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SM169: Rubicon And A Quad
Seven entries this time:


Zip Download:

[edit: updated link]
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Recompile in a normal BSP format and try again. 
I don't know why RickyT didn't cheat with the lighting like I did... minlight + _sunlight 100 + _sunlight 135 -45 0 = successful cheatz0rs. 
Ran Out Of Time :P 
minlight is illegal 
It's erm... "ambient" ;) 
Forgot about my compilers.

Will fix the download tomorrow. 
Nah..... it looks good really man. I was just rushing it because everyone else had submitted and I had only just started. Didn't want to hold the pack up.... 
At Least... 
yours has an exit... people said the maps were supposed to be bad and/or unfinished... mine has falling through floor bugs, no exit, broken ladders... le sigh 
WTF Drew!? 
That shot looks suspiciously good for a speedmap ;)

Lots of entries this time. Looking forward to trying them out when I've got some time. 
I Used Ambient Minlight 
value 6...

will DL and play/record demoes tonight 
I Really Like The Looks 
of jackfap and Orl's medievalizing use of JF2! 
Yeah it's not a 100 min map. But it's not as crazy as screenshot might suggest either. 3 sessions, probably like 4.5 hours or so? Driven by procrastination mostly; final exam tomorrow, then a big paper next week.

My gramma had a riding lawn mower with 3 speeds: cheetah, rabbit, and turtle.
Like most of my more recent maps, this one is a rabbit. 
will upload demoes... eventually

pretty good pack!

Ricky's and Scampie's were obviously true speedmaps. Ricky's had some pretty nice gameplay, though, and scampie's started out pretty nice before it cut short. I noted my favourite sphere in the demo.
Orl's is crazy... I died.
Jackfap's is crazy... I died.
But again, pretty cool how both kind of reoriented the JF2 theme for more medieval style...
Fifth's had some pretty good gameplay, minus the issues mentioned - different 'sections' were pretty well handled (again, minus falling thorugh rocks and ladders being inoperable)
Ijed's though, definitely my favourite. functional to pretty decent looks, and, as always, well thought out gameplay situations.
Definitely best use of the quad!

people were really digging the brick texture huh? I almost used it in mine too - kind of glad I decided against it! 
Sorry To Flood This But 
demos please! 
My Rankings Go Like This: 
1 - Drew (Wow! - Nice map!)
2 - jackfapoff (Epic map)
3 - Ijed (Dark and Scary)
4 - FifthElephant (Beautiful brushes)
5 - Orbs2 (Nice idea, nice architecture)
6 - Scampie (Shame it wasn't a couple of rooms bigger)
7 - Orbs1 (Fuck you!) 
Bah i suck then it was supposed to be Roman.

Ricky all you have to do in the first map wich is more an intro and somewhat of a storybuilder then realy a map, is to jump over the two isles in the river and reach the little temple. I expected my mssges in the silly location would be enough to make someone realise its time to restart :)

And everyone complaining to die on the 2nd map, i went through trouble to have a much! easier set up on easy skill, but it doesnt give the thumb up (wich i think is the best part of my map) 
I literaly thought you were taking the mickey with that map.


Every time I went to cross the river I fell through the floor and teleported to an annoying location. I mean I just ended up thinking 'F-This'. 
Well Derp Me. 
Great pack.

Drew - I crategasmed. Totally pro room, good gameplay and all. Ending was fun.

FifthElephant - buggy as fuck but a cool wee design for sure, nice variety.

Jackfapoff - cool stuff, good novelty map, fun killing all the Fiends without firing a shot.

Ijed - crashed.

Orbs - a good gimmick, surprisingly rewarding gameplay.

RickyT23 - pretty cool, pity about the lighting, Quad run was fun.

Scampie - small but nicely done! 
Well Done! 
Oh what a nice pack of speedmaps.
Good to see the speedmap sessions take off again.

All maps where wery well done.

I think I loved Drews, Scampies and FifthElephants the most but all were worth playing.

Thank you wery much to all.
Looking forward to another session in the near future. 
nice one (little hard at the end, eh?), but still yours clearly stands out.

Fifth, nice design, but you know.

Jackfapoff did well.

Scampie had nice brushwork.

RickyT23s was indeed very nice to play.

Orbs, well i�m not that axe slayer tbh. but nevertheless i died later than i�d expected. Nice architecture.

Ijeds crashed, will try again later. 
Mine Is B0rked 
Because I compiled it in bsp2 - will fix it today.

Orbs was probably my favorite, but I ended up cheating... Not enough quad time for all those knights. 
Mine Is B0rked 
Because I compiled it in bsp2 - will fix it today.

Orbs was probably my favorite, but I ended up cheating... Not enough quad time for all those knights. 
Maybe I'm too rusty - the dogs got me a few times as well. 
Yeah I Just Suck At Axing 
Ad yes, Roman, slightly Mayan. You know what I mean. Not tech base.

Ijeds works in rmq if you're willing to use it. 
I updated the zip to include sm169_ijed2.bsp - which is the bsp1 version of the level :P

It doesn't use the lit file though. I tried to get the tyrutils working and kept getting token too large errors despite shortening every string I could think of, getting rid of textures etc etc.

Too much hassle for a speedmap. 
Everyone Should Play Ijed's Map 
it has very nice flow/gameplay setups. 
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