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Bro.wser/Mo.bile Ga.mes Thread
There's a Console Thread, a PC Thread, but where does the lowly browser gamer get a fix? This is where. Also, mobile games.

Discuss iPhone, Android, Flash, HTML5, Unity, etc. games here.
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Related: Four Scepters 
Also a dungeon crawl puzzle type game: 
Really interesting game idea! 
Thanks Metl... 
...just the trick for those slow moments at work :) 
Took me a few tries but just beat the boss now... lots of fun, cool concept. 

A simple number matching game, engaging enough that I put in the effort to actually beat it. Implemented in HTML5 so you can play it on a phone too. 
Better Version 
man that's great, way better than the similar "threes" on iOS. Really slick. 
It's strangely addicting.
My best is 17068 so far... 
1024 Here 
in your face! Smaller is better right? 
currently playing Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker. love it. 

Picked this up after seeing it recommended on Eurogamer (I think) and it's been pretty fun. Kinda like a mix of chess, RPG, and dungeon crawler. 
Hoplite is groovy. (Weird coincidence since I just finished posting about it at another site.) Just what I want from a mobile game. You can also get it on iOS.

Here's Tom Francis dropping a few words on it: 
I Assume 
You all bought FTL iOS and thats why things are so quiet here.

Still playing Hoplite by the way, hope Magma Fortress does a sequel or follow up quest. 
Thanks for that link Scampie, I'll recommend Threes over 2048 now. 
Yeah FTL on iOS pretty cool, playing it on Ipad. That and Frozen Synapse on Ipad it cool.

Otherwise theres quite a few neat Boardgames on the Ipad to play solor or hotseat. Quite nice to play these conveniently without breaking out the whole gear and taking up a table.

Agricola, Stone Age, Space Hulk, Suburbia etc... 
And all these games aren't 'free to play'.

So let's hope there's a counter to all the candy crush and app flipping clone shit. 
Funny those are all adapted games from other platform / format, board/PC :D

Sure there has to be some serious proper natively developed tablet games though...right ? 
Nice 2048 Clone:

Adds the concept of unstable isotopes that disappear after a certain number of turns. 
Duck Hunt Revival 
I have been giving this one an hour of play from time to time for long.

Dungeon Defender 
sadly it seems to freeze my firefox sometimes 
Modern Day Snake 
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