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Q1SP: Red Slammer
A small to medium-sized terracotta style level for SP and DM with classic gameplay, if not slightly nonlinear, and a few surprises.

For maximum convenience, it features an in-built skill selection room and there is also an additional alternative game mode ("Carnage") where you can blast through the map with all weapons and need to collect four keys for the exit door to unlock. I dare you to beat this on Nightmare! ;)


(the map source is available on the site, too)

First-run demos are appreciated. Have fun!
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Go to the console (the tilde ~ key) then type 'map mappi.' 
Cool map, Negike! Very proper Quake mood there, and finally map that uses orange set properly. I liked relaxed gameplay on skill1. I also liked the usage of pitch black shadows there, very well done.
Here's my first run of noobage: 
The map plays differently in Hard and Normal skills, e.g. silver key and end game. It is well worth another look, if you haven't already.

Carnage is next for me :)

I salute you, Negke! 
Nice Map, Lots Of Fun 
here's a demo, I died in the chthon fight: 
Ricky: Heh, either DP lagged a lot with those settings or you were playing drunk (probably both), for you seemed fairly clueless and ran past half of everything. :D In Chthon's hall a teleporter appears on the lower floor after pressing the button behind him. It was clearly visible in your FOV, but you still took the long way back.. Also, I imagine the map must have looked somewhat strange with all my custom textures along the DP'ified regular ones.

Kona: Perhaps you felt dizzy because you accidentally had a cocktail of the same name instead of playing the map? :)

Omg, Vnodru!!!

Funny how everyone seems to take the GK route first while in most cases the standard order is 1:SK, 2:GK.
In this sense, I also wonder how players determine which path to take if confronted with a left-right route choice, and how this can be influenced design-wise (e.g. by putting items/monsters in one of the ways). 
Oh, And By The Way 
Thanks again for all the demos. I'm surprised how many of you actually recorded/posted one. 
Not that I've played it, but I pretty much always go left since it's easier to turn that way with a right-handed mouse. Seriously. 
For me it's just a case of getting bored of always SK, then GK, and the signs seemd to indicate it made no diff so i tried something different.

After the gameplay of skill 1, i expected a similar puzzle ending on skill 2, and got further confused by the sound of the laser traps. Took me ages to realise i just had to beat them up, where the quad+invulnerability helps alot of course.

But getting confused by N's maps isn't anything unusual ;>. Amazing Cthon in chains was the highlight. Final quad secret was very slick too. 
just did a quick run again and went SK first.

the map plays much better that way, and it's clear that that's the prefered way. both the GK and SK door paths lead to a dead end, but only the SK path has a button at the end. when you get to the dead end of the GK path, it feels like you got lost because there's just a locked door and nowhere else to go. 
I love the map, but I sure am struggling. I didn't check the skill level but I'm sure I'm using skill 1.

With hard, I was running out of ammo.

Actually I am running out of health and ammo with skill 1 too.

But I am glad to be playing a Negke map. Other than giving up on the Vertical Mile one and the one where you had 2 minutes to find the bathroom or die (a classic!) ... I just haven't played any Negke maps. 
You have look around more carefully then, as health and ammo boxes are sometimes placed in spots where they are not immediately visible, e.g. behind a column.

There might be a slight shortage of shells for a moment on Normal when playing in a certain way - I probably should have made one of the boxes a large one. But if it's really a large problem for you, then you might want to try Easy first (if you're not too familiar with SP for instance). 
Some Progs Versions Do Not Display All Items 
This is in FitzQuake 0.85.

What version of progs.dat is required for this to run for the items to show up?

In JoeQuake on map start, I see a message "target3 is not a field".

Id1 Progs 
I have no idea what could cause the items not to show in Fitzquake0.85. Is this on ID1 and with a close to default config?

The target3 thing is a Quoth detection. It removes the statues and Chthon models because Quoth2 messes around with the modelindex values so the it would show the wrong models. 
As Far As I Know ... 
I've got progs 1.06 (progs 1.01 doesn't support previous weapon impulse).

I'll recompile. I know you use entity fields to the max and call QC functions directly. 
Stupid terrible mistake. Grrr. 
Demo here: (recorded using FitzQuake 0.85)

Anyways, played on hard and died once, during the boss fight, which is also when the demo stops (does it have to stop every time you die?). I had no idea what to do so I must've spent two minutes trying to find some buttons, messing with the lightning shooters etc. It's only after dying that I noticed you can shoot the Chthons. (I actually tried shooting them before, as you can see from the demo, but I was too far away for the lightning gun to hit, a fact I missed while playing.)

Took me 15 minutes, and I'd say it was a tad easier than expected but still fun. Good architecture, especially the two bigger areas (the silver key and the Chthon place). 
Nice Level ! 
Played on hard skill without too much trouble. Couldn't beat the Cthongs though, until I found out later one would kill the other when I hid behind the wall where the LG was. Then getting the other was easy. Great to see them Hellknight posers too. They add to this swell map. Secret face button was kinda funny switching right side up. 
nice map, very solid architecture! 
Finally Finished It 
Really cool. Liked the ending. Liked the secrets. Really well polished. 

Nice :D 
Quality Map 
felt like a really high quality speedmap (no offence intended). Some nice designs and top notch texturing. 
okay, so loved this.

seemed like a kind of concession... or a compromise... but not in a bad way...

Like, when a really abstract band becomes more accessible, but without becoming shitty. the core E4 ness of Negke mapping is still DOMINANT in this map, but it is somewhat toned down with regards to the tougher puzzles and eccentricities that are kind of de rigeur in the rest of your catalogue... fuck, I don't know. I think you did an amazing job with this - it is another step forward in your inevitable dominance of the Q1SP sphere. 
"E4ness" - Haha 
I like that. 
Btw. does anyone care about 100% spoiler demos for the secrets, or have you already found them yourselves? 
well i've already posted a 100% demo above and nobody seemed to care 
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