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Q1SP: Harvester Of Chaos
A four-map mappack by Kaiser:
Quake: Harvester of Chaos (WIP title) is a expansion pack that I started on while I was restoring an old Quake map that I found. This is only a demo (4 maps available out of 7) to test out the current features and to get feedback for future revisions and improvements so feel free to email me with suggestions on making this expansion more enjoyable or post it here.

D/l'd Checking It Out This Eve. 
The Shots Look Great 
Like a good old 1997 style level 
it's a good pack with some really nice gameplay, and unfolding monster closet, functional architecture stuff.
I actually really like the complicated but loose architectural stylings of the 1st map, too. some nice creative stuff going on in this pack - shame it never got properly wrapped up! 
I haven't tried this one yet, are there any other issues other than the dog being unskined? 
Not Really 
that I can think of. it's pretty good! 
well, are there any good hell dog models out there as a replacement. I've tried to extract the arwop one but couldn't find the right skin. 
Mass register and post at to bug the author into finishing it? 
I love the textures in the last two maps. Wherever they came from .. they work great.

Game play is pretty damn entertaining, and landform transformations are always a nice touch. 
i played this, very cool 
Those are the ogro set. 
This was a pleasant surprise. A well thought-out and neatly constructed pack - old school and highly enjoyable. Shame it wasn't finished though. 
Good Fun! 
Definitely worth a play on it's own merits. No problem with it at all except the unskinned boss dogs (which are fine gameplay-wise), and the lack of end fight. Although two fights in a row in which can unload 200 nails each time is nice.

Just good maps. Not always great, a bit blocky and stuff, but nicely made and definitely "solid" gameplay. 
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