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New Q1SP: "Honey" By CZG
Someone might have to fix the url later or something? idk.

Here's a screenshot:

Uhm, it's two maps, a start map, and some extra crap. Comes with its own progs and some stuff. Sources included. You can play the maps in any order, just go from the start map so you get the "story". Weapons don't carry over . (Vondur!!!!!)

Please play with fitzquake or quakespasm or something like that. These maps break lots of limits and also use fog quite heavily.

Hopefully it works as intended, if not, april fools, lol!

Editors Note: holy sex on a stick it's czg's map!!
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..My Old Pc Could Run It? 
..hey do ya think my valuable PentiumII(best processor ever imho) 350 would manage this map at decent framerate ??

-for your info I can play well even at 2002/2004 games
my pc is modest but godlike optimized and configured by me ! 
Why Don't You Just Try It 
Yes, in the time it took to ask you could have just downloaded it and played. :) 
This Is A Very Good Map 
... even though I have so little game time I haven't finished it yet. 
I�m Sure 
this is the best made out of Quake 1
I�ve ever seen.

Rubicon2�s "A thousand years into the past" is a glimpse of what he did here, especially the Saint One.

I�ve no words for this!!!

Thank You, CZG!!!

(sorry Than, you�re only 2nd..) 
sorry for taking so goddamn long, I've been building up to an exam I write this Wednesday. I've played this and Scampie's new release and they were both brilliant, so it is coming. I especially admire the "stacked layout" style of these maps, the layouts are so brilliant and despite the complexity you know where to go - and then you find yourself re-entering a familiar area but from a new angle. The end was good too, since it's a 20 (or 30) year cliche running to beat the boss and save the world. But real review, no more than a week. 
Thank You, CZG! 
Thank you for this feel storm. 
oh cool, czg, you are atmospheric god 
that sounds so fucking sarcastic 
Awsome. Totaly Awesome 
That Autechre Credits At The End... 
..made me spine chills! 
Har Har 
im confused 
Honey Homage With Only Slight Nausea 
Wow, is it 2013 already? 
That's a very nice look you've crafted there... makes me want to try it on some of my other favorite maps. 
Finally Got A Taste Of Honey 
What's the rule here on bumping old threads? If it's a problem, then let me know and I won't do it again.

I've seen Honey mentioned a few times since partaking in the Quake community and I've seen czg discussed many times, but I still wasn't sure what to expect. I finally decided to try this on the recommendation of mfx after mentioning how much I liked ad_swampy and ad_crucial. The previous posts here already sum up my thoughts and there's nothing that I can add in addition to chiming in and saying that this was really damn good.

I played the grenade/rocket key map first and it was my favorite of the two. The concept that you painted of this absolutely massive abandoned underground complex was executed so well. I immediately found myself looking up and down and admiring the beauty of being surrounded by this ominous void in either direction.

What stood out to me the most that all of this was accomplished without tons of minute brushwork. I didn't notice much in the way of fancy trim or fine detail. It's a very different approach to creating a beautiful map. This was all about atmosphere and it was pulled off so well. I was especially impressed with the changes in lighting and fog when entering and exiting certain areas.

The ending was amazing in contrast to the serious tone of the maps. It was heartwarming and I particularly enjoyed the credits music. I could go on for a while about how much I liked this set but I'll wrap it up. What a fantastic way to say goodbye to the community. It's a shame that we won't see more czg maps but fortunately for me, I still have more to explore, not to mention that this pack has a lot of replay value even if only to admire the architecture and ambiance of the maps. Even though you won't see this post, thanks all the same for the experience. 
I'm sure czg appreciates any feedback is always welcome no matter how necroposted. Who knows, maybe he'll read it and decide to make another map.

In the mean time, since you already checked out Honey theme, if you like fog and mood, check out 
Thanks Qmaster. I'm pretty stoked about the recommendation because after Honey ended, I really wanted to see more in that style. I'll be checking this one out soon. I'll be surprised if I get similar vibes from it considering how much older it is but maybe it will be right up my alley. 
Thy Wish Be Granted! 
Check these out, Poorchop:
Apart from Honey itself, there's plenty of Honey-inspired maps at the other end of this link - not made by czg, sadly, but by other talented mappers.

You're welcome.

CDA is very good and moody AF but feels quite different from Honey in ambience, architecture & gameplay. If you like it, there's a sequel here. Oh, and my personal fav by JPL is The Five Rivers Land, inspired by Doom 3's hell maps. 
What stood out to me the most that all of this was accomplished without tons of minute brushwork. I didn't notice much in the way of fancy trim or fine detail. It's a very different approach to creating a beautiful map.

Bear in mind, when this was released in 2012 - it was not seen as a minimalist map in terms of brush detail, in fact it was a visual feast, what with all the broken ruins stuff, chains, fiddly railings, huge draw distances.

So not so much a "different approach", because all this modern "60,000 brushes or gtfo" thing happened well after Honey's release. 
Thanks !! 
Do yourself a favor and play "Probable Carcinogen" from Jam 1. One of the coolest maps I've ever played by Ionous and mfx. 
You're welcome.

@dump by Ionous and mfx You can't go wrong with those two... 
And For Reference 
func_mapjam1 was all about creating a Honey themed map, so you'll want to check all of those out poorchop. 
I don't think jam1 needed to be mentioned a 3rd time when it's already been linked to twice in the last 6 posts... 
Just Replayed It 
...and its still one of the best Quake maps ever made. It is so good that mapjam1 picked up the theme for us. So that we players are able to enjoy it even more. 
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