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Game Of The Year 2011.
Following from last night's IRC discussion, let's have a proper old hoe-down showdown here.

You know the score, games that #func crowd will have likely played: FPS / 3PS / RPG / RTS. Preferably PC but we can humour the console homoz a little bit (just like we're humouring the military FPS homoz).

An approximate starting list:

Alice Madness Returns

Batman Arkham City

Battlefield 3

Crysis 2

Dead Island

Dead Space 2

Deus Ex Human Revolution

Modern Warfare 3

Portal 2



Space Marine

Uncharted 3

Feel free to mention any others, vote for your choice, and more importantly slag off other people's choices ;)
Your Starting List Is The Worst List Ever. 
Skyrim Hands Down 
Best game in years even, instantly became one of my all-time favorites. I've never spent this many gaming hours on a single-campaign game and still enjoyed every moment of it.

I thought Alice was a mixed bag. Not bad, but not as great as I expected, either. Some levels were cool, proper Wonderland, others not so much. Most of them felt too long, the good ones (e.g. forest) too short. Enemies could have been more varied.

RAGE was okay, as has been said in the other thread. Not revolutionary and quite a bit of wasted potential in several areas (and slightly annoying 'recycling' of levels). Still a solid and fun shooter with driving gimmick. Too bad they didn't add a few unique maps for coop.

Likewise, Crysis 2 was nice and looked great, but ultimately nowhere as epic as Crytek's other games. I liked the slight sandbox feeling that some levels had. Stupid AI and even stupider story.

Totally enjoyed Portal 2 (single player, not coop, because you're all wankers). Nice puzzles and writing, even though I agree it was a little too much "find the white surface" in parts.

I had semi-high hopes for Dead Island, but unfortunately, albeit nice-looking, it turned out to be a fairly grindy consolized coop adventure like Borderlands. Nevertheless I had my share of fun for a while, as slaughtering zombies usually is.

Deus Ex: HR rocked. Never played the original DX, but I assume they follow the same vein. Surprisingly smooth stealth gameplay (usually not my style). RPG elements in FPS seem to become a new trend in game these days which is good. Wtf at the ending(s).

Probably the biggest disappointment this year was Bulletstorm. Pseudo-oldschool console crap. Okay, not entirely unfun, but very forgetable. 
Limbo (pc this year)
Binding of Isaac
Not mentioning DNF was a nice touch. 
Haven't Played Most Of Those 2011 Games 
Skyrim - best game of 2011


sumthin' else

ps.gonna check Alice though 
Right, forgot about that one. Not surprising. 
Yeah, Skyrim wins, it's just so good.

In second place Portal 2 probably, and then Deus Ex.

To talk about indie games as well, yeah Terraria and the Binding of Isaac were great, as well as Spacechem. It's hard to compare them to the bigger AAA titles, but they are just as good in their own ways.

Lightmil, hadn't heard about Unepic, looks interesting, care to say a bit more about it? 
Binding Of Isaac 
Never played the original DX

Leave my village 
Portal 2, RAGE, Skyrim, Spacechem 
Unepic is a blend of dungeon crawling RPG with a platformer-adventure a-la castlevania. Lots of loot and exploration with some nice humor. And quakish colors ;). 
The Witcher 2 - Alice Madness Returns 
witcher 2 to me its just a better game than skyrim. it might not be open world, but its insanely awesome and choices do matter. and it has real combat! so there.

alice is insanely fun. very colorful and its just so different from everything else that i played this year.

and thats it. i'd say rage, but i have issues with it on my pc, and i haven't even finished it. 
I Have Not Played Any 2011 Games :( 
DukeNukemForeEver I was really surprised with.
Great to watch him getting drunk, make him president.

The Steam factor I hadn't count in and I'm not happy with. Makes me force to be on the net while playing.

Myst3 world Edanna, not a 2011 game, but it is amazing to see how life on a flower island makes a player part of it.

I think Alice2 will be star! 
me neither, nitin. :) 
Skyrim 2011 bleh... I say Skyrim for 2012 because this year there will be the modding tools released, then we're talking. 
Deus Ex HR and RAGE were really good.
I also liked Portal 2 and Crysis 2.
But Skyrim was the one I liked best, even though it's a broken piece of shit, but apparently that is the only way Bethesda releases there games. The game keeps crashing on me when I go into certain areas. In anticipation of a new patch I decided to play and old Bethesda classic, Fallout. Fucking hell, you would have thought that after 7 patches the game would be playable ! Same thing, the game lets you play a couple of missions, then it decides to start crashing to desktop without a proper error message. I find it all the more strange that all the other games I've played this year didn't crash once ! Bethesda make nice stories but they suck at engine building ! 
Old Bethesda Classic, Fallout 
Deus Ex:HR wins hands down for me.

It would be Skyrim, but ultimately as with Oblivion I spend a lot of the time wishing it had the variety and strangeness of Morrowind. It's still a great game, but the even greaterness of its predecessors just taints it a bit.

I had the misfortune of picking up Duke Nukem in the Steam Christmas sale. It wasn't even worth the fiver (or thereabouts) I paid for it. 
I Skimmed This Thread 
I didn't see L.A. Noire mentioned anywhere. I am really enamored with this game. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but damn! As a fan of film noir, this game just makes me melt. It's very unique, the facial technology is freaky weird - not perfect, but it adds a level of believability that really pushes it over the top for me.

This would be in my top 3 so far. 
I Definitely Liked LA Noire.... 
not enough to finish it, but i got about 50% into the game and liked the blend of all the different game mechanics they used to create this feeling of being a film noir police detective.

I don't have a "top X" for this year because I played so few games in 2011, unfortunately :( 
I Cant Wait To Get My Hands On It 
along with Space Marine. But need them to be more affordable (to me). 
Speaking Of SPace Marine 
It's brutal ! 
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