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Single Player: Kurok 0.4 Remastered
Aka "Baker learns how to use the news submission option"

A remastered engine made in the last 36 hours carved from FitzQuake 0.85 and SDL stuffs to modernize a mod poorly known in the Quake community and widely known in some parts ...

Screenshot collage:


Windows modded FitzQuake 0.85:
Mac OS X modded FitzQuake 0.85:
Engine Source:

Official site, largely inactive now ...

If you are awaiting a new single player Quake release, this likely won't tide you over --- but it has 7 single player levels. Countless incremental innovations like "volumetric fog", monsterclip [to reign in helicopters] and some new visuals might change your view of the Quake engine though ... be sure to add -kurok the command line and this download does include the mod.

If you like polish, you *will* love this mod. There is nothing unpolished about anything you will see ...
I had meant it more as a conversational topic that I thought fit in well with recent discussions regarding ideas in general.

That being said, I did try to package the contents of the mod in a conscientious and release-worthy manner. I appreciate the news item status. 
Just Kidding 
I'll post it at quaddicted when I get home.

Kurok is awesome. 
Went straight to the gallery without reading anything and kept thinking, 'This reminds me of Goldeneye' until I saw this shot which nailed it for me. Then saw the game mentioned at the bottom of the main page. I remember DMing in that/similar level, hiding behind vents/walls etc.

I adore the colour scheme for the outdoor areas, feels just right. Gonna check this out properly soon. 
Like It Much 
I loved old Turok, so I like this coversion :). 
..pretty Nice 
but is commercial or free game ?

if not why the author has not tried and make money from it ?

ps: since site is inactive is this the last/best version to download ? 
It isn't a commercial game, it is free.

MDave is the author of Kurok. The Kurok 0.4 included is the most recently version.

It is of startlingly high quality and more impressive when you consider it is almost exclusively the work of a single individual.

I couldn't speculate of MDave's motivations. The Kurok game itself is a bit more targeted towards the PSP than Windows.

All in all, when you look at the sheer range of modification MDave did --- engine on PSP (harder) and Windows, modelling, mapping, alteration of the map compiler, QuakeC, sprites -- this guy is a one-man army. He even created a .fgd file for Worldcraft. 
the levels are pretty ugly though. i dunno why but all the outdoors are super over bright... you would be wise to disable overbrights in outdoor areas lest you go blind with 'gl_overbright 0'.

the weapon models though really are high quality. probably the best custom weapons i've seen in a custom quake mod.

also, the raptor model and really well done. animations are shit though, (and it uses fiend sounds..... -_-) but the model itself is quite high quality. soldier model is pretty good too (not as good as the raptor) but animation for them is equally bad. no female soldier, even though their base has a ladies' washroom......
i swear, i'd like to see a 'modern day' shooter where you infiltrate an enemy military base and there's like 2 men's washrooms or something. or every soldier is a woman instead of a man. something that'd really fuck the player up.

sounds in general are pretty nice. they fit with the weapons or whatever and the player character frequently lets out quips that are fairly amusing and giving it an almost duke3d feel.

the glass shader effect was pretty cool. i wouldn't mind seeing some version of that make it's way into standard fitzquake in some manner... maybe enabled by some special character in the texture name? something that wouldn't interfere with other engines?

about the monster clip and helicopter... the only helicopter i fought never moved much at all. :( pretty much just blasted it easily with rockets.
also, looking through the files, i saw a trex model, but never fought one. maybe cause i was on easy mode?

anyway, this is worth playing, i think. i wish the levels looked nicer, but this is a decent way to dump an hour or so. :) 
Level Complexity 
This mod was more geared towards running on a PSP. And the Sony Playstation Portable is a bit of a memory impaired system. The original PSP had 32 MB memory ... about 12 MB is used for overhead -- leaving about 20 MB remaining.

Tons of brushes, tons of models, tons of textures and it would not be able to run on a PSP with that memory limitation.

And geared towards a PSP with a screen resolution of 470x272, it looks good on the PSP.

[It is a bit bright in the above engines, particular on Windows. Will likely be resolved in an update. Looking into borrowing contrast control from the RMQ Engine ... ;) ] 
MDave probably released kurok for free because it's a quake mod. Quake is relatively old, and I don't see many people being willing to pay for a 15 year old game mod. It's like making new maps for wolfenstein and charging for them. 
ah ok, i didn't realize it was for psp. that makes sense then, i guess. makes sense i guess, but then i'd argue for 10 or 12 maps instead of 7; smaller maps with higher detail.

but yeah, definitely a good job considering it was all done solo. 
cant wait to try it out - and SEVEN levels ? that's like two thirds of what came out the whole of last year ;) I'm VERY happy :D thankyou! 
Great Fun, Maps Are A Bit Ugly Though 
Just played it util I encountered the 1st helicopter. It was great fun, thanks Baker+MDave.

I also agree with many of the things necros mentioned: the maps and some of the textures are quite ugly and some of the animations aren't that hot. But it's amazing that one guy did all of this and PSP explains a lot of course. Sounds are great, also reminded me of Duke.

Hope I'll find the time to finish it. 
Gave it a playthrough and wasn't too bad. Don't own a PSP. Actually, never even touched one before so I can't really say how well it works for that, but appears to be a neat little portable shooter. Definitely got a Goldeneye feel about the later levels, don't know about the Turok side (Never played (Yet?) Shame on me?) 
It's been ages since I played Turok and I never finished it but the first map of this mod seems like a direct rebuild of the first Turok map to me. Dunno about the rest. 
Actually when I landed in first map I was sure it's full Turok conversion :). 
.. a french idiot.

caca = shit (for kid speaking).. remove those posts moderator: it stinks ;) 
Oh Man 
I remember having arguments with a friend back in... like 1997, about which was better, Turok (n64) or Quake (computer). I argued Quake. I was so right. But then I doubt he'd care now he's probably married or something. 
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