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Quake Expo 2011 Site Is Ready For Registration
Hi guys, now that Easter is behind me, I decided to push this announcement even further. I decided - after some discussion with some fellow Quakers - to host the new Quake Expo 2011 on

I have a booth system built from scratch. It doesn't have ads, it will not have ads, it's completely transparent and it's open for registration!

I'll make this announcement on several other forums, I'll check them once a day. Any question you might have is welcome.

Get your booth babes ready!

Editor's note: Quake Expo 2011 will be held June 19-25, 2011
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I'd Rather Have Lots Of Text Than Purty Gfx 
Despite new technology, text streams are still a universal interface. I find it preferable to have content now, rather than wait for a stupid 5mb footer to load, even if getting content now means most of the page is text. Then again, I'm kind of 'radical' about this, i even use werc on my website, an anti-web anti-framework written in rc (the plan 9 shell). 
I Doubt You Guys Even Disagree. 
Put in a reasonable effort to keep file sizes down without degrading the experience. All sites don't have to be under 50KB any more, but don't take the piss and make 2MB screenshots the only option. The logo should be a jpeg but I won't cry myself to sleep any more than usual because of it. 
eugenics research? what? 
It came up in a discussion of humorous domain names in an irc channel i frequent one day. I thought it was too good to pass up and registered it. 
Loading Times 
Hey guys, enough. I'll optimize the images. I notices Spirit mentioned something about scrolling. What scrolling? At 1024x768 I don't have scrolling.

Got everything noted and I'll work on it tonight. 
Same issue, you want the relevant content (ie the booth's content) to be visible as fast and convenient as possible for the random, curious but easily distracted visitor.

The huge header image moves the actual content way down on the page so one has to scroll. The random stranger might not even bother to do that.

My qexpo goal would have been to attract new blood into the quake scene. Spoon feeding them soup with no pieces is crucial for that to work in my opinion/experience. 
I know what you mean! The header needs to be smaller! Noted! 
Been Looking At Some Weather Report Websites 
of 2011 I guess. Almost all of them have flash banners and multiple images!!! See for yourself if you dont believe me. 
What Kind Of An Argument Is That? 
Weather sites use lots of flash and images, so this is generally a good thing? Ridiculous.

Besides, you should also consider that the heavier your page is esp. with flash, the more energy will be consumed during transmission and rendering.. This is an often disregarded aspect. And it's not negligible either. Just look at what your CPU does when you load a page that has flash in it. 
I have the tiniest suspicion you were drunk when you wrote that. 
That is a suspiciously honest insight.

You were hammered when you wrote it weren't you? 
If I ever post not hammered, I'll let you know by using the Daikatana icon. It'll be our secret code. 
Does posting whilst baked count? :E 
Whats the crows icon?

I've just eaten a Gorgonzola by the way. 
Eeek!!! It's True!!! 
Flash uses the CPU!!! O.M.F.G!!!

Also I was not drunk, just half awake from sleep. 
That's the only way to post. 
spelt 'Chthon', not 'Chton'. 
with aich.., not ouch!

considdering the big bang was rather an implosion than an explosion, it just needed some more space.

Also I'm not drunk, just leak written... 
hey Chip if you read I need to know:

-Is Qexpo confirmed and official by now ?
-When is the deadline for signing to Qexpo ?

Until Chip Confirms Himself... 
- I believe it is.
- Unless, I'm mistaken, the deadline will probably be just about when QExpo starts. If it's anything like previous QExpo's, if you want to open a booth when it's already started, you might be able to, but only with the consent of the admin (in this case, Chip himself) 
"Chthon" has been corrected. Sorry 'bout that :)

I did not take part in any previous QExpo, but there is no deadline for registering. How could I stop anyone willing to contribute from registering a booth?!

So, @delor, go ahead and register now! Sorry for the late reply. 
Edit Their Booths For Them! 
right, now having my booths on whose brush can I lend..,

I had a rather stunt in adding my booth.
Only the first time the sreen opened halfpage, after that it reduced to a 1/8 colomn that was not to handle.

Drew is bannished to watch every booth without brushing. Wait.., my cock in my booth? 
released a goofy unfinished rpgish mod:

gain levels and shit! fucking crazy! 
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