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Coop Games Hook-up Thread!!
See title. You might be able to guess how this one works. Post what you've got, what you're playing, what you fancy connecting for. Hopefully interested ppl can get some coop action going. Real time discussion in #terrafusion on Quakenet.

I am up for Dead Island and Space Marine (if it has coop as promised). Can be persuaded for others.
I have Space Marine, which should get Coop around my birthday if they stay to the 'one month after release' or thereabouts date. I don't have Dead Island yet, probably not for a while.

I will be getting Modern Warfare 3 on PC, Battlefield 3 and RAGE all of which have coop in some form or another. I will also be getting Torchlight 2 and if enough people get it, Diablo 3, though tbh I'm more excited about TL2.

I'm still down for L4D2 games, and almost whatever else anyone wants to play. I have disposable income after all, so I can probably buy something when it's on sale and not feel too bad about it. 
I'm getting rage on the pc too, mw3 on the 360. I'd like to get tl2 and diablo 3 also, but don't know if I'll be able to afford them. I still play tf2 on the pc. Steam name is BetterThanUNIX. 
Cool Cool. 
What will SM and DI use for coop? Steam or something just in the game? 
Would anyone want to coop some Civ 5 by any chance? 
Coop .. 
... Doom ?

That was quite cool at his time... though... 
Portal 2 Coop FFS 
Help me out here 
Theres plenty of Coop servers (over 100) for the almighty Doom

You'll need IDE (internet doom explorer) and Zdaemon and/or Skulltag

Tons of awesome user made maps an mods to play too, IDE autotmatically downloads the wad's you need (99% of the time) very convenient. Survival, RTS/FPS hybrid stuff etc. Really loads of fun stuff. 
Played some with negke the other night, was cool apart from his lag.

So now you bitches play with me huh?? Huh???? 
I will play with negke though. 
When I Finally Get The Sodding Thing... 
I will be up for some coop! 
Sorry I Was Such A Tease, Negke 
Come To Think Of It, I Wouldn't Want To Play With Me Either 
But I'm still up for Portal2, L4D2, Rage. Now with better connection. 
I got some coop games I am willing to play with peoples.

The ones that people already mentioned:
Portal 2 (haven't touched the DLC)
Space Marine
Dead Island
Border Lands
Killing Floor

I am in the midwest of America if that helps. 
Still wanna get the RAGE coop stuff finished.

I have l4d2 portal 2, rage, borderlands, and the killing floor. I'll hit you up sometime this week for something; I believe you're already on my steam friends list.

Midwest also. Do you have a mic? 
People hit me with the knowledge of good coop games....something I can play with t'bird so ideally RPG elements and not just pure violence... 
Torchlight 2 
So Cockmunchers. 
Daz told me to get Warframe. I got Warframe. If anyone wants to hook up for cooping it from early on, then hit me up. "Shambler" nick was taken so I am on as SpunkGargler666 of course. 
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