay too, if a little excessive in places! died the once (spawns got me)

sm160_alan - aka 'avoid the voreballs' :P .. just about managed it first time

sm160_negke - neat little map, fresh theme. was the advert some kind of quake arena reference? :)

sm160_negke2 - nice idea but wasn't a big fan of it; supplies seemed on the low side and the excessive slow-jumping got a bit tiring after a while, plus the fairly monotone theme wasn't complimented by the minlight abuse! maybe low gravity could be a theme some time though as i'd like to see it explored a bit more 
I wonder how an ass hole could fuck, instead of be fucked, but that's another story!

I've found that hrim's and rj's maps are VERY good, to my anus taste, anyway (Now, I wonder how an anus could taste anything) !

Thanks guys ! 
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