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New Q1SP: "Honey" By CZG
Someone might have to fix the url later or something? idk.

Here's a screenshot:

Uhm, it's two maps, a start map, and some extra crap. Comes with its own progs and some stuff. Sources included. You can play the maps in any order, just go from the start map so you get the "story". Weapons don't carry over . (Vondur!!!!!)

Please play with fitzquake or quakespasm or something like that. These maps break lots of limits and also use fog quite heavily.

Hopefully it works as intended, if not, april fools, lol!

Editors Note: holy sex on a stick it's czg's map!!
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God Damn It 
Why do I always fall for this shite. 
Played the first map and now I will dream of the next one for the rest of the night. We need to manufacture a throne for czg. Utterly fantastic design. Played on normal. Every monster felt so right. Ambushes worked.
and it is in the Quake Injector too 
Will this work in Aguirre's engine also? 
Won't load from injector for me, into Quakespasm:

AllocBlock : Full 
also, the last shot with the hanging chains is super sexy. 
Downloading now. Playing after. 
Played the first map, totally amazing, the connectivity, fights, ambushes, quantity of ammo, perfect on normal skill. I can't believe you have been keeping this pile of maps a secret with no screenshots either!

The architectural style is awesome, giant structures, tons of vertical elements and such a simple texture set but well put together. I have always been a sucker for old brick and mortar structures and the style was perfect.

Thank very much for the release. :) 
great, now all my new (and old maps) have another CZG map/episode to look shit in comparison to :)

Going to play now! 
I have so many important things I should be doing. But I was so excited when I saw this that I dropped them all and played immediately.
Obviously everyone else should as well.
Thank you so much CZG! 
Ogier was created by the tools team at Starbreeze

you used ogier to make this? 
Very Beautiful. 
At first I passed on a easy and simply enjoying the architecture. Then he tried to hard, but could not pass because it was not enough first-aid kits and ammos. Before the golden door I had 2% health. It seems to be more careful to get everything. At easy was too easy on hard gameplay was great.
In general, map very nicely done.
Thank you, czg 
NOTE: Because I am a retard, I started playing the map from the map "honey" instead of start, but thankfully this did not spoil things for me as I later found out. Played on normal.

Another plumbing map? :) This is the best one so far by miles!

The scale of the maps really felt perfect and there was a good balance between close quarters ambushes, sniping and buckets of monsters appearing all at once.

The first map was amazingly well made. Huge but somehow not confusing in the slightest. As Warren points out, everything was balanced perfectly. I was often low on ammo, but didn't ever run completely dry. The was a good balance of different types and the weapons were introduced at a nice pace that kept me using all of them throughout. This applies even more so to the second map thanks to the key idea.

The second map blew my fucking brain out. Again, huge and complex, but I never got lost... well, I got a little confused after getting the gl and coming back to the silver key door... I thought I had missed the sk and wasn't immediately sure which way to go... didn't realise I had to do another loop! This map was a fucking masterpiece. The architecture was beautifully done - the ruins worked so well to both set the atmosphere and provide an enticing playground for exploration as well as some great enemy encounters. I really loved the use of fog to set the tone of what was coming, and the way the ambushes are delayed puts you off kilter a bit as you expect them, then feel worried when something doesn't happen quite as you expected, then bam! There were also a couple of WTF!? Shambler!? moments too :) Nice use of spawn also.

Nice ending too!

Maps like this remind us why we still play Quake today. Why can nobody else map like czg? There are plenty of awesome maps by other awesome mappers, but czg is such a mapping genius he always seems to raise the bar. He should be made a national treasure of Norway if he isn't already. Bastard.

From the .txt
"Thanks for letting me play with you all these years.
Does this mean the last czg map? :~(
Sad, but such an amazing swan song if it is. Thanks for the awesome maps!

p.s. Are czg's pro maps (for games like The Darkness) this good? Do I need to buy Starbreeze's games? 
I too was a brake, and immediately saw that there is a map of "saint". While I was killed, but it looks more interesting than honey. I'll play more later. Thank you again 
Well Bugger Me With A Bargepole. 
haven't played it yet but I know what i'm doing tommorrow i guess 
This was a superb pack and a perfect way to spend an hour on sunday morning. I had a great time. Played with DirectQ.

honey 19:31, all kills, 3/7 secrets
saint 33:27, all kills, 4/7 secrets 
jay new map,i was already fearing i had to go to the shop for breakfast! 
A Czg Map... 
... wow, need to play it..
/me just added it into the top list of things to do this week ! More feedback later, but from shots, it is amazingly sexy :) 
I am glad not to be an ambitious mapper, otherwise I would just give up after playing this.

This release had me smile, tear the mouse with shock, afraid of heights [1], gaze in awe, laugh and at the end I could only stare at the screen with amazement.

[1] seriously, my sphincter contracted once, surely that was intended 
Apologies Where Apologies Are Due 
otp: sorry. :(

spirit: second map is worse, sorry. :(

Yhe1: I have no idea, sorry. :(

Willem: Weird, quakespasm worked for me when I tried it briefly, and it works in fitzquake which is the base of quakespasm, right? I got that error until I moved to a no-limits engine too. Don't know how to fix it for you, sorry. :(

metlslime: That's all there is, sorry. :(

jt_: sorry . :(

sock: sorry I kept it a secret. :(

than: sorry I made your maps look shit. :(

Drew: sorry I distracted you. :(

necros: yeah, sorry you can't have the latest version though, it's quite good. :(

digs: sorry you almost died. :(

scampie: sorry about your vocal cords. :(

than: yeah I'm not going to make any more, sorry. :(

digs: sorry you were killed. :(

Kinn: didn't mean to take away your free time, sorry. :(

Mandel: sorry you didn't find all the secrets. :(

Orbs: I'm sorry you had to go hungry. :(

JPL: didn't mean to create more work for you, sorry. :(

Spirit: sorry your butt is so tight. :( 
thou art rock! 
Meh Time For Real Breakfast Now:) 
easy run first map in 1:46, 2md map no finish yet, current route has a pretty hard grenade jump when no timer/ cant throw straight up since it need custom engine :). There might be a pretty short route on it though slope jump &swirl from the 1st YA secret un to the pipes near start. To hard for me though cant even get it hfr and there are no monsters aroudn to boost 
Looks Immesnely Sexy 
not going to work tomorrow :) 
Well here we are again. I never thought I'd play another Quake adventure by czg, but then again I thought I'd never see another film in the Alien universe by Ridley Scott. It's funny how things turn out. The best part is I didn't have to wait until June to see this. I think it's an objective truth that the bar has been raised (let's be honest - punted into the stratosphere).

Thanks for this. 
You are the bestest person ever!
These are the bestest maps ever!

Oooo meow, cowabunga! 
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