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Q1SP: Red Slammer
A small to medium-sized terracotta style level for SP and DM with classic gameplay, if not slightly nonlinear, and a few surprises.

For maximum convenience, it features an in-built skill selection room and there is also an additional alternative game mode ("Carnage") where you can blast through the map with all weapons and need to collect four keys for the exit door to unlock. I dare you to beat this on Nightmare! ;)


(the map source is available on the site, too)

First-run demos are appreciated. Have fun!
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And I watched it, but forgot it was 100%. So, #33 then. 
Well I wouldn't mind watching a better demo, specially from the maker himself (or on some other skill!). Mine wasn't that planned... 
Last Demos 
first play on hard skill:

carnage on skill 3 - almost all monsters and all secrets just below 6 minutes: 
Great Demo, Ankh! 
fun to watch and I even learned a few things :) 
Chained Boss. 
Pure Negke Go(o)dness.

Managed to get a half assed run on my mother in law's Macpro laptop(like walking with tied knees): awesome stuff, as usual.

default skill(I suppose it's normal)




Shall play all other skills, I suspect there's more greatness to be savoured.. 
I'm going to play this again, at night, so I can see it better, and give better comments. The brushwork and angles are amazing in this. Errr yeah. 
carnage skill 3 demo with 3 kills missing. time 3:37s 
If I didn't watch some of the demo's here I might have missed the shackled Chthon. That scene looks fantastic. 
This Map. 
Is amazing. Probably the best brushwork I've ever seen in a Quake map. The angles are mind-boggling, I bet the brushes are begging for mercy after what Negke puts them through. The sheer amount of angulation, architectural details, and consistency throughout. All the little roof details and those angled grey're a genius. Hell the Eyes secret has better architecture in that one room than most old-skool Quake maps have in a whole map.

Gameplay is great too, both times I played it. The first time I got a bit narked with the twin Chthons, this time I saw the cells respawn, so that's fine. I like some of the wee surprises too. Good use of a variety of monsters.

Only problem is it's quite DARK. 
Hang On 
twin chthons? Is that a Hard only feature? 
the boss fight is completely different on hard. i much prefer the hard finale, tbh. 
Here is skill 2 100% demo as well as a skill 1 boss walkthrough and a carnage run.

Shangler: Woot. But how dark is DARK? Too much to see at night, or more in a E4M4ish kind of way? 
Its Not Too Dark 
if you were going for e4m4 levels, i'd say it's about like that. except with less huge pitch black shadows than e4m4 (which is good). 
Just A Bit Too Dark. 
The quality of the lighting is good, it just all needs to be upped a bit. 
I See 
I thought the flames were a bit too bright at 300, so I lowered them to 250. This is the main difference to id style.
It's another case of different monitor charactistics and settings. 
What it's a case of is what on average looks good on my monitor which is obviously factually correct.

I think you and Orl should do a joint map! Or you and Madfox. 
Not Madfox And Orl? 
brushwork a+++. great layout. not a massive fan of the texture theme but it was cohesively put together.

gameplay just above average (skill 1) - got really low on health at one point until i realised where most of the medkits were, after that never really properly challenged or surprised but there was enough to do

loved the shackled chthon. ending was confusing though and not really that satisfying

in summary, very well put together; barely any negative points. but save for the brief chthon moment above, nothing really left an impact on me or made me go 'woah'.. so even if it is technically awesome, there have been a lot technically simpler maps that have blown me away more than this did. still solid though 
Dude Your Map ROCKS! 
Heh, when I first played it I was like:
Damn, this map sucks, I shoot like 2 dogs and a grunt every half fucking hour, but then I restarted it, and saw the "jump for configuration" and picked carnage mode... NOW THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT! 
Just Played Through Hard A While Back 
loved it even more. ending was rad 
This Map 
There is something about this map that is largely unrivaled.

It plays like an id1 map, but has "more of everything".

It isn't too big, it isn't too small, it leads to a lot of map exploration and backtracking. It has little things here and there that make you think.

One thing I do know: it has casual replayability.

Gigantic maps, by their nature are not very replayable or very casual. A casual play map can be completely without dying or at least very nearly so.

This isn't to say there is anything wrong with gigantic maps, but more saying it seems like there has been a bit of a vacuum of medium sized maps [aside from Trinca's last few maps]. 
Anyone experience the lava flashing in DirectQ?

demo of the flashing. 
it's a known issue that's been resolved.

it has to do with the first frame having the same checksum (i don't know what that is, just paraphrasing) as the lava texture.

mh has since fixed this. 
ola jajajajajajaja 
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