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New Q1SP : In The Shadows (v1.1 Now Available)
Finally after months of testing, tweaking and huge amounts of coding, drawing and level design I present my MOD 'In the Shadows' which features three maps, two game play modes (vanilla quake/stealth) and a readme file packed full of hints (for daz)

This is not the final release, I do have plans for other maps, but I want to get feedback on what I have created so far and there is a lot of new toys to play with. The MOD is designed to only work with Fitz and Mark V engines because these are the only two I did testing with.

Please take the time to record some demo's with Fitz because this will be the perfect way for me to understand how you played the maps. If there any problems or things you think should be different, please let me know.

Download Link V1.1 (16.6mb)
Web Page Readme v1.1 Moddb

Recommended Engines:
Fitz0.85 Mark V

Screenshots (1024x768)
Image 1 Image 2 Image 3

Video's on youtube
Stealth Combat Stealth Mechanics
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video is awesome 
<-- Says It All 
Start Map 
Great map. The intro to the stealth mechanics was very easy. Got stuck a bit. Demo of start map. 
Is there a way to use gl mode? 
Start Map 
Just restarted, Sock the trick with the first set of doors is great. 
Didn't expect this to hit so soon!

Will play tonight! 
No OpenGL !? 
WTF !? 
Attempt To Push Features Into Next FitzQuake 
Note that in Fitz Mark V you can record a demo any time you damn well please.

That is all. 
This Looks Really Cool 
I didn't expect this! Congrats on the demo release man, I'm going to have a lot of fun with this.

By the way, you made a mistake in the installation part of the readme. You have to add -game shadows, not -game shadow in the command line. It took me 10 good minutes to figure that out. 
will play/record very soon 
@yhe1, Barnak, There is no chance of GL modes, there are far too many entities in these maps. Every map has a bot style node network setup, loads of map models, particles everywhere and extremely high vis counts for old engines, this is a modern quake engine love affair only!
@skacky, yeah good catch, I will try to fix the readme file online and post some notes about it. 
I just finished the demo with most of the secrets found, and I have to say this is something. I spent three hours on it and didn't see the time fly. Really awesome cloak & dagger gameplay with great levels and cool situations that make you think. Some parts are really tricky. Stealth games are my favorite genre and it's easy to make a lot of gameplay or level design mistakes, however it works wonders here and the demo is very solid. The only thing I would've liked is footsteps, but the gameplay is still very good as it is.

Amazing architecture and style, it's among the best I've seen in Quake. The castles feel very run-down and at the same time really impressive and somehow alive, with some mysterious aura surrounding them. It's pretty uncanny, even for Quake. I loved the new animations for the monsters. The flavor text was really cool too, with some nice little hints and a cool backstory. I couldn't resist knocking on every door in the second map. :P

I can't wait to see more. I'm going to record demos this evening, but be warned; I take my time in stealth games, so they could be pretty long. 
can't wait to get home to try this

The Edge of Forever is one of the best things i ever played 
@skacky, remember to check your stealth stats (impulse 225) when you have finished or during a map. Also if you are looking for a better stealth experience then you can try to complete every map without a single kill. There are several routes for this type of stealth (avoidance) but it will take a while to discover them. Also skill levels still apply during stealth mode if you really enjoy a challenge. :)
and available in the Quake Injector.

What do you guys mean with "GL"? Fitzquake is a GL engine. 
They Mean 
A certain cvar that may or may not control texture filtering (not saying, do your goddamn research instead of shitting upon the thread).

Awesome maps Sock, I tried s1m1 in vanilla mode and I was blown away by how much detail is packed into the old thing. Found 11/13 secrets, all of them were great and satisfying. Forgot to record a demo... but I didn't do anything that would be surprising to see in a playthrough of E1M1, I guess. I'll record one for s1m2 I promise!

The start map was also great (love the new AI, and all the particles), only 1 lonely secret :(

Every single piece of content, be it a texture, a model, or a sound, oozes precision and competence.

Sorry to omit the stealth part completely... maybe it will grow on me sometime later. 
Thanks sock. I wonder if it's possible to properly ghost In The Shadows, meaning no harm done and without alerting anyone. It would be quite a challenge, but it would be awesome if it was possible. So far I'm just having fun backstabbing monsters and searching secrets. 
I got lost.

Here are some terrible demos:

I crashed fitzV on the second attempt, apparently recording a demo over a demo.

I'm not a stealth player at all, but my problem was simpler - basically, I couldn't figure out how to open the vault. Even the thing of not waking the fiend and drowning it near the start confused me - what activated the pit's buttons?

Possibly a useful playtest, since I couldn't figure out anything :< 
@ijed, I can certainly understand your annoyance at not being able to open the vault. Once you got frustrated you did the same thing over and over except really fast and with less looking around. Thank god Mark V has fast forward on demo's, otherwise I would have stopped.

The vault was never designed to be an obvious route because the bonus maps s1m1 and s1m2 were suppose to be a secret. I wanted to release a demo but the proper maps to continue ('Aramis Keep' and 'The Forge') were not complete. So I decided to switch everything around so that the bonus maps were the primary focus, but I did not really address the hidden button issue of the vault. (certainly a mistake on my part)

The button to open the vault is large and well lit, but it is up on a wall and the player has to look up. Personally when I am in your situation I just stop playing because being frustrated like that will sour your whole experience of the MOD.

PS. Don't try the stealth mode of the MOD, you will end up throwing you computer out of the window! ;) 
S1M2 vanilla demo

Brilliant and sweet like S1M1. 
I think that's a Valve qoute 'the hardest thing to do in level design is make the player look up'.

I actually found more secrets than regular playthrough buttons.

In my defence I was playing on my lunch hour, so didn't have the right frame of mind for a stealth game... will give it another try later on with more calm. 
@onetruepurple, awesome demo, you found loads of secrets and no monsters did anything weird! Also you have to remember not everything you see and play with in the map is designed for vanilla. Some of the closets and traps are designed for stealth gameplay only.

@ijed, I know most of the tricks for getting players to look at things, but the vault button was designed to be a secret, hence the difficulty. I would recommend playing this at home, lights off and head phones on! There are plenty of ambient sound effects to keep things busy in the background. 
Stealth Avoidance - Gameplay Video 
** spoiler alert**
If you intend to play the stealth mode of this MOD and want to discover routes for yourself, then avoid watching this video link.

Here is an example of the Avoidance Stealth gameplay on the map 'Stealth Gate'. I don't show everything, but trust me it possible to complete this map without a single kill.

Stealth Avoidance (Youtube Video) 
This is awesome looking stuff! huge shumbs up! 
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