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Bro.wser/Mo.bile Ga.mes Thread
There's a Console Thread, a PC Thread, but where does the lowly browser gamer get a fix? This is where. Also, mobile games.

Discuss iPhone, Android, Flash, HTML5, Unity, etc. games here.
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Not Nearly Gay Disco Enough To Be Called Alcazar 
That's Pretty Cool 
But where are the monsters? 
A Dark Room 
A Different Dark Room 
you bastard! 
Similar Ones To Ijed's 
These ones were before that one.

This one is more recent.

I played A dark room months ago, liked the exploration parts, but mwh version is way better :D. 
Wasnt A Fan Of 
The candy ones back when I played them.

Cookie clicker I already played, and a coder here learned how to open it up and hack in all sorts of stuff.

Finally finished a dark room so I can get back to work now... 
Thanks Ijed 
Liking a dark room a lot. Love the combination of building up the village and going out on expeditions.

Never played one of those RPGs before where you're a ASCII character in a grid of ASCII characters, but it's way less painful than I imagined, definitely lets your own imagination do the work. 
If you want to play a proper Roguelike, but with graphical tiles, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup is a good one to get into easily. You can also play it in old school ASCII as well. 
(but It's Not Technically Fit For This Thread) 
Cheers Scampie 
downloaded that, will give it a play soon 
Minimalistic Puzzle Game 
Cern Cookie Clicker 
It's like cookie clicker for PROPPER NERDS 
Yeah, Whole Worlds Collapsed.. 
Wargames Lite 
Dice Wars single player:

KDice--multiplayer Dice Wars:

Hex Empire (only SP I guess):

Warlight--SP and MP:

Note that you can play Warlight without paying anything. It only limits the types of games you can set up. 
Time Surfer

Came in the last Android Humble Bundle, pretty fun and addictive 
Color Matching Game 
This is a very simple game. You just need to find the square that is a different shade than the other squares. 
Clicker Heroes 
Clicker game with graphics and sound and stuff. 
haha omg... this brings back happy memories of cookie clicker... 
ahh fuck that clicker heroes game 
From the lastest SAGE

Weird movement. 
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